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    Chatham Islandsball

    Chatham Islandsball is a territoryball of New Zealand-icon.png New Zealandball who can into gardens and genocide. He is peace loving and may or may not be traumatised. While he is New Zealand-icon.png New Zealandball's son, he doesn't talk much to him or any of his Cook Islands-icon.pngNiue-icon.pngTokelau-icon.pngRoss Dependency-icon.png siblings, being the most quiet and reserved and irrelevant in the family.



    The first people to arrive in Chatham Islandsball were some Maori-icon.png Maoriballs from mainland New Zealand-icon.png New Zealandball who settled the islands in the 1500s. Eventually they developed their own culture, cuisine, and the Chatham Islands-icon.png Moriori language and the islands came to be known as Rēkohu or "Misty Sun" in the indigenous Moriori language.

    European arrival

    Eventually in 1791, UK-icon.png UKball discovered him on his drunken quest to plant his flag on every single rock in the middle of the ocean an expedition and he was renamed to Chatham Islandsball after the ship that the British arrived on, the HMS Chatham. Soon after the discovery by the Europeans, many sealers and whalers came to the islands and used it as their base of operations, causing many of the indigenous Chatham Islands-icon.png Moriori to die of new diseases introduced by them.

    Māori settlement

    In 1835 some Maori-icon.png Maori from New Zealand-icon (division).png Taranakiball forcefully boarded a European vessel along with several canoes which sailed out to Chatham Islandsball. Initially when they arrived, the Chatham Islands-icon.png Moriori cared for the Maori-icon.png Maori, however when they found out the new arrivals intended to stay, the Chatham Islands-icon.png Moriori called a meeting where they decided to practise a policy of non aggression and the visitors stay.

    The Maori-icon.png Maori believed that the meeting was the Chatham Islands-icon.png Moriori planning for war, they preemptively attacked and then proceeded to carry out a genocide on the indigenous Chatham Islands-icon.png Moriori, who kept to their pacifist principles and did not fight back. The remaining survivors were enslaved and forbidden to marry one another, resulting in the near extinction of the Chatham Islands-icon.png Moriori.

    The Maori-icon.png Maori returned to New Zealand-icon (division).png Taranakiball in 1868 following a tsunami.

    1880s to today

    Chatham Islandsball was left alone and isolated once again, although finally at peace. His economy began to grow with wool exports, however he became poor again in the late 1800s due to a worldwide economic recession and in the early 1900s after the second world war. Today he is better off financially thanks to his cattle and fishing, and the Chatham Islands-icon.png Moriori community has seen a cultural resurgence both in Chatham Islandsball and New Zealand-icon.png New Zealandball.



    • New Zealand-icon.png New Zealandball - My dad who sometimes gives me tourists and supports my fishing business. Thanks dad.
    • My Cook Islands-icon.pngNiue-icon.pngTokelau-icon.pngRoss Dependency-icon.png siblings
      • Cook Islands-icon.png Cook Islandsball - My brother who's a chef. He cooks for me sometimes and I supply him with fish and lamb.
      • Niue-icon.png Niueball - You're so nice to me and everyone loves your coins! I hope one day I can be as irrelevant as you.
      • Tokelau-icon.png Tokelauball - Don't worry, we can be lonely and irrelevant together fellow territoryball! Or are you a countryball??? Who really knows.
      • Ross Dependency-icon.png Ross Dependencyball - hehe penguin
    • Nepal-icon.png Nepalrawr - We can both into 45-minute offset time zones!
    • Kiribati-icon.png Kiribatiball, Tonga-icon.png Tongaball, and Samoa-icon.png Samoaball - My fellow pacific island friends who can into over +12 time zones!


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