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    Nebraskaball is a stateball of the  USAball. He's conservative in political nature, and is a fanatic of guns and fireworks. Plus there was a major fight there with all the Joshes from the state. Nebraskaball is known of beef and speaks with the boring American all American Midwestern accent. His clay consists mostly of corn fields, which is the way he likes it. He likes his college football team, the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Its biggest cityball is OmahaballSome people believe that Nebraska doesn't exist.


    Nebraskaball was officaly born as a 3ball and later had Franceball and Spainball fight to take over his clay. He helped Franceball kick Spainball off of his clay and became part of Louisiana territoryball.

    After The Seven years' war, his his clay along with Louisiana territoryball was given to Spainball. He was then sold to USAball with Louisiana territoryball and became Nebraska territoryball he later became a state in 1867.


    He is often compared to and lumped together with Iowaball by other stateballs, since they are very similar. While Iowaball tends to respond to this with indignant rage and scorn, Nebraskaball largely shrugs it off. However he is prone to occasional fits of rage over Iowaball building casinos across the river from Omaha. 

    Many have pointed out his capitol building is quite phallic and gives off a disquieting authoritarian vibe, but Nebraskaball ignores them.

    Like his father, Nebraskaball often wears shades to look cooler. Being also known as the Beef State, it loves dishes like hamburgers, barbecue, and steaks.



    • Kansasball - Someone who respects corn, finally. Like me, his clay is flat and part of the great plains and our clay both hold aqua-fir which make my CORN GROW!! We are good friends and both hate Weedie McCrackCakes.
    • Floridaball - He has the same values as me and a lot of my citizens go to his clay during the winter. One of my former senators now runs a university there, too.
    • Idahoball - Potato version of me. He also banned weed which is super good, so we are of good friends
    • Hawaiiball - We both love our pork and beef. He thinks that I’m a “kawaii”, though. Don’t know what that is, but it sounds weird...
    • Japanball - Buys a lot of my pork, eggs, and beef. But please buy more corn from us!
    • Lincolnball - My second son. He has more of my values and is more conservative. But stop going democratic in elections!!


    • Omahaball - My biggest son. Sometimes he tries to break away from me. Stop going liberal!
    • South Dakotaball - Can into farm, also like me, and is part of the great plains. But he into have nasty region in west where he make crooks that steal my corn!!
    • Wyomingball - Neighbor to west which looks like Weedie, but is better because have correct political opinions. However, he has mountains that shield my state in the west and make crops hard to grow, like corn. at least he doesn't steal my corn.
    • Missouriball - Neighbor to South-East who I don't see much because we're on opposite sides of the river. But I hear he likes man named Mark Twain who make book about children who fool a victim into painting a fence for them. Sounds to me like a bad influence. They should've used the victim to pick corn instead.
    • Vietnamball - A lot of his people live in my clay. BUT REMOVE COMMUNISM!


    • Coloradoball - Ugh. Stupid Liberal Patagonia Vest Mountain Biker. Whenever he gets too high on weed he gets on his Mountain Bike and tramples over my CORN! He also tries to steal the platte river from me which is UNREASONIBLE because I use that water to grow my CORN! Why can't anyone understand? DEION SANDERS WILL SUCCUMB TO MY WRATH, THE CORN WILL DOMINATE YOUR PEASANTLY STATE AGAIN
    • Iowaball - My Corn-Nemesis. We both compete to see who can make the most corn. But he try to steal Missouri River from me which is unacceptable because I need the water to grow my CORN. CORN CORN CORN. IT'S ALL ABOUT CORN BABY!
    • Californiaball - Always gets hyper when I talk about corn for some reason. Very annoying but at least they're not friends with Coloradoball. And also, stop turning our country into a backwards communist hellhole!
    - At least my state is relevant and doesn’t have to rely on a single crop to survive? And have you taken a look at North Omaha? No, because you don’t care about African Americans (or any minority for that matter), you only care about CORN!
    - At least we didn’t send Japanese-Americans into internment camps during World War II!
    • Wisconsinball - It acts like it’s the greatest state in the Midwest, even though it’s literally the most basic state of all time. Screw off, Badgers!
    • Louisianaball - I know your governor made your state capital taller then ours on purpose. Mine looks WAY better though and you can’t deny it, French losers.

    Information for Artists

    Flag Colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX Pantone
    Blue 0, 42, 134 C100-M69-Y0-K48 #002A86 287 C
    Gold 255, 204, 0 C0-M20-Y100-K0 #FFCC00 116 C
    Grey 200, 200, 200 C0-M0-Y0-K22 #C8C8C8 Cool Gray 3 C

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a circle and fill it in with blue.
    2. Draw the state seal of Nebraska in gold and grey. Does not have to be fully detailed.
    3. (Optional) Draw a Nebraska Cornhusker hat on top of the circle, and maybe sunglasses too.
    4. Draw the eyes, and you’re finished!


    Nebraskaball is one of only two stateballs to not allocate its electoral votes by winner-take-all, the other state is Maineball. Formerly, it didn't matter since he is so Republican, but Nebraska's 2nd district, which includes his son Omahaball's clay and surrounding cities, has gotten competitive since the late 2000s due to rapid population growth. In 2020, the 2nd district can into Biden while the rest of Nebraskaball can into Trump.

    T-Mobile can only into Omahaball due to bad cell towers inherited from Sprint.


    zh:內布拉斯加球 pt:Nebrascaball ko:네브래스카주공

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