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    "Knock, knock. Er… clop, clop." It's 2-icon.png the people with the horses, and they made an Hittites-icon.png empire, then everyone copied their horses.
    — bill wurtz

    Hittites-icon.png Hittitesball were Anatolian peopleballs that established Hittite Empireball in Anatolia and later dominated most of the subcontinent. They were the strongest empire in their region by the time of 1400 BC until they got in war with Assyria-icon.pngAncient Egypt-icon.png all of their neighbours 4-icon (Middle East).pngMycenae-icon.png. They lost the war but ultimately survived, only to fall victim to Bronze Age Collapse in 12th century BC and dissolve. The empire was disestablished in around 1190 BC.

    History[edit | edit source]

    In the beginning, The clay that Hittites-icon.png Hittitesball lived belonged to multiple squabbling cityballs who did trade with Assyria-icon.png Assyriaball. One day, a Hittites-icon.png Neshiteball united all the warring tribalballs into Hittites-icon.png Hittitesball. Hittites-icon.png Hittitesball expanded westward and managed to exploit other tribal balls, however he failed to take Syria-icon (division).png Halabball, the capital of 4-icon (Middle East).png Yamhadball. Hittites-icon.png Hittitesball wasn't a major power until he renewed his old campaign, almost killed 4-icon (Middle East).png Yamhadball, and attacked Babylon-icon.png Babylonball. However after his campaign he would fall into chaos as his leaders would be murdered by another and those leaders murdered as well. This cycle would go on for three decades until one king would act mercfully to the others and unite the land. He would form alliances with neighouring kingdoms and use treaties. However one day when one of his kings would be murdered, 4-icon (Middle East).png Mitanniball, 2-icon (division).png Arzawaball, and 2-icon (division).png Kaskaball would wage war on him. However, with his diplomatic skills, he would make an alliance with 2-icon (division).png Kaskaball and 2-icon (division).png Arzawaball and beat 4-icon (Middle East).png Mitanniball and puppet him using his charriots. Ancient Egypt-icon.png Egyptball, after heard about 4-icon (Middle East).png Mitanniball's downfall, wanted to form an alliance with Hittites-icon.png Hittitesball. However a misunderstanding and murder would lead to Hittites-icon.png Hittitesball waging war on Ancient Egypt-icon.png Egyptball and winning. Hittites-icon.png Hittitesball would bring back treasure and plague, which would make him feel really sick. Eventually he would have to deal with rebellion after rebellion by Assyria-icon.png Assyriaball, 2-icon (division).png Arzawaball, and 2-icon (division).png Kaskaball. Eventually the plague ended and war with Ancient Egypt-icon.png Egyptball continued and while both sides said they won, in reality Hittites-icon.png Hittitesball won. The next issue for Hittites-icon.png Hittitesball would be Assyria-icon.png Assyriaball, who was becoming more and more aggressive by the day. More rebellions occurred in western Anatolia. Eventually the Seaballs would band together and cause the bronze age collapse, in which he would be killed. However his son, Hittites-icon.png Neo-Hittitesball, would survive.

    Gallery[edit | edit source]

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