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    Salt Lake Cityball is capital city of Utahball in USAball where Mormonism has seat. He's best known for hosting the 2002 Winter Olympics.

    Despite being Mormon headquarters, Salt Lake Cityball is surprisingly liberal and friendly with everyone, especially if you bring cool music, good food, know how to do something cool, or even just know how to have fun. He has good breweries, just don't let any Mormons know or they'll get rid of them (They don't do alcohol).

    Around Christmas, Salt Lake Cityball's heart (Temple Square) lights up at night and everybody is welcome to visit.

    After Christmas, the air turns brown, but he's fixing that. If you're in Salt Lake City and you look out West, you will see a smokestack that doesn't make any smoke. That's the Kennecott Garfield Smelter Stack and it's 1215 feet (370 meters) tall and it was built that tall to spread the air pollution out far enough. All the stuff that used to go up the smokestack gets turned into Sulfuric Acid for batteries and the heat that used to go into the air generates 70% of the smelter's power now!

    Salt Lake Cityball still needs to figure out what to do about the oil refineries that make him smell bad sometimes; the dead brine shrimp in the Great Salt Lake are smelly enough!

    He has an NBA Basketball team, the Utah Jazz, an MLS Football Soccer team, Real Salt Lake, an unnamed NHL Hockey team, and a minor league baseball team, the Salt Lake City Bees.

    Salt Lake Cityball also hosts Salt Lake Comic Con.

    Salt Lake Cityball's (with his pet Red-tailed Hawk) closest big neighbors are Ogdenball (with his pet Wildcat) to the North and the brothers Oremball (with his pet Wolverine) and Provoball (with his pet Cougar) to the South. Everyone else close by is kind of small, but Park Cityball (with his pet Robert Redford) is famous because he has the Sundance Film Festival.

    There's a train called FrontRunner between Ogdenball, Salt Lake Cityball and Provoball.

    Salt Lake Cityball has a far away neighbor named Saint Georgeball (with his pet Bison). He lives where the rocks are red. Way up North of Ogdenball, there's Brigham Cityball (who can't into FrontRunner train yet) where everybody who used to build Space Shuttle rocket boosters sleeps, a bunch of mountains, and then Loganball who's... kind of in his own little world. Loganball shares a Big Blue Bull with Brigham Cityball and others. The bull knows how to build satellites and robots.


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