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    Turks and Caicosball

    Turks and Caicosball, also known as British Turkeyball and 11th Province of Canadaball, is a British Overseas Territory. Despite their name, Turks and Caicosball is not Kebab.

    Canadaball likes visiting their clay for vacation, and considers itself Canadian clay even though they aren’t Canadian clay. But their parent likes to keep their sibling out.


    Turks and Caicosball was born as a 7ball and later adopted by UKball, Bahamasball and Jamaicaball. It became separated on the 4th of July same day USAball became independent back in 1776.

    Turks and Caicosball have quite a close friendship with Canadaball, and has gone on to demand the status of a region in Canadaball's clay. They have not had their wish granted, and continue dreaming of one day allowing Canada to into the Caribbean.

    It wanted to be independent by 1982, but politics got in his way.

    How to draw[edit]

    Turks and Caicosball are based on the British Blue Ensign.

    1. Color the basic circle stripe of this blue
    2. Draw the Union Jack in the up-left quarter (using this red and white)
    3. Draw the coat of arms of Turks and Caicos
    4. Draw the eyes and you've finished



    • Canadaball - I am not of your clay, but you can visit whenever you like. Can I join clay?



    • Bahamasball - Please don't ANSCHLUSS ME!!! I know you want me but please....stay away...
    • Cubaball - Stop threatening me with your 1962 nukes!


    es:Turcas y Caicosball pl:Turks and Caicosball

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