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    Tasmaniaball is a part of Australia-icon.png Australiaball.

    Tasmaniaball is born of incest and is developmentally disabled. It also is referred to as the Apple Isle.

    Tasmaniaball can into cleanest air and second oldest state of Australiaball. almost half of his clay is heritage listed.

    However it cannot into stable weather, as it is known for regularly having "Four Seasons in a Day".

    He is of 2nd smallest state/territory of Australiaball. ACTball is of smallest and least populous


    Basically, this will be the most Aussie based history lesson you'll get. Ok, so these guys went down the coast from Sydneyball in a dingy, and they found Tasmania. Also, some stuff happened, resulting in the forced eviction of Australian aboriginalsball from what is now Tasmaniaball's clay.

    Relevant Issues

    1. Tasmaniaball removed Australian aboriginalsball from his clay by force, leading to the depletion of his power
    2. Beaconsfield Mine Collapse: One of the largest mining incidents on Australiaball. Fatalities were involved. The mine collapsed due to a shallow 2.2 magnitude earthquake
    3. Tasmaniaball is often referred to as the developmentally disabled state because no one moves to live there, rather they leave, leaving small amounts of people (a small genetic pool). This created a joke about Tasmaniaball having multiple heads.
    4. Nothings there.
    5. Tasmaniaball resembles New Zealandball most in character, although Australiaball decided to take him.
    6. In 1996 in Tasmaniaball's south-east at the historical site of Port Arthur a lone gun man commited one of the worst massacres in history this event caused Australiaball's government to completey change their gun laws
    7. And Nothings There
    8. Australiaball Thinks Tasmainia Is To cold
    9. Northern Tasmania only drinks Boags beer while Southern Tasmania only drinks Cascades beer


    How to draw

    Tasmaniaball is based on Australiaball.

    1. Color the basic circle stripe of this red
    2. Draw the Union Jack in the up-left quarter (using this blue and white)
    3. Draw the roundel coat of arms of Tasmania
    4. Draw the eyes and you've finished.


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