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    Korkma, sönmez bu şafaklarda yüzen al sancak
    Sönmeden yurdumun üstünde tüten en son ocak.
    O benim milletimin yıldızıdır parlayacak.
    O benimdir, o benim milletimindir ancak.
    Türkiyeball singing its anthem
    — Bill Wurtz
    The world is bigger than f i v e .
    Recep Tayyip Erdogan
    Provided it does not interfere with same reason.
    Mustafa Kemal Atatürk
    Yes. Yes! We are not Arabs! The Ottoman Empire is coming back! Sì, sì, sì. I f**ked mother. This is Türkiye! WHERE IS GREECE?! OTTOMAN EMPIRE!!!
    Türkiyeball in its dreams
    Hello guys.
    Today we will show you of top 5 reasons (insert top 5 stuff):
    The flower of my two eyes will go to the park.
    Kemal Sunal

    Türkiyeball, officially the Republic of Thanksgiving Birds Türkiyeball, commonly referred to as Turkeyball, is a Turkey countryball whose clay is situated in the Balkans and Anatolia, straddling the lines of Asia and Europe, making them Eurasian. The countryball has divided its clay into 81 provinceballs, along with their capital Ankaraball, giving them a total area of 302,535 square miles, making them the 36th largest countryball in the world. With a population of about 85 million as of 2023, they are the world's 18th most populous countryball.

    Being a Turkic countryball, as well as having strong ties with the western world, makes Türkiyeball a member of the Turkic Councilball and NATOball. As for EUball, its accession talks to the EUball are frozen due to the many problems it's dealing with. Türkiyeball is also a member of the G20: the twenty biggest economies globally.

    Türkiyeball is often called "aggressive, nationalist" because of its actions towards many countryballs in the last two decades. Turkeyball is trying to find out where it stands in the world. It does not understand its identity. But it's learning!

    It became a member of NATOball on 18 February 1952. It possesses the second-largest army in the alliance after USAball.

    Its national day is October 29.



    Türkiyeball was born as a 2ball. Anatolia is the inner region of Türkiyeball. The lands Türkiyeball is in have a long history. The oldest known "temple." Göbekli Tepe, in the world lies in Türkiyeball along with many other ancient sites designated by UNESCO. Among the first cities built in the world's history, some of them were located in Türkiyeball too, such as Çatalhöyük. The country holds many known ancient pieces of humanity's history to the fascination of many archeologists and historians. The Anatolians were the first to inhabit Türkiye. These people were the first to have split from the Indo-European 2balls, and as such spoke the ancient Indo-European Anatolian Languages, which consisted of languages such as Hittite and Luwian. The first civilizations rose in Africa, the Middle East, and Anatolia a very long time ago, more than ten thousand years ago at the very least. They had a whole different world of their own, trading with each other and their societies functioning. Other human species such as Neandthalers were in contact with Homo Sapiens there too, and they naturally bred together, making us what we are now. It is also where farming was invented first, bringing on Agricultural Revolution to Europe. These ancient people traveled across Europe and taught the neanderthals and neolithic barbarians how to work stones and farm. They also built impressive structures that little survived today, such as Stonehenge in England and several versions in France and Spain. Some notable Anatolian civilizations included Hittiteball, one of the first civilizations to use the horse and chariot as a mean of transportation. Eventually, after Alexander the Great conquered the region, the Anatolian people and their languages were killed off and Anatolia went through heavy Hellenization. This made the region very similar to Greece. As such, it became a significant land for any Greek empire, and empires such as the Eastern Roman Empireball had their capital near Anatolia in Constantinople.

    The civilizations rose and fell across the long thousands of years, most of it lost to us, and they took over the area and lived in a state of anarchy for a while. Then they thrived and collapsed again. And so on until where our 'recorded history' begins.

    𐱅𐰼𐰇𐰰 Asia 𐱅𐰼𐰇𐰰

    The people in Turkey descend from many places and are truly diverse, yet most do not realize this. Anatolia was settled by many warring, trading, and neutral states. The tribes in Mongolian lands clashed with each other and the Chinese. These tribes fled from the rising Mongolian Empire into the Arabian peninsula across Asia. They contacted the locals there, who enlightened them and taught them much. They worked as mercenaries for them too. Before converting to Islam, their deities were the sky, moon, earth, and lands. Even animals such as wolves.

    Then the tribe split up into many tribes along the way, and one of these tribes went on to create an empire.

    Seljuk Empireball and Sultanate of Rumball

    In 1037, Seljuk Empireball was created in Turkmenistanball. They first started conquering counties and Persia. Then they came to Anatolia by smashing Byzantine Empireball in Byzantine-Seljuk Wars. Christians saw that Islam is being better and better every day, so they started many Crusades, and some of them became successful, and others became unsuccessful. They wanted to have back the Holy Land which is in Seljuk Empireball's hands. Sadly its child, the Sultanate of Rum was removed by Mongol Empireball who found the tribes! It has been a very long time since they last saw them in Asia!

    Sultanate of Rumball became weaker and weaker, corrupt from within, and besieged from the west by Byzantine and the European Christian nations, south by Arabian and Egyptian countryballs, and east by Mongols.

    It nearly collapsed until one of the tribes, Kayi, rose and conquered the others and subverting the Sultanate of Rum from within.

    Mighty Ottoman Empire

    In 1299, Osman I after the death of his father, Ertuğrul, made Ottoman Empireball. They invaded Bursa, İznik, and İznit in 1326, 1331, and 1337. They also started to invade some Turkic Beyliks and became stronger and stronger. They fought off and conquered remnants of the Sultanate of Rum too. In 1345 Keresi Beylik joined Ottoman Empire, which made Ottoman Army really big. Empire started to look at the Balkanballs with the change of the Sultan. They first go to Balkans by invading Edirne. They also crashed Byzantine Empireball which wanted to stop Ottoman Forces. They also defeated Serbians and Hungarians who wanted to invade Edirne. They also invaded Greece and Bulgaria. They also had Akşehir, Yalvaç, Beyşehir, Şeydişehir, Karaağaç, Eğirdir and İsparta. Serbian Empireball tried to stop Ottoman Empire, but Ottomans won the war. Still, the Sultan was killed after the war. The next Sultan tried to take all of the Beyliks and make the Empire much better, and it worked as it solidified its rule. It did take a lot of Turkic Beyliks. Timurid Empireball invaded Ankaraball and captured the Sultan. Then Ottoman Civil War (1509-13) happened. Sultan's 4 kids, İsa, Mehmed, Süleyman and Musa fought each other. And the winner was Mehmed. Mehmed retook Ankaraball, but lost the other lands when Timurid Empireball attacked. They defeated Wallachiaball and Kingdom of Hungaryball (1000-1526).

    The new Sultan, Mehmed II came and crashed Constantinopleball with walking ships! .

    Mehmed also expanded the territories in the Balkans. It also invade more Turkic Beyliks and attacked Aq Qoyunluball and Creteball. It also attacked Crimean Khanateball. After that, they attacked Herzegovina and Kilia. After that, they had a war with Mamlukball in the first war, nothing actually changed, but in the second war, Ottomans defeated Mamluks. They also defeated Veniceball in 1499. They also also defeated Safavid Dynastyball. After Yavuz Sultan Selim's death, Suleiman I ascended the throne. Ottoman Empireball thrived and prospered in its reign. Science, art, medicine, and more made great advances. Suleiman I invaded Belgradeball and Rhodesball. After that, it started a grand invasion of Kingdom of Hungaryball (1000-1526) and defeated the Hungarians. In 1529 it tried to invade Viennaball but it is failed. The good thing is Suleiman invaded the Algeriaball. It also invaded Baghdadball and Tabrizball. It tried to invade Maltaball, but it failed. Suleiman is known as the Magnificent due to the laws they made. It changed its Empire in many good ways, giving everyone more rights and justice, but sadly it died in 1566. But it expanded the Empire a lot. Its economy and architecture were amazing and advanced. The new Sultan has cared about the Seas. It attacked Veniceball to get Cyprusball. It also invaded Aceh and made Aceh Sultanateball. Ottomans had a war with Tsardom of Russiaball, and they failed. They also wanted to have Viennaball, so they attacked them but failed again. The things are not looking perfect for the Ottomans as the long decline of Ottoman Empireball begins due to many mistakes its current and future Sultans make, dooming the Empire. Suleiman I and everyone else before it cry in their graves as they watch their descendants ruin and twist the ideal vision of Ottoman Empireball.

    After two centuries of decline, the Ottoman Empireball was outdated in many ways and regressed in other areas like the laws for everyone in the Empire! Everyone but the Muslims, especially Turkish Muslims, started becoming oppressed. The Sultans became dumber and made bigger mistakes. The economy is getting worse and worse by the wars with Safavid Dynastyball and Habsburgball. Their regions continue breaking away with the support of Great Powers. With the Karlowitz Treaty, Ottoman Empire gave Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealthball, Sovereign Military Order of Maltaball, Holy Roman Empireball and other countries a lot of land. They had a lot of Balkan rebellions and wars with Russian Empireball, it was too late for Ottoman Empireball to fix the mistakes it made in the past. European powers are thriving in the New World and Industrial Revolution. And with the World War I, the shadow of Ottoman Empireball ended. UKball and its allies wanted to make Turkeyball really small and split their spoils among themselves. But Mustafa Kemal Atatürk didn't want this to happen, then the Greeks invaded with their untouched army.

    So starts the Turkish War of Independence.

    Turkish War of Independence

    Main article: Turkish War of Independence

    After World War I, Ottoman Empireball surrendered, but Mustafa Kemal didn't want that. So it went to Samsun and started Turkish War of Independence with the remnants of the Ottoman army. Then it went to Havza, Erzurum, and Sivas to rally and fight foreign occupiers and prevent their colonization. However, the remaining Ottoman Government refused to help Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his resistance and instead let the colonization occur.

    The Greeks aimed to carve out ample land for themselves on the western coast of Turkeyball and made a big push towards Ankara while committing many war crimes. The Greeks started their conquest in İzmir, where they advanced to Ankara. The turkish people were very responsive to the conquest of İzmir. The resistance movement fought in 5 wars against the Greeks, with İsmet İnönü as the Commander in 2 of them and in total winning 4 of them. The Greeks won against the Turks in Eskişehir. People were devastated and Mustafa Kemal Atatürk swiftly came into action, declaring himself as the new commander and putting out a policy to support the army's needs such as food, guns and more. With this support from the people, the new army was supplied and strong. Greeks still slowly made their way forward. They were only miles away from the new capital, Ankara. But after much buildup and support from the new supplies and the people, the turkish army was ready for an incoming attack. The Greeks were also getting supply issues. With quick war tactics, Atatürk launched the Great Offensive (Büyük Taarruz) which instantly counterattacked and pushed them back very fast, all way to the water, near the coast of İzmir. The Greeks scorched earth everything in their retreat and were forced to swim on their way back to Greece. With this astounding victory, Italy decided to retreat from its occupied land.

    Mustafa Kemal declared they would go to Constantinople to drive its occupiers out after defeating the Armenian and French troops and signing a treaty with the french. But the Allied Powers offered a new, very favorable treaty: Treaty of Lausanne. Because they were too tired for another war as the resistance movement had retaken the lands in the north of Syria and the west of the Caucasus region. At the time the Allied Powers offered the treaty, the resistance movement had managed to take back the said lands in what was known as Misak-ı Millî.

    Turkeyball went from very small to what it is now. Turkeyball is the only country to have successfully stopped the colonization and driven off the colonizing invaders as far as known.

    The Government

    After the Turkish War of Independence, Mustafa Kemal gave the women the right to vote and many other rights, then it created the Turkish language. It was a dictator, but it was necessary to teach the illiterate, brainwashed peasant Turks and modernized Turkey through heavy labor by force. Finally, it reinvented Turkish society completely and democratized the country before retiring.

    Sadly, he died on November 10, 1938, at 09:05, and everyone became sad. But, grateful for what it did, they called it Atatürk, meaning the "Father of Turks."

    Then the Second World War came, and Turkeyball remained neutral because most of its male population died in First World War, just like France's. By the time İsmet İnönü was the leader of the country, and multi-party election were starting to be arranged in 1940. However, with the Second World War right at their footstep, it was already dealing with violence in its homefront due to political tensions after Atatürk's death. Though many in Turkey felt more sympathetic towards the Germans than the Allied. Everyone tried to get Turkeyball to join their side and tempting offers. But Turkeyball did not make its choice known until the end of the war; it declared for Allied Powers then, no Turkish soldier saw combat.

    It joined NATO a few years after the end of the war. After that, there were many coups because the Turkish army saw the government becoming too Islamist and prevented the extreme Muslims from coming to power through force.

    When 21st century came, to make progress in the accession talks to EUball, they allowed Islamists into the high levels of government. It was all very good; PKK stopped fighting, there was peace, everyone had equality, and the economy was growing bigger! Erdogan came to power democratically.

    It turned out to be a mistake when Erdoğan became extreme and replaced everyone with the loyal, even if inept, AKP followers, ruining Turkeyball's systems, education, and economy while polarizing its people and blaming all bad things on the others while taking credit for all good things. More than 95 percent of Turkey's media are owned by the state in the name of Berat Albayrak's family. They do everything they can to shower the opposition in a negative light and give them little attention.

    2016 Coup

    Although there was a series of coups before in Turkeyball's history. This particular coup was unusual. Less than three percent of the Turkish army was involved: around nine thousand soldiers, excluding officers, drivers, and pilots. Yet 1/3 of the military's top leadership is arrested, an astonishing number for so few soldiers. In all previous coups in the history of Turkeyball, the military was brought in almost entirely. But in this coup, it was less than three percent. Many suspect it to be a staged coup. Military leaders are meant to be competent and know many strategies and tactics. Despite that, they are apparently dumb enough to use only three percent of the military in a country of eighty million people. The main targets were Istanbul and Ankara. They went on the streets to "show off" to the public by driving through roads, blocking points like bridges on "one" lane, and holding at symbolic buildings. Reportedly, two jet fighters were trailing the airplane of Erdoğan but did not do anything besides asking it to land. Even as the plane did not comply, the jets did nothing. Suspicious indeed.

    Before this coup, Erdoğan's support and popularity were dropping heavily. However, after the coup, it had at least three times more power with the emergency law in effect and much more popularity and public support because it was seen as the 'righteous victim.' It is why some other countries were hesitating to support it because their own armies of analysts and experts were baffled at the 'coup' and unsure if it was a real one.

    Around nine thousand soldiers were involved in the coup. Still, the arrests made afterward numbered in hundreds of thousands from normal to important functions such as judge, lawyer, police, teachers and doctors, and so on.

    Most of them, if not all, have one thing in common: they criticize AKP's policies. Very, very few AKP supporters are among those arrested. Between 16 and 18 July, tens of thousands of arrests were made at an impossible speed just after the coup. This suggests that the government may have had the lists ready.

    Mehmet Dişli is the sibling of a former vice president of AKP party, Şaban Dişli, who is the confidant of Erdoğan. Mehmet was seen giving orders to its fellow coup plotters.

    It is unknown whether the coup was staged or a dumb mistake on which Erdoğan capitalized heavily to expand its powers and change laws in favor of its leading party.

    2023 Earthquake

    on February 6, 2023, an Magnitude 7.8 and 7.5 Earthquakes struck Southern Turkey, Causing 55 Thousand Deaths in Turkey and Syria.

    Flag colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Cadmium Red 227, 10, 23 C1-M92-Y99-K0 #E30A17
    White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF



    • Albaniaball - Best Balkan friend! Turkey is one of Albania's largest investors and trading partners, being the main donor contributing to much infrastructure investment and development that strongly supported Albanian membership in NATO, achieved in 2009. (And thankfully, it is no longer like its old self.)
    • Azerbaijanball - Best friends and siblings. We call each other "kardeşim" (qardaşım in Azerbaijani), which means "my sibling." Also, I am not going to use that weird e because it's yours to keep :). Also, don't worry, I will support you against Hon spammer! But why are you friends with Jewish devil?
    • Canadaball - Best Western friend since 1944. Multilateral cooperation has grown through NATOball, UNball and its agencies, OSCEball, OECDball, and the Council of Europe. Through these shared ties, Canada and I are working together to promote peace and stability throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia. They have 63,955 Canadians of Turkish ancestry. I am proud of them. They also give me Massey Ferguson tractors. It isn't a Kebab remover, like other Developed nations.
    • Northern Cyprusball - The only Cyprus and my glorious child! I'm its mentor and proud parent. (also true kebab) The gyro Cyprus sucks.
    • Somaliaball - A really cool and epic pirate in which my parent once colonized. It is cool, and I feel bad for not having a government. I was the first country to start opening an airport in Istanbulball to its capital Mogadishuball during its civil war to give supplies. Its women are among the most beautiful in Africa and in the world. It won every competition in beauty, and it deserved it; Hamilia Aden, very pretty. We also have Common enemy. Yuo are my favorite African country. Love Somalia from Turkey!
    • Indonesiaball - Is of biggest kebab nation and also very close friend in relations! We also share similar military gear and both heavily support Palestineball together! But why you hate Ataturk?!
      • Acehball - Indonesia's child. Used to be Turkish clay.
    • Kazakhbrick, Kyrgyzstanball, Turkmenistanball, Uzbekistanball - We are from the same family, so they are kebab too.
    • Karachay-Balkariaball, Chuvashiaball, Bashkortostanball, Dagestanball, Tatarstanball, Altaiball (Republic), Khakassiaball, Tuvaball, Yakutiaball: Our Turkic cousins in Russiaball. They are the only part of Russia we like. Don't get assimilated, keep your language and culture.
    • Chinaball - Thank you for helping me out the most in the earthquakes. It is beneficial to have ties with it, though. Erdogan likes you but I'm also watching Xinjiang!
    • Taiwanball - As long as Western countries stop sanctioning on me, I promise to recognize you as a country.
    • Gagauziaball - Our Turkic sibling from Moldovaball. Look how cute it is. Moldova treating you good
    • Iranian Azerbaijanball - My Turkic sibling in Iranball . Don't worry, soon you will be free from the evil Islamic regime.
    • Xinjiangball - My Turkic cousin in Chinaball. I am sorry for what is happening in East Turkestan; I wish I could help you.
    • Pakistanball - Does not recognise Armenia as a country unlike me. Also helped me in my worst times. And the Scary Teacher 3D is made in Lahore. What an amazing game people play on phones and tablets!
    • Japanball - A good friend because, since the Ertuğrul incident, it was cared for by my martyrs. I like your Anime and Electronics! But you stole my kebab, but never mind, anyway. it also denies war crimes like me. I love it, hohoho.
    • Belgiumball - Fellow genocide denier. (Yours was worse tho)
    • South Koreaball - I helped it during the Korean War during the UN peace mission. You are free.
    • Kuwaitball - It is one of the best Arab Gulf countries out there! Many of its people travel to me and they are approving my culture. You are ten times better than UAEball.
    • Malaysiaball - We are friends even before you exist since my parent used to be friends with one of your sultanates who liked my women and stole use its flag makes us relatives. Its flag can be into crescent and star. It manages my airport in Istanbul. We had a good FTA, and it bought my weapons. Honestly, it is a better kebab than mine since it is multicultural. Teach me how to build a car, plox.
    • Mongoliaball - Is of non-kebab relative we lived together for a long time, in the good ancient(!) days.
    • Inner Mongoliaball - Our Mongolic relatives from Chinaball. Don't get assimilated, keep your language and culture. One day, you will reunite with Mongoliaball, but don't tell Chinaball about this.
    • Estoniaball - I don't even know who you are. Another distant Uralic relative who is Baltic you are better that Latviaball, doesn't knows about me much well it also sometimes hates Armenia.
    • Hungaryball - My closer Uralic relative, both we claim to be the true successors of Atilla Hun, both we have problems with that Vlad. Also, sorry for the Ottoman rule in your clay. Wait you made Central Asian tribe festival so cool! And we both have difficulties trying to ratify IKEA's accession for this guy.
    • Ottoman Empireball - My glorıous parent. I miss yoü. I'm working to revive you, you will be back soon.
    • Algeriaball - We have good relations, we are supporting the same side in Libyan Civil War, hope we can enjoy more
    • Bosniaball - Best friend. I turned it kebab long ago. They had (and having) some similar problems, and both had serious mining accidents in the same year. This makes both countryballs sympathize with each other and thus, forming a friendship.
    • Brazilball - Wow, this guy is very good at soccer (Defeated me 2 times at World Cup in 2002), and me too! I had several immigrants who went to this land of the HUE, and I want to get in the BRICSbricks. Still, it recognizes the fake genocide, which I never did, fucking hell!
    • Qatarball - it is my Arabic friend because it hates Saudi Arabia. But I help it and give Weapons against evil Saudi Arabiaball. And Thank you for letting my soldiers into your clay. But could you stop building a canal to my beloved Istanbul and practice secularism?
    • Libyaball - Supporting UN-recognized GNA government. Libya is yours, not of that fake Vodka puppet. Why you recognise fake genocide?
    • Rohingyaball - Kebab who got removed by Myanmarball. Full support for you.
    • Ukraineball - We are doing military cooperation, Crimeaball belongs to you. I also support your NATO membership.
    • Georgiaball - Of good friend and neighbor, Georgian minority lives in my clay. Also, it is the only route for Azerbaijanball's oil to be exported into open sea with Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline. Please tell Armenia to shut up. I support your NATO membership.
    • Kosovoball - Helped them during Kosovo War. Would help them again if the same happened.
    • Polandball - Respectable friend, because it defeated me in 17th century at Viennaball, and from that moment Poland is a respectable friend. Moreover, after the partitions of Poland, I still draw maps with its old territories. Hence, Poland very much likes me for this reason. Also, have a great 100th Independence Day! (Sorry for mocking you in some kugeln.io match.) But why are you kebab remover?
    • Switzerlandball - Although you are Neutral, Thanks for Migros, Mayor of Istanbul just have met the founder of Swiss migros for organizing a sustainable food supply to the major population centers in my clay.
    • North Macedoniaball - We both have problems with Greeceball. also you changed your name in 2020.
    • New Zealandball - Fought against each other in the Gallipoli campaign during WWI. I now let it perform memorial services at Gallipoli.
    • Iraqi Kurdistanball - The only part of Kurdistan that I liked. No Terrorists and no problems.
    • Djiboutiball - Kid of badass pirate friend.
    • Turks and Caicosball. My secret child friend in the Caribbean and fake child of this dude. Also, you have an island named Grand Turk.
    • Netherlandsball - Someone wantings clay in you.
    • Hong Kongball - Your people love me. In return, my tour guides can say Cantonese profanity.
      • - Uhhhh.... I think your missing the point about Cantonese language. Its a beautiful language and not meant to be abused. But I welcome you to learn the right way of Cantonese.
    • Botswanaball and Lesothoball - African countryballs who hates Armeniaball as well, but I think you hate Pakistanball.
    • Vietnamball - Thanks for making my kebabs popular in Southeast Asia. Also, thanks for treating kebabs well. I opposed the burger for invading them.
    • Germanyball - It has a lot of Turkish people in its clay. I am proud of it because we have had an old friendship exist since WW1. Historically and currently on good terms. Didn't like Germany during the past few years, but now we are deepening the cooperation.

    Neutral/Karışık İlişkiler

    • EUball - Please let me in, I've been waiting since 1963! (And don't tell me about refugees, my refugee population is more than North Macedoniaball's population)
    • Ethiopiaball - Friend who likes traveling to my country but I don't like that it is a very good friend of Beggar and Crybaby. It supports me to join EUball but it is a kebab remover but at least it hates Wahhabi s***. I support it on its giant dam project.
    • Palestineball - Islamists love it. Still, my secularists are suspicious of it because of its involvement with Arab revolt and PLO training PKK soldiers during the cold war. However, I still recognize and support it against that zionist terrorist and can into friend. But why does your flag show anti-Ottoman stuff? (Only the red).
    • Serbiaball - We don't have problems IRL. Sorry for conquering Yuo But Stop Bullying Bosnia and Kosovo Plox! You told me you will never be in a Coalition against me. You really are one crazy country. Why do you claim that I am racist even though you hate kebab? Hypocrite. We even gib you buses like Otokar buses.
    • Indiaball - child of that colonial guy, nowadays friends now. However, I despise Gandhi for their opinions on my parent's actions. I know you have issues with Pakistan and Islam, but we cooperate a lot like in space technology. But don't hurt Jammu and Kashmirball, plox!
    • UKball - YOU HELP ARABS REVOLT! WWI NEVER FORGET! But we are both in NATO and we both like tea nowadays, so we are good for now.
    • USAball - We have to put up with each other because of our relations. I like the Tea more than it now. At least it has a quality. Why are you removing kebabs? Also, STOP CALLING ME A TURKEY, YOU DOUCHEBAG PIGDOG!
    • Franceball - You are so disappointing. No matter what I do, you have to follow Marine Le Pen to oppose Turkey. Why? Anyways, we are half cousins, but you are douche. We were old allies during Ottoman Era, even older than Germanyball. Your culture was the basis for Kemalism, so you indirectly created us. AND LET ME INTO EU.
    • Australiaball - Gallipoli campaign never forget! But I understand you were forced to do that; it's all that tea, Actually Born My Clay Too! But.. (See §#Enemies/Düşmanları below...)
    • Swedenball - Why don't you want to be a kebab? Also, why are you so mean to my friend? Why are you mean to your other kebab immigrants? Never mind, You love Kurds, so you're Not Welcome to be a kebab. Still, At Least You Recognize Palestineball! I’ve got all settled for you now!
    • Finlandball - Welcome to NATO, Finlandiya! It is my Nordic distant Uralic relative, very alcoholic. pl0x teach me how to quality education. Thus, a resident in my clay turned its song Ievan Polkka into a meme.
    • Bulgariaball - We are good for now, but gib me your coast because that's where ethnic Turkish people live and stop oppressing them plox or I will Anschluss you.
    • Venezuelaball - My inflation buddy new Ally BUT STOP RECOGNISING THE MOVINGS OF ARMENIANS AS GENOCIDE AND STABILIZE GOVERNMENT PLOX! YOUR CURRENCY IS EVEN WORSE THAN MINE! Why do I even have to export cheese from you?
    • Moroccoball - We're kinda friends, but you hate my parent. Why are you still friends with that traitor?
    • Arab Leagueball - Some are good some are bad. I am not similar to them but raped by them in terms of language and religion; since I am secular, I don't care.
    • Lebanonball - We both hate Imperialists, but it is an Armenian dog! I give you aid and pray for you. And also said that we will remove Zionists just because it bombed your capital?
    • Tunisiaball - Oh, look what we have here? Some kind of kebab removing wannabe who still hates me for occupying it for like 200 years ago. Maybe I should call you the other kebab remover. Maybe France, Italy, or Spain should have colonized you after all. Yuo also stole my flag.
    • Icelandball - Defeated me 2-1 in Euro 2016. Please calm down about 1623. And I don't even hate most of your friends anymore. But we both can into friends since you recognized Palestineball. We are also both into NATOball, and we both have embassies. Your place seems very cold, so...
    • Russiaball - We're good friends nowadays despite some incidents in the past but BLACK SEA IS MINE! I like your children.
    • Egyptball - Sisi is not a president; Morsi is the legitimate president. But we are okay now.
    • Nepalrawr - I made you reconnect to Europe! Your ferocious Gurkhas helped me too! But you were on the allies' side during WWI, but it's okay.


    • Greeceball - You of kebab remover and Kıbrıs invader AND STOP CLAİMİNGS İSTANBUL! or else I will revive great Ottoman! But we both into NATO, so we can't attack each other for now. BUT STİLL, İ'M WATCHING YUOR SORRY ASS, GYRO!!!
    • Latviaball - How dare you befriend stinky Armenia, such shame! REMOVE POTATO!
    • UAEball - We saw its bigger tower in the world. It once opposed communism and supported FSA, But now supports the Assad regime, the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), and Armeniaball.
    • Soviet Unionball - Is of pure evil, plus it supported Kurds although it is on a bad situation am glad that you're end now I'm not alone. But a lot of thanks for helping me at War of Independence and giving me Turkish land back and also gib me Armenian SSRball and Georgian SSRball i historical control those clays!
    • Syriaball - I had a HUGE PROBLEM with your immigrants *cough* ISISball *cough* (nearly 3 million of them!) but we of seems to let them in whatever the consequences may be. Did try to Anschluss your Northern region recently, but we got into a ceasefire, so yeah, things are complicated. BUT NOT ANYMORE!
    • Armeniaball - We both are bitter rivals because of the Armenian Genocide in 1915 THERE WAS NO GENOCIDE! Friends with Russiaball and a threat due to housing Russian military bases near the border. Also, I did not do genocide. SİKTİR GİT! HAVEN'T YOU HEARD?! BE KIND TO YOUR NEIGHBOUR! READ A DAMN BOOK OR SOMETHING! At least I recognize you BUT NOT YOUR GENOCIDE! If you keep saying it, well...
    • Israelcube - STOP BOMBING HOSPITALS AND KILLING INNOCENT PALESTINIANS IN GAZA YOU ZIONIST SCUMBAG! EVEN KHOROVAT AND ASSAD HATES YOU! REMOVE NETANYAHU AND FREE PALESTINE!! Or else... I don't know why Azerbaijanball still befriended you. But I'm working for your ceasefire with Hamasball.
    • Myanmarball - That b*** kills and kills more kebab. All kebabs must cooperate and remove you. DEFEND ARAKAN!
    • Cyprusball - I invaded your clay so I can convert you from being Greek puppet to my puppet which only I recognize and now you better deal with it. SİKTİR GİT! Or I will end you by myself!
    • Turkish Kurdistanball - YOU TERRORIST! YOU ARE WORSE THAN ISISball! YOU HAVE KILLED TURKS STOP BOMBING AND TERRORIZING OUR PEOPLE! But seriously, the more you used violence against us, the more I DON'T want to give you any form of autonomy.
    • Englandball - Yuo may hate that Idiot but you knocked me 8-0 and it hates my entire of my cousins and my Friends Family, especially my Sibling they did nothing wrong REMOVE TEA!!
    • February 6, 2023 - WORST DAY OF MY LIFE (Cuz of an Earthquake)

    How to draw

    Drawıng Turkeyball is easy:

    1. Draw a turkey circle.
    2. Color it red.
    3. Draw a star and crescent.
    4. Draw the eyes, and you're done!


    Polandball Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, GIFs, and videos of Turkeyball.

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