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    Wallis and Futunaball is a dependencyball of  Franceball.

    It comprises of three islands, Uvea, Futuna and Alofi.


    The earliest signs of human habitation in these islands are artifacts characteristic of the Lapita culture, dating roughly to between 850 and 800 BCE. The islands served as natural stopover points for boat traffic going between Fijiball and Samoaball. During Tu'i Tongan invasions in the 15th and 16th centuries, the islands showed varying levels of resistance and accepted varying degrees of assimilation: Futuna retained more of its pre-Tongan cultural features, while Wallis underwent greater fundamental changes in its society, language, and culture. The original inhabitants built forts and other identifiable structures on the islands, many of which are in ruins, but some of which are still partially intact. Oral history and archaeological evidence suggest that the Tongan invaders reoccupied and modified some of these structures. Oral history also preserves a cultural memory of relationships between Samoa and Futuna that are so longstanding that they are described in the islanders' origin stories.


    The French were the first Europeans to settle in the territory, with the arrival of French missionaries in 1837, who converted the population to Roman Catholicism.

    On 5 April 1842, the missionaries asked for the protection of France after the rebellion of a part of the local population. On 5 April 1887, the queen of Uveaball (that is, of the traditional chiefdom that comprised the island of Wallis) signed a treaty officially establishing a French protectorate. The kings of Sigaveball and Aloball on the islands of Futunaball and Alofiball also signed a treaty establishing a French protectorate, on 16 February 1888. At that point, the islands were put under the authority of the French colony of New Caledoniaball.

    In 1917, the three traditional kingdoms of Uvea, Sigave, and Alo were annexed by France and integrated into the colony of Wallis and Futuna, which remained under the authority of the colony of New Caledonia. During World War II, the islands' administration was briefly pro-Vichy Franceball until a Free Franceball ship from New Caledonia deposed the regime on 26 May 1942. In 1959, the inhabitants of the islands voted to become a separate French overseas territory, effective since 29 July 1961, thus ending their subordination to New Caledonia.

    How to draw

    Wallis and Futunaball is based on French Red Ensign:

    1. Color the basic circle shape of this red
    2. Draw a white border around the up-left quarter
    3. Divide it in three horizontal stripes: blue, white and red like France
    4. Draw a white square in the rest of the shape
    5. Delete a part of it like you are drawing a X cross
    6. Draw the eyes and you've finished.


    pl:Wallis and Futunaball

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