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    Not even close, baby! TECHNOBLADE NEVER DIES!!!
    — Technoblade struggling to survive in the Nether
    My whole life is flashing before my eyes and it's boring!
    — Gumball Watterson
    Ice Bear bought these legally.
    — Ice Bear while showing off a pair of shuriken

    San Franciscoball is a UN maker we bare bears major city in the gay bay area of Californiaball. Only the very wealthy can live on its clay. It likes to charge $500 a month to live in a cardboard box (no really, look it up). And on its clay is the HQ of Twitter, Fandom, and the Mighty ROBLOX (lol not), and for some reason, it has a show a bears living in their cave.


    San Franciscoball was born as a 3ball under the care of Ohloneball who named it Yelamu, and was adopted colonized by the Spanish Empireball in June 29, 1776. Spainball built a fort in what is now the Golden Gate (the Presidio of San Francisco) and founded a church named in honor of Saint Francis of Assis (Mission San Francisco de Asís). This is the explanation why San Franciscoball is a Catholic.

    When Spanish Empireball was defeated by Napoleonic Franceball in Europe, New Spainball and its siblings realized that was the perfect chance to fight for their LIBERTADES and fought against Spainball. New Spainball achieved its independence from the Spanish Empireball in 1821 and changed its name to Mexicoball. So San Franciscoball became a town of Mexicoball.

    But between 1845 and 1848 happened the Mexican-American War, and the city and the rest of Alta (upper) California were conquered by USAball.

    Was a major stopping point for gold miners in 1849, and then Chinaball immigrants. Still has a section on its clay dominated by them.

    The Gold Rush boosted the cityball in a period of rapid growth, the population increase in a year was 1000 to 25 000 inhabitants, thus making it the largest cityball on the West Coast of the USAball at the time.

    In 1906 it was almost destroyed by an earthquake, and again in 1989 (while it was facing its sibling Oaklandball in the 1989 World Series). It lives in fear of them.

    During World War II, San Franciscoball was the port of embarkation for the War of the Pacific.

    Over time because it was very multi-cultural it became one of the most liberal cityballs. It has been the world's biggest hippie since the 1960s and has become a safe haven for gay people. Today because its clay is so expensive it is becoming gentrified, its diversity is fading, and only rich white millionaires can live with it.



    • San Joseball (California) - Older sibling (tolerates me). Together, we control all of the digital worlds!
    • Bremenball - My Lower Saxon version.
    • New York Cityball - It gets me, but it's on the wrong coast. Liberal and progressive siblings together!
    •  Portlandball - Liberal comrade.
    •  Barcelonaball - My Catalan counterpart. We are both port cities and popular with tourists.
    •  Manilaball - My elder sibling from the Philippines, a former Spanish global port city on a bay-like me. We both have a problem with earthquakes.
    •  Parisball - Another one of my sister cities. I am known as the Paris of the West.
    •  Shanghaiball Guangdongball  Hong Kongball - Gibs me lots of immigrants and Chinatown. Now I can make Chinese-American cuisine!
    •  UKball - Gib Stampy cat pls.
    • We Bare Bears - That's the Bears And Stack up we're live!!


    •  Clevelandball - We keep winning against their bad basketball team! GO, WARRIORS!
    •  Seattleball - I hate its sports, but it's my other fellow liberal
    • Ōsakaball- It cut ties with me over a Korean comfort women statue. #MeToo. Not acceptable to invalidate victims of rape, not siding with the oppressors.


    •  Californiaball Parent (wants to disown me). I'd be a tiny exclave of USAball if you do secede, oh wait, you WON'T!
    •  Oaklandball - Younger sibling (hates me). Supporters of inferior east-bay sports teams.
    • Evilball - Liberal Arch-nemesis who drinks all my water. Also, its Hollywood destroyed my Golden Gate Bridge too many times!! Also...stop calling my flag ugly! It also wants SoCal to secede from California which I will not let happen!!
    •  Sacramentoball - Colony Cowboy younger sibling (hates me). Is the capital of Californiaball, and wish I would just let it do its job. People who can't afford to live on my clay move to it, which is changing its local politics and culture in my favor.
    •  San Diegoball - Conservative older sibling (hates me). Can't stand to be around it because it has a zoo full of "disabled" animals who "won't survive in the wild" or something.
    • Anaheimball - Conservative relative, son of my arch-nemesis. STOP BITCHING ABOUT DISNEYLAND!
    •  Denverball - convince Sacramentoball to legalize pot for me please! Nevermind
    • Kansas Cityball - February 2, 2020, Worst Date of My Life!
    •  Seoulball - July 6, 2013, also the Worst Date of My Life!

    How to draw

    Draw San Franciscoball is almost simple:

    1. Draw the basic circle shape, with a yellow border
    2. Draw a brown eagle under a red sun that rises from a white paper in the centre
    3. Draw a blue script SAN FRANCISCO on the lower part of the white part
    4. Draw the eyes and you've finished.


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