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    I'm afraid a boat so small would sink with the weight of all of my sorrow.
    — Li Qinzhao

    Songball is a historical countryball who likes to sing in Asia.

    It was known for the many Chinese poems, songs, instruments, culture, and scientists that came about during its age as well as for being exceptionally kind and passive despite its large size and population, to the point where it paid all of its neighbors to not invade it, and still remained rich and actually caused them to become economically dependent on it.

    Songball also invented inoculation and was the richest Chinese state in history per capita according to some estimates until it was finally passed over 1000 years after their birth by Taiwanball in the 1970s or 1980s during the Asian Miracle.


    Songball was officially born as a 1ball and was adopted by Dynastic Chinaball until 960 AD. It decided that it really disliked war shortly after it took the Mandate of Heaven and renounced most direct violence, with it only taking part in a couple of offensive wars in the hundreds of years of its life and sidelining the military to preserve peace.

    Due to this, Songball made many advancements in science, art, and music. It learned how to create multistage rockets so that aggressive enemies would be deterred and it could focus more on science and singing art. It became very delusional due to its aloofness from violence and began to view the world as perfect and often spent more time in its imaginary world than the "real" one.

    It had an enemy, Liaoball who frequently interrupted it by playing in flowers or singing scientific research. However, it refrained from fully invading Songball because it was afraid of its new weapons. One day Songball had enough of this and broke its pacifism to arm and support the Jurchenballs, who lived east of Liaoball and had been exploited by it for quite some time now and had recently rebelled to invade and divide Liaoball.

    The alliance worked and Liaoball was defeated. However, Songball was disillusioned from its view of the world through the lens of heaven when the Jurchenballs noticed most of Songball's weapons were almost entirely useless in combat and only served to scare enemies and deter them away.

    The Jurchenballs then betrayed Songball by assembling into Second Jinball and taking half of Songball's clay violently and aggressively, killing around a quarter of its population and taking another quarter away. After its fortifications fell, Songball was unsure of what to do.

    This event traumatized Songball, making it afraid, paranoid, and overprotective. This is widely believed to have caused Songball and its descendants to fear the outside world.

    Eventually, Mongol Empireball came, conquered Second Jinball, and was at first friends with Songball, but when Songball requested back the clay it had lost to Second Jinball, Mongolball got mad and broke their alliance but left it alone as they respected each other.

    Eventually, it did decide to take over Songball. The war was surprisingly difficult due to its elaborate fortifications and strong generals, but despite its preparations, it remained a poor fighter with weapons that were more show than anything else and it eventually killed Songball. In the middle of this Yuanball came out of Mongolball and completely conquered Songball in 1279 AD.



    • Byzantine Empireball - Daqin? Is that you? I have must respect for my counterpart in the west, maybe our stars in heaven may align and we can meet one day in person.
    • Dai Vietball - Thank you for apologizing for your aggressive behavior. I forgive you and may heaven bless you for many generations. You are the beacon of light in the south.


    • Second Jinball - I am disappointed. I showed you nothing but love and kindness, and you hurt me badly. I wish for heaven to guide you to peace and bless you with knowledge and civility.
    • Mongol Empireball - You may be aggressive and a barbaric looter who believes in the glory of conquest and stealing from others, but you are smart, respectful, and stayed true to your word and I appreciate that.


    • Liaoball - Why must you be mean to me? I would love to share the bounties of heaven with you. We could be friends and stand as the beacon of light and prosperity for all under heaven to follow. But you still must be mean to me. Because you are just jealous of my beauty and wealth. Violence is for simple hedonistic barbarians, so I will pay you and hopefully, you use the money for virtue and taking care of yourself and not stealing from others.
    • Western Xiaball - We have fought a lot and like everyone else you seem to be violent.

    How to draw

    Draw Songball is very simple.

    1. Draw the basic sphere and color it of yellow like here
    2. Draw a little white circle inside and add there a black
    3. Add two slant eyes and the Song official headwear. You've finished!



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