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    Almost Heaven, West Virginia.
    — John Denver
    Sweet Caroline. EAT SHIT, PITT!
    — Whenever they play against Pittsburgh.

    West Virginiaball mountain momma is a stateball in the eastern part of the countryball of the USAball. He is ussually stereotyped to be a hillbilly. (NOT a Redneck), there is a difference) and loves 🦌 Deer Meat. (He hunts it himself with his trusty rifle) West Virginiaball also hopes that he will find Virginiaball in the woods somewhere so he can shoot it and tell DCball that he thought it was a deer. Not to mention too, but West Virginiaball loves four wheelers (His only method of transportation) and Myrtle Beachball, his top vacation spot. (He doesn't know about anywhere else in South Carolinaball.

    To the north, West Virginiaball borders Pennsylvaniaball who both hate each other. to the west of that, you have a panhandle jutting out into OhioRawr ( Virginiaball tries to feed West Virginiaball to sometimes.) This border is caused by the Ohio River. Down south you have Kentuckyball, who West Virginiaball absolutley hates. (During the American Civil War they tried to kill eachother in the Hatfield-Mcoy Fued), and today there are rumors in West Virginiaball that Kentuckyball will eat your babies. Now to the east, you have Virginiaball, who has a love hate relationship with West Virginiaball (See Relations), and finnally to the north east you have Marylandball, where West Virginiaball almost cuts in half.


    West Virginiaball is a very uniqe stateball. First of all, he refuses to admit that the song Take me home, Country Roads (The song West Virginiaball bassicly makes his whole life about, is most likley about Western Virginia, specifficly the Shennendoah Valley, instead of acctually being about West Virginia. This is because, John Denver refrences the Shennendoah River and the Blue Ridge Mountains, which don't go through West Virginiaball at all.
    Another weird thing is West Virginiaball's towns. They each have the same history, which is, put it simply, Colonization, ⛏️ Coal Mining, Civil War, ⛏️ Coal Mining again, 📉 Population Decline and poverty, and then a weird rebirth, where John loving Hippies move from San Franciscoball and Portland and make liberal bastions in a conservative kingdom.


    West Virginia is the younger brother of Virginiaball. When the American Civil War began, Virginiaball joined CSAball, while West Virginiaball, opposing slavery, broke away from Virginiaball in order to stay with the union. As the war went on, West Virginiaball became sad and lonely. After the war ended, Virginiaball reunited with USAball. To this day, West Virginiaball and Virginiaball are temporary rivals. West Virginia can into memes with the song Country Roads.

    West Virginiaball is also in a financial problem, but he refuses to acknowledge that. However, many county governments in the North and East closer to Morgantown and DC have been getting people to move there in hordes. The income disparity is likely only going to increase in the state as rich areas get richer while poorer areas get even poorer.


    Virginiaball - Keep off my border you Confederate! I am not going to join and you are not going to anchluss me! And no, I am not going to rejoin yet. But I will provide you with a lot of coal!

    Marylandball - Coal buddy.

    Pennsylvaniaball - He makes coal and Pittsburgh is close to Weirton.

    Iowaball - They are like us of the Midwest.

    CSAball - OH NO. OH NO. OOOHHH NOOOOOO. You are the fake America. You stay dead! Harpers Ferry is now West Virginia clay. Keep away with your 'whoooeeeee', 1863 best year!

    How to draw

    Like almost every US state, West Virginia is only a seal on a background:

    1. Draw the basic circle shape, with a blue border
    2. Draw the coat of arms of West Virginia in the center
    3. Wreathe it by Rhododendron and top it by a red ribbon with the black script WEST VIRGINIA
    4. Draw the eyes and you're finished.



    zh:西弗吉尼亞球 pt:Virgínia Ocidentalball

    ru:Западная Виргиния

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