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    Mughalball, or Mughal Empireball was a Turko-Mongol empireball and is an ancestor of Bangladeshball, Pakistanball, North Indiaball and also some clays of Iranball and Afghanistanball. It was the final Turko-Mongol, whereas the rest had died. The Indiasaurs and the British killed it. Sometimes its drawn as a rawr because of its flag.


    Mughalball was born in 1526 and introduced Islam. It eventually got stronger and stronger and conquered more and more of Indiaball with leaders like Akbar. 

    In 1628, Shah Jahan became emperor. He built a very nice tomb for his queen, but he also liked demolishing Hindu temples. In 1658, Aurangzeb came to power. He was the last emperor who led a stronk Mughalball. He also liked destroying Hindu temples. After his death in 1707, the Mughalball was divided and conquered by  East India Companyball, in order to establish Company Raj. The Indiasaurs, such as Marathasaur, also helped in tearing apart Mughalball and its clay and it ceased to exist in 1857.




    • Nawab of the Carnaticball - Hyderbad Stateball's dependency, also loyal to me.
    • Kingdom of Jaipurball - Prospered with me as overlord.
    • Delhi Sultanateball - Thanks for gib war elephants for my papajee. Even though it's rude to yuo. Btw, I wanna restore back yuor great empire with my new empire. Sorry for battle of Panipat.
    • File:Rewa Stateball-icon.png Rewa Stateball- It gave prince Akbar refuge when Sur Empireball took my clay. Its prince Ramchandra Singh and prince Akbar grew up together and remained friends until adulthood. I DESTRUCTED ITS CAPITAL FORT BANDOGARH LATER HAHAHAHAHA!
    • Demak Sultanateball - Javanese friend. It was the first kebab empire in Java island. My traders made it into Islam with the peaceful way.
    • Mataram Sultanateball - Another Javanese friend who made the whole Java island into kebab. It was Demak's child.
    • Ottoman Empireball - Gunpowder friend.
    • Russian Empireball - Friend, we have a common enemy.


    • Jodhpur Stateball - My vassal until it went its own way and turned against me and came under Maratharawr control.
    • Karauli Stateball - Once under my patronage.
    • OudhRawr - My subah, then vassal in the Doab.
    • Safavid dynastyball - Gunpowder friend. Thanks for gibings cannons and muskets at the beginning of My establishment. But, Why yuo attacked me in 1649? JUST BECAUSE I AM INSULTING SHIA IMAMAS!?! WELL, I WILL CUT YOUR THROAT YUO PIECE OF TRASH YOU SHIA EXTREMIST!
    • French Indiaball - Meddler, sometimes friend because of enmity with British East India Companyball.


    How to draw

    Draw Mughalball isn't very difficult:

    Actually there are 2 ways to draw Mughalball.

    First Way:

    1. Draw a ball, color it green.
    2. Use yellow to draw the sun and spots.
    3. Draw 2 tiny circles for the eyes and color them white, it's finished.

    Second Way:

    1. Draw a ball, color it green
    2. Draw a big circle around the borders of green and black
    3. Draw a red line from top to the bottom in the right
    4. Draw 2 lines on the right to connect red and red.
    5. Draw a yellow lion in the middle of the biggest green part
    6. Draw a yellow sun behind the lion, not too big
    7. Draw 2 tiny circles for the eyes and color them white, it's finished.

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