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    Dainamball or the Vietnamese Empireball was Vietnamball state existed from 1802–1885, ruled by the Nguyễn dynasty, a family that ruled Southern half of Vietnamball from 1558-1802). It was a "tributary state" of Qingball until 1887 when Dainamball was taken by Franceball as a protectorate. Unlike other dynasty or its child, its relationship with Chinaball was quite good (despite the fact that it considered them barbaric).


    Dainamball was born as a 1ball. It passed in the hands of Hồng Bàngball (Xích Quỷball, Văn Langball), Âu Lạcball, Nanyueball, Hanball (except for Lĩnh Nam rebellion), Giao Châuball, Vạn Xuânball, Suiball, Tangball, and Dai Vietball (again). It founded the Gia Long emperor in June 1802, and replaced Dai Vietball.

    In 1815, British Empireball, First French Empireball and Kingdom of Prussiaball appeared in Gia Long's list of his 13 vassal stateballs. In 1820, Minh Mang became emperor of Vietnamball and pursued the isolation policy. In 1858 Franceball and Spainball invaded Dainamball. In August 1883, Franceball finally got its capitulation. After that, it became a colony of French Indochinaball as the protectorates of Tonkinball and Annanball.

    Then Empire of Japanball tried to "liberate" it to incorporate it into the East Asian sphere, but that was short-lived and didn't go well. Dainamball died sometime after communists took over the North.



    How to draw

    1. Color the basic circle shape of yellow
    2. Draw a blue border
    3. Draw a littler red circle
    4. Draw slant-eyes and you are finished.




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