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    And Salt Lake City out in Utah where the buffalo roam!
    — Wakko Warner
    Utah-icon.png Utahball is a Utahraptor stateball of USA-icon.png USAball. Is famous for being a desert and having lots of Mormon-icon.png Mormons. Can into a lake of salt water that is unsuitable for drinking, and 6 times saltier than the ocean. But his clay have pretty canyons of colorful rocks, such as Zion National Park, (though not quite as well-known as Arizona-icon.png Arizonaball's canyons) and it's own species of Dromaesaurid (Utahraptor.)

    Utahball tells everyone his clay has the best snow on Earth-icon.png Earthball, and likes skiing in his mountains during the winter.

    His flag is just the state seal against a blue background and is the worst of all the former Mexican territories'.


    Utahball was first inhabited by native 3-icon.png 3balls. Catholic Fathers Domiguez and Escalante passed through, claiming it for Spainball. Mexico-icon.png Mexicoball took it when he gained independence. Then Mormonballs arrived, fleeing from Missouriball's Execution order. They quickly set up the State of Deseretball, which they then asked USAball to adopt. USAball said no, renamed it the Territory of Utahball, and continued to take parts of it off to make other stateballs, like Nevadaball, and parts of Wyomingball and Coloradoball. In 1896, USA-icon.png USAball finally let Utahball become a stateball.


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