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    I don't gotta dance, I make money move.
    — Cardi B
    — Charlie Guzman, aka DashieXP

    The Dominican Republicball is a sometimes racist countryball in the Caribbean (Not to be confused with Dominicaball). Its only neighbour Cousin is Haitiball, but to the Northeast of the Caribbean lies Cubaball, and to the East lies Puerto Ricoball. The country is divided into 31 provinces, including its capital Santo Domingoball to the south which acts as a national district, giving it a total area of 18,655 square miles, making it the 128th largest country in the world. As of 2021, it has about 10.95 million inhabitants.

    Being geographically in the Caribbean already gives the Dominican Republic the ability to join OASball. It is also a member of the UN like almost every other country in the world.

    Its national day is February 27th.

    Historia (History)

    The Taino caciquedoms

    Tainoball, the ancestor of Dominicaball, used to lived in peace until Spanish Empireball came and ruined everything.

    The Tainoball was a 3ball who came from South America sailed from island to island until reaching Hispaniola, which they either called "Ayiti" or "Quisqueya". Tainoball had 5 caciquedoms, or chiefdoms all over the indigenous clay, with 2 covering Haitiball. Tainoball society also had a hierarchical system. The Naboria were known to be the common people, the Nitaíno were the sub-chiefs, bohique as priests and medics, and the highest role were the caciques. They also drew Aztec like graffiti art on ancient rocks.

    By the time of Christopher Columbus's arrival in America in 1492, the Taínoball were divided into three large groups: Western Taíno groups ( Jamaicaball, most of Cubaball, and Bahamasball), classical Taínos ( Puerto Ricoball, Haitiball, and Dominican Republicball) and eastern Tainos (north of the Lesser Antilles). There were five Taino chiefdoms and territories on the island of Santo Domingo, which is currently divided into the countries of the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Each Taino chiefdom was led by a cacique, who collected tributes.

    By the time of the Spanish conquest, the largest settlements of the Taino population could reach up to 3,000 people each. The Tainoballs traditionally competed against their neighbors; the Caribballs, which lived mainly in the Lesser Antilles.

    By the time of the Spanish conquest, the largest settlements of the Taino population could reach up to 3,000 people each. The Tainoballs traditionally competed against their neighbors; the Caribballs, which lived mainly in the Lesser Antilles.

    Taino society was divided into two classes: naboria (plebeians) and nitaíno (nobles). Both were governed by male chiefs known as cacique, who inherited the title through their noble maternal lineage. The ninaíno functioned as sub-cacique in the villages, supervising the work of naboria. The chiefs were advised by priests / healers known as bohique. The chiefs enjoyed privileges such as being able to use gold pendants known as guanin; living in square (bohio) houses instead of the circular houses of ordinary people; and sitting on wooden chairs to stand above the guests they received. They also drew Aztec-like art on rocks, and were perceived to not wear much clothing.

    After Spanish Empireball found Americas, Spanish Empireball was friendly to the natives, having to believed to find Indiaball.

    After Spanish Empireball found Americas, Spanish Empireball was friendly to the natives, having to believed to find Indiaball. Spainball named the island "Hispaniola".

    Dominican Republicball was born in 1492 from the relations between Spanish Empireball and Taínoball, and the first settlement was in "La-Navidad". It was the first son of the Empire. However as Spanish Empireball left for a while to explain the great news, the Spaniards and natives quickly grew hostile of each other, as the Spainards saw Tainoball as inferior and the Taino grew upset of the continued abduction of children. So then, Tainoball attacked Spanish Empireball's settlement, "La Isabela", and killed most of the Europeans. Spainball came back to the island, only to be shocked to realize what Tainoball had done to the city. This time Spain succeeded in defeating the Tainoballs and made them pay heavily. The city of Santo Domingoball would be the next permanent settlement on the island.

    The Tainoballs were forced to dig in gold mines or work in plantations, otherwise, heavy punishments would occur. When almost all the Tainoball's decreased, Spain introduced the Law of Burgos which abolished slavery, but 8ball became Spain's new slave. The western part on the island was forever ignored when the gold quickly ran out there (having the Spanish take a very long time to realize this), while the east became developed and richer so Spain played more attention to that instead, which is why Haitiball thinks his big brother is the brat it is.

    Years later Spanish Empireball lost a war against Franceball which in turn gave DRball to Franceball, then after Spanish Empireball regained DRball from Franceball (and that's when Haitiball was born because Spanish Empireball had one half of DRball and Franceball had another half).

    In the 16th and 17th centuries, the population started to grow and cities developed. It was believed that Tainoball had been Hispanicized. This would lead to a birth of a identity. But the continuation of piracy led to English ships attacking the colony.

    From the 1795 Peace of Basel, Spainball was compelled but accepted giving Franceball Santo Domingoball. It regained the colony after the reconquest of Santo Domingo in 1809.

    In 1822 Haitiball annexed DRball.

    Occupation under "Liberation"

    Haitiball's occupation of Eastern Hispaniola will forever be controversial. On one hand, the Haitians secured eastern Hispaniola from Spanish occupation and abolished slavery. But on another, the Haitians themselves subjugated the Dominican under many horrible years of occupation. White Dominicans had their land confiscated to be given to freedmen, and were forbidden to own any, resulting in many of them leaving the island. Additionally, an economic crisis followed due to Haiti having to pay reparations to France. The relations of Haitiball and DRball are sour to this day.

    Then in 1838 DRball founded "La Trinitaria", a political party to gain independence. In 1844 an uprising began, making the republic independent.

    The following years

    Then in 1861 Spainball annexed which started the Restauration War. Once again in 1865, he got his independence back. In 1916 USAball occupied its and Haitiball until 1924 due to WW1. After that, it turned its government into a dictatorship.

    Senior Trujillo's Dictatorship


    In WW2 it allowed over 10,000 Jews into its clay.

    The war of 1965

    In 1963 she once again became a democracy and She got occupied by USAball again in 1965 until 1966.

    The recovery of Democracy

    Today the Dominican Republicball and USAball fight drug lords together as of today.

    Relaciones (Relationships)

    Amigas/Amigos (Friends)

    • USAball - My gringo amigo who introduced me to baseball, mí favorite sport 🏏⚾️!
    • Chinaball - I of recognizing yuo.
    • Costa Ricaball - CENTROAMERICA STRONK.
    • Israelcube - I let Jews in my clay during ww2.
    • Equatorial Guineaball - Sibling in Africa. We are partners in culture! We both share African and Hispanic culture.
    • Puerto Ricoball - Best friend/frenemy and we are very close culturally and gastronomy-wise. BUT I AM FUCKING HARTO OF DESPACITO.
    • Spainball - Madre. We both has long history together and we can both into corrupcion.
    • Floridaball - El e muy cool. Muchos gringos from his land come to me in plane or cruise. Lots of Dominicans here, vive en Miami.
    • Mexicoball - Big brother who gave the world tacos and monis to invest here, also he has Indigenas in his clay.
    • Cubaball - Mi hermano pequeño that became communist, many of his people came here but he trades with me and isn't as bad as other people paint him as.
    • Russiaball - You are a good economic partner and a great guy. I don’t care what America thinks about you. In fact you are not really that bad as the Americans think.
    • Nigeriaball - We're both hate Italyball for giving COVID-19 to our clay.
    • Botswanaball - Even though I don't know him he does hate Trinidad and Tobagoball for stealing his flag.


    • Haitiball - Stop exporting malaria. Also your deforestation is getting crazy. But yuo are of my bro.Technically my unwanted son. Also stop accusing me of being racist since we are both have african blood. I am just lighter than yuo!
    • Kosovoball - I may Recognized yuo but you are still friend with that dummy voodoo.

    Enemigas/Enemigos (Enemies)

    • Brazilball - What the.... ODEBRECHTLAND STOP TALA DE ARBOLES My government likes yuo but, YUO ARE JUST AS CORRUPT AND YUO ARE PLANNING TO BAN GREENPEACE, yuor people are really nice but Odebrecht sux pene, REMOVE BOLSONARO!!! REMOVE SAMBA!!! REMOVE HUE!!!
    • Italyball - March 1, 2020 Never forget, for giving COVID-19 to my clay yuo stupid puta!
    • Tringapore - Stop hurting my Sibling for having their low IQ!
    • Dominicaball - YOU ARE A NAME STEALER! Change it yuo puto! Or else...
    • Permball - Vodka flag stealer! Change it at once!
    • 8ball (not really) - STOP CALLING ME "HALF CASTE" TU M**RDA! Otherwise biological parent.

    Información para artistas (Information for artists)

    Colores de bandera (Flag colors)

    Colores principales (Main colors)

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Cool Black 0, 45, 98 C100-M54-Y0-K62 #002D62
    White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF
    Philippine Red 206, 17, 38 C0-M92-Y82-K19 #CE1126

    Colores del emblema (Emblem colors)

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Cool Black 0, 45, 98 C100-M54-Y0-K62 #002D62
    White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF
    Philippine Red 206, 17, 38 C0-M92-Y82-K19 #CE1126
    Yellow (Munsell) 234, 193, 2 C0-M18-Y99-K8 #EAC102
    Philippine Green 0, 131, 55 C100-M0-Y58-K49 #008337

    Como dibujar (How to draw)

    Drawing the Dominican Republicball is a bit difficult due to its emblem:

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill the lower-left and upper-right side of the ball with red.
    3. Fill the lower-right and upper-left side of the ball with blue.
    4. Draw a white cross similarly to that of Englandball's.
    5. Draw the emblem.
    6. Draw the eyes, and you're done!

    Galería (Gallery)

    Polandball Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, GIFs, and videos of Dominican Republicball.

    Click here to see it.

    Ver también (See also)

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    es:República Dominicanaball zh:多米尼加球 tr: Dominiktopu pt:Haitiball


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