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Mercia-icon.png West Angliaball Merciaball was a dark age Brummie empire kingdom in what is now the Midlands in modern-day England-icon.png Englandball. It is not to be confused with USA-icon.png 'Muricaball or Murcia-icon.png Murciaball. Or either Sweden-icon.png Swedenball or Scotland-icon.png Scotlandball.

History[edit | edit source]

Mercia-icon.png Merciaball was born as a 2-icon.png 2ball. Its soon to be clay was owned by Gaul-icon.png Celtsball and SPQR-icon.png SPQRball, but all of that was about to change when some Angles-icon.png Saxons-icon.png Anglo-Saxons attacked as Western Roman Empire-icon.png SPQRball got weak. Some of the Angles-icon.png Saxons-icon.png Anglo-Saxons formed their own King-icon.png Kingdoms, and one of the Kingdomballs was none other than Mercia-icon.png Kingdom of Merciaball.

Mercia-icon.png Merciaball also had a few sub-kingdoms such as Hwicce-icon.png Hwicceball, Lincolnshire-icon.png Lindseyball, Magonsæteball, Wreocensæteball, and Pecsæteball.

It was also allegedly kebab at one point.

Gallery[edit | edit source]