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    Tianjin Concessionsball

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    Tianjinball is a city of Chinaball. It was divided into eight concessions (plus an unofficial one) from 1860-1947. These concessions never had flags, so they can use a yellow ensign with the flag of the owner in the canton. They born from Qingball and were colonized a lot(like really). Eventually got Anschluss by Chinaball. It served in both world wars has the individual countries were at war with each other.  

    Austro-Hungarian Tientsinball [edit]

    File:Austro-Hungarian Tientsinball.png
    The Austro-Hungarian concession was between 1901-1917. The languages spoken were German, Hungarian, and Chinese. Austro-Hungarian Tientsinball built many beautiful buildings there.

    Belgian Tientsinball [edit]

    The Belgian concession was between 1902-1931 when Belgiumball decided that it wasn't worth the effort to uphold the colony. The language spoken were Dutch, French, and Chinese.

    British Tientsinball [edit]

    File:British Tientsinball.png
    The British concession was between 1860-1943, but Japanball already occupied it in 1941. The language spoken were English and Chinese.

    French Tientsinball [edit]

    The French concession was between 1860-1946. The greatest gift from Franceball was that, that it taught French Tienstinball how to strike and complain. The language spoken were French and Chinese.

    German Tientsinball [edit]

    The German concession was between 1899-1917. Germanyball taught German Tientsinball the most important thing in life; how to brew beer. The language spoken were German and Chinese.

    Italian Tientsinball [edit]

    The Italian concession was between 1901-1947. It was the only colony that wasn't bullied by Japanball during WW2, as they were allies. The language spoken were Italian and Chinese. A funny fact is that China didn't annex it even though Italy lost WW2, it was finally annexed by China in 1947.

    Japanese Tientsinball [edit]

    The Japanese concession was between 1898-1945. The language is spoken where Japanese and Chinese.

    Russian Tientsinball [edit]

    The Russian concession was between 1903-1920. The language spoken were Russian and Chinese.

    American Tientsinball [edit]

    The American concession was unofficial, it was between 1860-1902, which ended into British Tientsinball. The language spoken were English and Chinese.


    Axis Powers - Removings Commies und der Alliierte, 1942 Best Year Ever!
    Tripartite Pact Nazi Germanyball Empire of Japanball Kingdom of Italyball (until 1943)
    Affiliate states Kingdom of Romaniaball Kingdom of Hungaryball Kingdom of Bulgariaball Thailandball Kingdom of Yugoslaviaball (2 days only)
    Co-belligerent states Finlandball Kingdom of Iraqball Soviet Unionball (Invasion of Poland only)
    Tianjin Concession () Tianjin Concessionsball Empire of Japanball Kingdom of Italyball (Until 1943)
    Sieg Heil Mein Führer! Drittes Reich Über Alles!!!
    Occupied territories Nazi Estoniaball Nazi Latviaball Nazi Lithuaniaball Nazi Norwayball General Governmentball Government of National Unityball Ukrainian National Committeeball Belarusian Central Councilball Lokotball Nazi Netherlandsball Nazi Belgium and Northern Franceball Montenegroball (1941-1944) Serbiaball (1941-1944)
    Client and Puppet states Italian Social Republicball Albanian Kingdomball Independent State of Croatiaball Vichy Franceball First Slovak Republicball Greeceball (1941-1944) Quisling regimeball
    Gloriosu Nippon Stronk! 天皇陛下万歳!!!
    Client and Puppet states State of Burmaball Kingdom of Kampucheaball Provisional Government of Republic of Chinaball Reformed Government of the Republic of Chinaball East Hebeiball Great Wayball Azad Hindball Japanese Laosball Mengjiangball Manchukuoball Republic of Nanjingball Second Philippine Republicball Empire of Vietnamball Japanese Taiwanball Japanese KoreaballYamato Yukiharaball Tianjin Concessionsball
    TRAITOR! Pizza "Empire" of Italy
    Puppet and Client states Albanian Kingdomball Monacoball Principality of the Pindusball First Slovak Republicball Independent State of Croatiaball Greeceball (1941-1944) Fascist San Marinoball • Tianjin Concessionsball Italian East Africaball Italian Dalmatiaball Italian governorate of Montenegroball
    Allied Powers - Liberating the World from Germany Tyranny
    World War I UKball Franceball Russian Empireball ( Russian SFSRball) • Kingdom of Italyball British Rajball Empire of Japanball Belgiumball Luxembourgball Kingdom of Serbiaball Kingdom of Greeceball Kingdom of Montenegroball Kingdom of Romaniaball USAball Andorraball Armeniaball Arab Rebelballs • Brazilball Republic of Chinaball Costa Ricaball Mexicoball Republic of Cubaball Czechoslovak Legionballs Emirate of Nejd and Hasaball Guatemalaball Haitiball Hondurasball Liberiaball NepalRawr Nicaraguaball Panamaball Portugalball Siamball Ethiopian Empireball
    World War II UKball USAball Soviet Unionball Republic of Chinaball Franceball ( Free Franceball) • French Indochinaball (from 1940) • Second Polish Republicball ( PR Polandball Canadaball British Ceylonball British Rajball Australiaball Kingdom of Yugoslaviaball ( Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslaviaball) • Kingdom of Greeceball New Zealandball Union of South Africaball Netherlandsball Belgiumball Luxembourgball Norwayball Czechoslovakiaball Ethiopian Empireball Brazilball Mexicoball Guatemalaball El Salvadorball Hondurasball Nicaraguaball Costa Ricaball Panamaball Colombiaball Peruball Commonwealth of the Philippinesball Republic of Cubaball Liberiaball Boliviaball Paraguayball Haitiball Chileball Argentinaball Turkeyball Koreaball Nepalrawr Syriaball Kingdom of Egyptball Dominican Republicball Icelandball Denmarkball Kingdom of Italyball (from 1943) • Kingdom of Iraqball (from 1943) • United States of Venezuelaball Pahlavi Iranball Tsardom of Bulgariaball (from 1944) • Kingdom of Romaniaball (from 1944) • Saudi Arabiaball Finlandball (from 1945) • Mongoliaball Vietnamball (slightly)


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