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    Minas Geraisball is a stateball of Brazilball. It is the child of Trilluminati, and the fourth largest by area in the country. The capital of the state and the largest city of Belo Horizonte is one of the main urban and financial centers of Latin America and is the third largest city in Brazil, after the cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.
    The metropolitan area is the third largest in Brazil with just over 5,500,000 inhabitants, after those of São Pauloball and Rio de Janeiroball. Minas Geraisball is the state with the largest number of Brazilian presidents, especially the followings (Afonso Pena, Venceslau Brás, Delfim Moreira, Arthur Bernardes, Carlos Luz, Juscelino Kubitschek, Pedro Aleixo and Dilma Rousseff) a total of 8 presidents who were born in its clay. It is also known for Diante do Trono, which was based in Belo Horizonte.


    Minas Geraisball born as a 3ball, adopted by Kingdom of Portugalball, Brazilian Empireball and Brazilball.

    It began to be explored for the first time in century XVI, when the  bandeirantes entered the region in search of gold. Its first village was founded in 1711.

    Even with the extraction, Kingdom of Portugalball created rigid ways to collect more taxes on minerals, and made it difficult to develop other activities that could guarantee more income to the province, such as food, tobacco, cotton and sugar exports.

    The neglect of ] Kingdom of Portugalball ended up provoking one of the main anti-colonial movements of the eighteenth century: the Inconfidência Mineira. Inspired by the French Revolution of 1789, several intellectuals, religious leaders, and landowners met with the intention of ridding the state of  Kingdom of Portugalball 's rule. The spread of republican ideals left the Lusitanian monarchy on alert, mainly with the suspicion of conspiracies that threatened the stability of the government.

    In this uprising movement, the leader, Tiradentes, was betrayed and murdered in front of the crowd by hanging on April 21, 1792.

    With the embargoes around the ore, Minas Gerais only managed to stabilize its economy with the commercialization of coffee, which gave gas to the massive investment in transportation and the export of the product to other regions.

    At the beginning of the 20th century, coffee was the main product of the country, making the state become one of the most significant powers (besides São Pauloball).

    After the Republic was established, Minas Geraisball divided its presidency with São Pauloball.


    Minas Gerais likes its pão de queijo (a bread made of cheese), milk, and coffee, especially because of its massive production of these. Like other states, it has its own accent and is known for summing up a few words, and their pronunciation is casually related or confused with countryside pronunciation.



    • São Pauloball - We divided the presidency together during the First Republic. It was my best friend during that period. Still good friends, and it enjoys my cheese bread, but it's not "bolacha", it's "trem", like everything else.
    • Bahiaball - A lot of my population go there during their vacations. Me dá sua praia também, uai!



    • Espirito Santoball - Irrelevant sibling. GIB PRAIA!! I mean, GIB BEACHES!! Like Bahiaball, a lot of my population travel there, but it's because I don't have access to the mar! I still want its beaches!
    • Brasiliaball - It is of corrupt and a money stealer! I'm one of its best employees, but that doesn't change the fact that it is a thief!
    • Triângulotriangle and Minas do Norteball - No No!!, I don't want let you two leave from my clay and become a Stateball!!

     How to draw

    Minas Geraisball is quite simple to draw;

    1. Draw the base circle shape and fill it with white.
    2. Draw a red triangle in the middle.
    3. On the sides of the triangle, write Libertas quae sera tamen, remember that "tamen" will always be on the bottom of the triangle, "libertas" on the left and "quae sera" on the right.


    pt:Minas Geraisball

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