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    Serbia and Montenegroball

    Panslavic-icon.png Serbia and Montenegroball or Federal Republic of Yugoslaviaball or FR Yugoslaviaball is a historical countryball that was legally established after the war in Yugoslavia-icon.png Yugoslaviaball broke out. The other countryballs, Slovenia-icon.png Sloveniaball, Croatia-icon.png Croatiaball, Macedonia-icon.png Macedoniaball, and Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina-icon.png Bosnia and Herzegovinaball all seceded and got into a massive war with each other (Except Macedonia-icon.png North Macedoniaball, which left out peacefully).

    After the Bosnian War, many Serbs in Croatiaball were forced to move out of the countryball and they migrated to FR Yugoslaviaball.

    In 1999, Kosovo War began and both sides were heavily bombed by NATOball... by Uranium. The war got over with FR Yugoslaviaball giving Kosovoball strong autonomy.

    In 2003, the countryball was renamed to Serbia and Montenegroball.

    In 2006, it finally ended and split into 2 countryballs: Serbiaball and Montenegroball.

    Relationships (Until 2000)


    • Russia-icon.png Best Friend - Thank you for protect Kosovo Serbs and I maybe join your union
    • China-icon.png Second Best Friend - Thanks I support you completely. Thanks for the aid
    • Montenegro-icon.png SR Montenegroball - He is the only one who chose stay in this Federation (Until 1998)


    Relationships (Since 2000)





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