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    Territory of Hawaiiball was an organized incorperated territory of USAball from 1900 to 1959. It was located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, between USAball and Japanball, spanning across the Hawaiian Islands. It also included to the south Palmyra Atollball, near present-day Kiribatiball. Today, Palmyra Atollball is it's own territory of USAball.

    Territory of Hawaiiball was known for the Sugarcane industry, specifically in islands like Oahu, Maui, and Kauai. This brought many immigrants all around the world from Philippinesball to Japan, to even Portugalball (Today Hawaiiball is the only state to be majority Asian-American ) Another thing that happened to the territory is Pearl Harbor, where on December 7th, 1941, Empire of Japanball attacked USAballs military base on the island of Oahu, a bit west of Honoluluball in an effort to destroy their naval fleet. This ended up bringing USAball into World War II. Today Hawaiiball makes many monies from bringing Haoles tourists to the memorial for it.

    Personality & Information

    Territory of Hawaiiball is mixed between allegiance to USAball and Kingdom of Hawaiiball, but has found that a fusion works the best. The Hawaiiana Renisance took place in the late 60s and was a revitalization of Hawaiian Culture, where the Ukelele was introduced from Portugalball.

    They are ready to defend Hawaiiball.


    Overthrow and Immigration

    Kingdom of Hawaiiball had existed for quite a while after Kamehameha united all the islands under his reign. American Missionaries had been coming to the islands, mainly from Bostonball because they felt a sense to Christianize the population. Thankfully, they recorded a lot of history from the Hawaiians which is why we know so much about the islands today, but they also destroyed a lot of history doing it.

    Meanwhile, while all of these were happening, Sugar had been introduced to the islands, which was a major cash crop. All these missionaries soon realized this, which attracted more Americans to grow it. This resulted in them buying up all the land and making mass sugar plantations. Taxes from the Kingdom on the plantations were used to go towards the people, but eventually, the Americans wanted more representation in government so that they could bend laws to best suit their interests. When the kingdom declined and created an act to make sure the Hawaiian people would keep their land forever. USAballs were fed up and were able to convince USAball to come and protect their interests, which resulted in Territory of Hawaiiball being created in 1900.

    Sugarcane attracted many immigrants from all over the world, resulting in an influx of cultures and languages, which are still prevalent to this day. Japanball, Philippinesball, Chinaball, Koreaball, and Portugalball flocked to the islands in the era, and invasive plants were introduced to counter pests.

    💣 Pearl Harbor & the Pacific Theater

    See : Attack on Pearl Harbor

    Tensions had been rising between USAball and Empire of Japanball as the japanese wanted USAball to stop from putting sanctions on them and supporting their enemies in wars. USAball wanted Empire of Japanball to stop threatening British Colonies in the Pacific and Commonwealth of the Philippinesball. Empire of Japanball knew that USAball would eventually declare war on them, so they just decided to take out the US Pacific Fleet while they were at it. On December 7th, 1941, Empire of Japanball bombed Pearl Harbor, a fort east of Honoluluball and took out many ships in the process. British Empireball, finding out that their Asian Colonies had been threatened declared war on the Japanese. The US Did so just a day later.

    Honoluluball and really Territory of Hawaiiball as a whole were immensely useful in the Pacific theater as they provided a great place to land and refuel before going off to fight.


    Hawaiiball later gained statehood after a referendum took place, in which 93% of respondents supported statehood. In August 1959, Hawaii gained statehood as the 50th state, excluding Palmyra Atollball



    • Territory of Alaskaball - Mah bruddah up nort. Why so cold brah? But we was both territories of de United States. We blood bruddas, you know? Also dah Buggah invaded yous island, yah? Is all good doe, I get you summa da spam musubi.
    • USAball I dunno, man. Yous was done some pretty bad tings. yous also a haole. Is all good, you know? Cause you was helpin me all wikiwiki from da baggah on oahu in da harbor.
    • Portugalball - Because of you, I can play my 'uke. You rock bruddah!


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