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    No kangaroos in Austria!
    — Unknown Austrian
    Land der Berge, Land am Strome,
    Land der Äcker, Land der Dome,
    Land der Hämmer, zukunftsreich!
    Austriaball beginning to sing its anthem, even though it was completely written by a Serbo-Croat
    Red Bull gives you wings!
    — Red Bull ad voice actor
    I'll be back
    — T-600 played by Arnold Schwarzenegger
    The Golf is better.
    — KuruHS
    Er war Superstar, er war populär
    Er war so exaltiert because er hatte Flair
    Er war ein Virtuose, war 'n Rockidol
    Und alles rief, "Come and rock me Amadeus!"
    Falco singing "Rock Me Amadeus"

    Austriaball (German: Österreichkugel), officially the Republic of Australiaball Austriaball (German: Republik Österreichkugel) is a Terminator federal republic and a landlocked countryball with over 8.8 million people in Central Europe. It is neighboured by Czechiaball and Germanyball to the north, Hungaryball and Slovakiaball to the east, Sloveniaball and Italyball to the south, and Switzerlandball and Liechtensteinball to the west.

    The territory of Austriaball covers 83,879 square kilometres (32,386 sq mi) making it the 113th largest country. Austriaball's terrain is highly mountainous, lying within the Alps; only 32% of its land is below 500 metres (1,640 ft), and its highest point is 3,798 metres (12,461 ft). Austriaball is known for Arnold Schwarzenneger and having a similar name with Australiaball, and because of this, other countryballs often get confused.

    Austriaball also has the 2nd oldest Flag after Scotland

    Austriaball is the sibling of Germanyball. It appears in a fair number of comics, especially when dealing with Europe or comics dealing with psychology due to the fact that Austriaball was the homeland of Sigmund Freud. In the latter, Austriaball refers to itself or is referred to as “Dr. Österreich”. While it mostly specializes in conducting psychological experiments or counseling other countryballs, it is a very multipurpose character, being able to fill the role of any medicinal or educational position. In conclusion, it can into a very good and smart doctor.


    Settled in prehistoric times, the Central European land that is now Austriaball was occupied in pre-Roman times by various Celtic tribes. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the area was taken over by Bavarians, Slavs, and Avars and the majority Celtic population was Germanized, Slavicized, and Avarized. Charlemagne conquered the area in AD 788, encouraged colonization, and introduced Christianity.

    Celtic Kingdom Noricum

    As mentioned above, Celtic tribes settled in the Alps and founded the kingdom Noricum. It was famous for Noric steel and made the best swords in the entire Roman Empire. For this reason it could into peace with Rome for a long time. The Alpine Celts gave weapons to Rome and received military protection from Germaniaball in return. Later on some of its Nori people migrated to Anatolia and founded the Galatiaball. While the Alpine Celts got assimilated by Latin, the Anatolian Celts became Hellenic. Saint Paul visited them and wrote a famous letter. Until the fall of Rome the region was called Austria Romana. The most famous person from Noricum is Saint Severin of Noricum.

    Beginning of Christianity in Austria

    Christianity appeared in Austria in the 2nd century AD, prompting Church organization that can be traced back to the 4th century AD. After the arrival of the Bavarii, Austria became the object of missionary efforts, such as Rupert and Virgil of the Hiberno-Scottish mission. There was no overall coordinated mission, but there were nevertheless sporadic missions initiated by Gaelic monks from Irelandball and the western coast of Scotlandball, which contributed to the spread of Christianity and established monasteries in Britain and continental Europe during the Middle Ages. The earliest recorded Irish mission can be dated to 563 with the foundation of Iona by the Irish monk Saint Columba.

    House of Babenberg (976-1156)

    Babenberg was a noble dynasty of Austrian margraves and dukes. Originally from Bamberg in the Duchy of Franconia, the Babenbergs ruled the imperial Margraviate of Austria from its creation in 976 AD until its elevation to a duchy in 1156, whereafter they were succeeded by the House of Habsburg. All the Babenberg dukes from Leopold V onward were descended from Byzantine emperors — Leopold's mother, Theodora Komnene, being a granddaughter of the Emperor, John II Komnenos. Subsequently, Leopold V's younger son, Leopold VI, also married a Byzantine princess (Theodora Angelina), as did his youngest son (by Theodora), Frederick II, who married Sophia Laskarina. The next dynasty in Austria —the Habsburgs— were originally not descendants of the Babenbergs. The first Habsburg line to be descended from the Babenbergs was the Albertine line. The next Habsburg line to gain Babenberg blood was the Styrian line. The Spanish line was the last Habsburg line to gain Babenberg blood.

    Early Establishment (1156-1804)

    Austria then was reborn as the child of Holy Roman Empireball (Or HRE) in 1156. Austria at the time was known as Duchy of Austriaball. Austriaball loved to pillage and go to war in the name of Holy Roman Empireball. Upon constantly anschlussing into other neighbors it was defeated by the ancestors of its Best Friend, Hungaryball. After such, it suffered from multiple personalities after arguing with Holy Roman Empireball. It soon became the Archduchy of Austriaball. After being a Vassal of Napoleonic France it later changed clothes and became Habsburg Monarchyball in 1804.

    Habsburg Monarchy (1804-1867)

    Austria, under more symptoms of Multiple Personality Disorder, renamed herself to Austrian Empireball. (Officially Kaisertum Österreichkugel) Because it kept anschlussing and enslaving many ethnic lands and cultures Austria constantly was fighting itself. Under Austrian Empireball there were many of these different ethnicities were Bohemian, Slovakian, Italian, Slovenian, Croatian, Bosnian, Hungarian, Polish, Serbian, and Romanians. Austriaball once busted in an affair with Mexican Empireball, and UKball. (No one into care about Mexicoball..) Austriaball eventually became best friends with Kingdom of Hungaryball. Soon Austriaball and Kingdom of Hungaryball fused into the Austrian-Hungarian Empireball. After the signing of the Austro-Hungarian Compromise of 1867.

    Austria-Hungaryball (1867-1918)

    Austria-Hungary was fused in 1867 after the treaty was signed. What was unique about the Empire was that it was blind. It held two different voices and languages, Austrian and Hungarian. Austria-Hungary continued to pillage and anschluss into your local ethnicities. It became friends with German Empireball, Ottoman Empireball, and the Kingdom of Bulgariaball. It was also frenemies with Kingdom of Italyball. Soon the friends (Minus the Sch**ße Italy) formed the Zentralmächte. Or, the Central Powers.

    First Republic (1919 - 1934)

    After losing the First World War Austriaball was once again facing a serious identity crisis. In 1919, Heinrich Lammasch, the last prime minister of Imperial Austria, proposed to give the young republic the name of Norische Republik or Noric Republic, because the ancient borders were similar to those of the new state, which – at the time – did not wish to be considered the heir of the Habsburg monarchy, but an independent, neutral and peaceful state. But this did not work out well and Austriaball ended up in a civil war between fascist Fatherland Front and socialist Republikanischer Schutzbund. The Fatherland Front won but their dictator Engelbert Dollfuss got assassinated by this guy and the First Republic was dead.

    World War II

    Austriaball was anschlussed into the Third Reich and had to live with Nazi Germanyball. The Aryanisation of the wealth of Jewish Austrians started immediately in mid-March with a so-called "wild" (i.e. extra-legal) phase but soon was structured legally and bureaucratically to strip Jewish citizens of any assets they possessed. Nazi Germanyball nicknamed Austriaball "Ostmarkball" until 1942 when it changed its mind and renamed its "Alpen-Donau-Reichsgaueball". Austriaball became neutral in the year 1945 but Austriaball was split into 4 zones of occupation until 1955.

    Second Republic (since 1955)

    Because of the fact that there was armed resistance against Nazi Germanyball Austriaball received its Staatsvertrag from USAball and Soviet Unionball in which it declared everlasting neutrality. Austriaball remains neutral to this day. WE VANT TO BE LEIK SCHWEIZ OR MOLDAU! In 1978, Austria had finished building a nuclear power plant in Zwentendorf, however, because it was controversial, it was put on a referendum and Austria narrowly voted no on using nuclear energy, and thus the plant was never started. Later on, a provision banning the use of nuclear energy was added into Austrian constitution, and to this day, Austria is strongly anti-nuclear energy, and can sometimes kick up a storm over its neighbors Czechiaball and Slovakiaball operating nuclear plants close to its border. She ironically posted a video about its own capital getting nuked. After Russiaball invasion into Ukraineball more and more clays are giving up their neutrality. So far Austria can still into neutral. PLOX come to Vienna and end the war!

    Flag Colors

    Main Colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX Pantone
    Lava 200, 16, 46 C0-M100-Y80-K5 #C8102E 186 C
    White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF N/A


    Freind (Friends)

    • Bavariaball - Mein twin under Deutsch. We have same history, cultures and roots. I would love to unite with you but now du bist Deutsch. Munichball and Viennaball are best city-friends and famous European cities. To be honest, I love you more than my Sibling.
    • Switzerlandball- It is of nurse and best friend of speak Deutsche. I am problem solver for international conflicts and when mein head gets to much psychologically it takes care of me. Also it was inspiration for me to get into neutrality club. Vielen Dank! We can also into events together like 2008 UEFA European Football Championship. Congrats on topping #1 on HDI, btw.
    • Hungaryball - Mein Spouse und Best Friend. Bärchen, Ich love yuo *hugs*. Ich only of fused with dich because dich you be same level with me. If yuo want we can restore ze empire. Can ich join to the V4? You can into official language in Österreich/Ausztria. But darling, why are yuo in  NATOball?
    • Liechtensteinball - Awwwwww... Ist mein cute little sibling... (I COULD JUST ANSCHLUSS YOU! BUT NEIN. Forgive mich, you ist just too cute.) secretly anschluss
    • Sloveniaball - Slavic who wants to be Germanisch. You can also into an official language in Österreich/Avstrija.
    • Austria-Hungaryball- Fusion with Hungary (Fusion HA!)
    • Reichtangle - It is helping me with my neutrality. I (as Austria-Hungaryball) allied with it during WW1. Please don't anschluss me.
    • Gaulball - Sorry for forgetting mein Celtic language called Noric. Maybe Irelandball can help us revive our Celtic heritage? Actually our culture comes my clay.
    • Noriball - Mein past self. Got assimilated by Germaniaball and SPQRball.
    • Hallstattball (culture) - Part of mich who still can into Celtic.
    • Galatiaball - Du bist child of Noricum. Why du became Griechisch?
    • Croatiaball - Other Slavic friend. You can also into official language in Österreich/Austrija. In summer ich can into sea in your clay. And you also don't like Latin Serb. Also Nikola Tesla was born in dein clay and he can into studying with Dr. Österreich.
    • EUball - I am a member of you, also I will terminate anyone who does not listen to Deutchland!
    • Franceball - Mein Freund. Halp me remove kebab plox! But why du stealing mein Croissants? People thought that it is from yuor clay when it is actually mine.
    • NepalRawr - Mountain Sibling. Ich love its mountains and they are quite similar to Switzerland's!
    • Rwandaball - Can of be netural.
    • Maltaball - Can also of be netural and can into island.
    • Germanyball - Mein little Sibling. (May re-unify someday) Poorer but Intercultural version of me.
      • Berlinball - Mein nibling, but you can't steal mein flag!
    • Bosnia and Herzegovinaball - Another Slavic friend! Ivo Andrić can into studying with Dr. Österreich. Even though ich am not big fan of kebab, du bist very friendly kebab (part of dein clay). So ich feel sorry for Srebrenica.
    • Armeniaball - The kebab terrorist who tried to invade mich genocided you and ich feel sad for your suffering. But you formed resistance and can into strike back with Arshavir Shirakian.
    • Arkhangelskball - One day mein spouse and ich were bored, so we went to North Pole. True story HÖHÖHÖ. To this day there is expression in Österreich when somebody wears jacket in summer "Du schaust aus wie ein Nordpolforscher!"
    • Brazilball - Your first Empress comes from my clay and also your flag is related to Australien Österreich. In the imperial flag, the green represented the House of Bragança of Pedro I, the first Emperor of Brazil, while the yellow represented the House of Habsburg of his wife, Empress Maria Leopoldina. You host also people from my clay.
    • Washingtonball - The Primary American version of me.
    • Bulgariaball - Danke for saving mein arsch in WW1. Mehr als genug to consider you a friend.
    • Basqueball - We both like a wearings traditional hats and you are a Spanish Südtirol so I support you. Gib Askatasuna to Basque! Doktor Österreich will help dich to achieve freedom peacefully, don't you worry. Oh, and one more thing, if you come to visit my clay be careful with your national symbol lauburu, some of mein police might not know the difference from forbidden symbol and put you into jail. DANKE for du making Dr. Österreich member of Akademie Euskaltzaindia! ESKERRIK ASKO!
    • Cataloniaball - Honestly you is a bit too much of Soviet fanboy. Why not have republican socialism without becoming Moscow commie puppet state? Thank you for supporting Archduke Charles of Austria.
    • Second Spanish Republicball - You is of real Spain and ich even sent mein people to your civil war to fight Franco. George Orwell was inspiration for my politics when he said "Every line of serious work that I have written since 1936 has been written, directly or indirectly, against totalitarianism and for democratic socialism, as I understand it." Plox come back soon and end monarchy.
    • Utahball - The secondary American version of me.
    • Kurdistanball - You help in removing kebab terrorists. I like you. But warum bist du friend with Serbiaball? It is friend mit Franco... And why are some of dein clays so much into commie? Ich not likings Marxism. Iraqi Kurdistan is dein most normal clay ich habe to say.
    • Malaysiaball - One of its Clay was used to be my colony.
    • Polandball - Happy 100 years old mein kamraden. I thank you for helping me remove kebab back in those days. I toast for your 100 anniversary with Raspberry schnapps! It is also mein spouse's best friend anyway.
    • Argentinaball - South American Version of me, most of my people were diaspora from there.
    • Irelandball - It is of old friend back from Noricum days. It is also of fighting against imperialist occupations and we both like beer which is basis of friendship. Austria can into Celtic, plox remember Noricum. Celtic culture origin is actually from my clay (Hallstatt), so can you plox help me diplomatically to join Celtic League? Danke.
    • Indonesiaball - Wants to gib me back my jet and likes Germanyball for its 3rd President living its Clay. Also a fan of my AUG rifles and Glock pistols
    • Thailandball - A trip to it clay gave me the idea for Red Bull. I gave it credit for its creation and we both hold rights of beverage.
    • Fuggingball - Mein most proud child but with weird name.
    • ​​​​​​ San Marinoball - Du bist oldest republic and ich bin big fan of dein republicanism, not into liking monarchy anymore höhö. Can also into neutral like mich!
    • ​​​​​​ Peruball - Good South American friend, It received many Austro-German settlers during the 19th century and we both have extremely similar flags; and we both are hated on by Australiaball...
    • Greeceball - Turk kebab remover. Also you gibs language for New Testament. Danke! Recently during studies Dr. Österreich has heard that there are translation mistakes from original Ελληνιστική Κοινή to Lingua latina.
    • Norwayball - Of good friend! We founded EFTAball in May 3, 1960 though ich left in 1995 to join EUball, who it hates. Both are Germanic and have a very high HDI!
    • Denmarkball - Danke for LEGO! Is of much fun. Since you are headquarters of Nordics, can you plox tell that ich do not really hate it? Ich just find it stupid to have law to kill Basqueball.
    • Swedenball - We are both of member in EUball, both Germanic but in Anti-Neutrality club. Why join it?
    • Finlandball - Sibling-in-law. Sibling of mein best friend/spouse so it is basically far related family of mein as Scandinavian Magyar. Like Swedenball and myself it is member of EUball... But why did you join Anti-Neutrality?
    • Estoniaball - Haha, you is a so cute little sibling of mein spouse and their sibling. PS: Plox, tell potato flag stealer to change flag if you meet it.
    • Japanball - Ich like your Nintendo, Playstation, Pokemon and Anime. Du can into neutral like mich and habs amazing technology.
    • Montenegroball - Much interesting clay for the research of Dr. Österreich. Since Balkan always into fightings du bist essential for stability in the region. Milo Đukanović said that Gavrilo Princip was a terrorist, not a hero. HVALA for that. Croatiaball told mich that du bist actually a Red Croat of Orthodox Faith. Much interesting. If Serbiaball keeps anschlussing dich, ich will help dich.
    • Albaniaball - Du bist friend of my spouse and very nice kebab (part of dein clay), so also mein friend. Ich have its people in mein clay, just like mein sibling. Dr. Österreich invented scientific field of Albanology with Norbert Jokl. But ICH WILL NEVER FORGIVE THIS ALBANIAN TERRORIST! Also, ich into recognizing Serbian Albanian Südtirol so... And you can into Albanian Andreas Hofer with Adem Jashari. Respect!
    • Kosovoball - You are Albanian Südtirol. Every occupied clay is XY Südtirol, plox take no offence, it is just pragmatic way of seeing ze welt from Austria. If terrorist bullies you ich will help dich. Ich supported you, why du mich nicht support for Südtirol in Italien?
    • Israelcube - Sorry for the past, but ich hope we can go well along today. Also one of the first countries to recognize you and don't (really) support Palestineball. But plox stop killing each other, why not into one democratic state solution or other peaceful agreement? Also stoppings it with the "settlements", THEY OF ILLEGAL UNDER INTERNATIONAL LAW. Oh, und one of mein dukes fought in dein clay und discovered mein present-day flagge with his bluht. REMOVE LIKUD...
    • West Bankball - Du bist part of Palästina who can into friend with mich and (mostly) friendly with Israel. Secretly HAMAS REMOVER... Can into constructive dialogue with Israelcube. Du habs Bruno Kreisky street in dein clay, makings Österreich much proud negotiator. To be honest, I will soon recognize you, I will protect you from NATO!

    Neitral (Neutral)

    • USAball - A UKball's child. It puppeted me after WW2 and then let me independent in 1955. We were enemies, but now good friends. But, it always confuses my flag as communist flag. This is not what you think! Whatever, I'm neutral and I'm not going to join Anti-Neutrality.
    • Russiaball - Just because I have a hammer and sickle on flag does not mean that I am under Soviet control. Thank you for supporting my neutrality by providing me with Staatsvertrag. Plox gibs back Crimea to Ukraine...
    • Crimeaball - Look, Ich understand that you wanted to be Russia's clay, but I'm sorry, i have to recognize you as Ukraine's clay. Also plox stop calling other countries' city as other countries' clay. Like for example, you called Bavariaball (which is Germanyball's clay) as Mein clay just because it's culture and it's language is similar to me right? You need to stop doing that. I think yuo have a brain tumor just like Kashmirball's. Looks like Ich have to tell Russiaball to remove the tumor so your disease can be stopped.
    • Ottoman Empireball - He tried to take Vienna, but after that we’re good.
    • Palestineball - Mein people mostly like you, but REMOVE HAMAS. Cannot put fully into friend because Israelcube will call mich of antisemitic. Ich don't recognize you (yet), but remove Hamas and we can into friends. Thank you for respecting of my neutrality. Why so aggressive with BDS movement, why not into more peaceful ODS movement? Also please treat Palestinian Christians with respect, not everybody is of kebab in your clay, ok?
    • Iraqi Kurdistanball - Of all Kurdistans ich like dich am besten. WHY ARE YOUR SIBLINGS SO MUCH COMMIE? I put them into enemy because the PKK is active in mein clay and it is verboten!
    • Yugoslaviaball - Although it was of commie it was fighting against Soviet Imperialism. During times of Cold War when there was Eiserner Vorhang between East and West we kept open border because it was also into neutrality like me.
    •  UKball (except for  Englandball) - Mein Cousin. But Why did yuo gib mein name to your child? And also I am not a big fan of your occupation of mein Celtic cousin.
    • Northern Irelandball - Du bist Irisch Südtirol. Dein imperialist Vater is of occupyings mein keltischen Bruder. No more bombings in Belfast, now plox go home into Irland, danke. Is not about religion conflict, is about stealing land.
    • Turkeyball- what's wrong with mich waving Israelcube's flag? Aber as much zat ich hate to say it, yuo helped mich und mein parent in WW1. Ve could remove Serbia, together but... Y U NO GIBS FREEDOMS TO ISIS remover?!?!?
    • Serbiaball - It's my biological sibling which I appreciate, but its ancestor killed mein Kaiser, Ich bin still angry because of zat, but ve still get along very gut but stop being friend with Spainball. You are a hypocrite in this because you still celebrate Gavrilo Princip as a national hero while you call Basques and Catalans terrorists. But hey, we both hate the warmonger and we are in the neutral alliance. And one more thing: PLOX leave Kosovoball alone, or ich will help it.
    • Vojvodinaball - Hungarian Südtirol who got brainwashed and now it thinks it is Serbian. Gyere haza a férjemhez!
    • Vaticanball - Traditionally you have influenced my culture, but nowadays my people are annoyed because of pedo scandals and they are leaving you. I hope we can still live in peace.
    • Jamaicaball - You are quite tolerated in mein clay but we don't trust you because you seem to be hypocritical.
    • Chinaball - Ich bin neutral with dich. Are mein buildings in Tianjinball still standing?
    • Taiwanball - Same as with your sibling. Ich cannot talk much about dich because mein social credit is already bad because of supporting this guy.
    • Ugandaball - Your why are you geh video is funny, I have to admit. But plox be nicer to LGBTball.
    • Haitiball - He also hates Napoleon. Du bist black Andreas Hofer! You is of real BLM. Wait, du not like Italyball as well?
    • Czechiaball - Franz Kafka was Austrian, not Tschechisch! He wrote in German and Prag was part of Austria during his days. Other than that we can into good beer and friendship.
    • Ukraineball - Ich feel sorry for your civilians and they are welcome in mein clay. Why you banned all opposition party and say you fight for democracy? Ich want neutrality in mein clay. And you cannot into EUball, du bist number one on Panama Papers in corruption, sorry.
    • Khazariacube - Du bist very interesting clay for research. Mein husband wanted to study with Dr. Österreich because he wanted to know if du bist cube or ball. Then he wrote controversial book about dich. Ich hope du bist not mad at mich because of that.
    • North Koreaball - Ich bin neutral in Korea, but plox stop it with your nukes. And also WHY YOU PERSECUTE PEOPLE BECAUSE THEY BELIEVE IN Jesus? Das ist nicht gut! When you want peace talks with your sibling you are welcome in Vienna.
    • South Koreaball - Same like with your sibling. You have democracy, but you seem to be puppet. Also why you hate socialism? Is not of same thing as communism. Plox understand difference. Maybe united Korea can into neutrality?
    • Soviet Unionball - Is of difficult with dich... Du helped mich into neutral which is reason why ich still respect dein child. And plox respect that ich also want into trade with USAball.
    • NATOball - Same as with Soviet Unionball, thank you for helping me with neutrality and we can also into partnership for peace but it won't leave me alone because of mein neutrality. Why du not pressure Switzerlandball as well? Also why du pretend NATOball and EUball ist of same thing? Irelandball and Maltaball are not in your war group either. Leave us alone, plox.
    • UNball - You say you are all about peace, how come you persecute unarmed peace activists then? Very hypocritical. I used to like you and even have your buildings in mein clay, but recently you behave suspiciously... What is this?
    • Earthball - Nowadays ich am trying to be good countryball with renewable energy, anti-nuclear politics, good human rights.
    • 4ball (Middle Eastern) - Dr. Österreich is doings of more study research, so ich habe of question. Is you Shem, the son of Noah? Can you help mich make peace between your children and ?
    • 1ball and 2ball - Also for researching purpose, is you two of Japheth, the other son of Noah?
    • 8ball - Plox stop calling mein spouse and mich of racist, we just not like BLM because they is of Marxist, we can into love and respect for Africa. Ask it, we can into makings peace in Holy Land. anyway mich also researched you, is you Ham, who is also another son of Noah?
    • Italyball (Usually) - We’re usually good friends, as they like our pretzels and pizza. But come on. Südtirol should have been of mein.

    Feind (Enemies)

    • Kingdom of Serbiaball - Today ich get along with your son. But YOU are the worst terrorist in history. You wanted to destroy our marriage by assassination, but love was stronger than your hate and we can still into marriage. Besides that, YOU started Zionism and now this guy still blames mich because of Herzl. Even this cube says that it was YOUR IDEA!!! REMOVE CHETNIK!!! WORST NIGHTMARE!!! LIARS AND TERRORISTS!!! You created such a mess and ich get blamed for it. But ich will make peace and expose all of your evil LIES!!! GO AWAY CHETNIK!!!
    • ISIS - NOOOOOOO!! THE WORST DAY THAN 1683! MY PEOPLE WERE SCARED AND ICH HABE VIER DEAD PEOPLE!! 2 November 2020 NEVER FORGET!!! You is of fake kebab! Nobody likes you, not even Iranball.
    • Turkish Kurdistanball - Fake Kurdistan imposter. Soviet puppet projects. You did remove Daesh (ISIS) ich gibs you that, but still you is of Marxist and ist of verboten in mein clay. Why are not normal like your Iraqi brothers and sisters?
    • Italyball (sometimes) - GIB SÜDTIROL BACK, ZEHRE ARE MOSTLY LIVING AUSTRIANS! ALSO YOU ARE A TRAITOR AND YOU INSULTED ME IN YOUR NATIONAL ANTHEM! Is of clay thief! Pay debts to Deutschland! I don't care if you're friends with it! OR ELSE YOU WILL BE TERMINATED! LAST TIME, GIB ME SÜDTIROL NOW!!! AND MY GOAL IN EURO CUP 2021 WAS NOT OFFSIDE, SCREW YOU 2-1! But we can still be friends.
    • Gazaball - Du bist reason why ich cannot put Palestineball into friends. Stop jihad and enter the dialogue. You cannot stop Zionism with Jihad, you need to talk with Zionist. BUT JIHAD IS NOT AN ANSWER TO THIS PROBLEM!!!
    • Israelcube - Israel ist mein friend, but you illegal settlers ich cannot support. You are part of the reason why there is no peace. Du bist ILLEGAL under international law!!!
    • First French Empireball - Stupid Napoleon. But Andreas Hofer can into fight back! Ach, wie schießt ihr schlecht...
    • Spainball - Du bist a Franco-loving monarchy. Gibs freedom to Baskenland and Katalonien plox. Ich can into supportings them just like Südtirol. But you can into lovely beaches... maybe you can into readings George Orwell and bring back republicanism?
    • Big Brother - Why you censor everybody and everything because of "hate speech"? Look, EUball gives us freedom of speech! Truth is hate to those who hate the truth.
    • Libyan Arab Jamahiriyaball - How dare du hate mein Sibling!!
    • SPQRball - First you killed my beloved ancestor Gaulball. Now my Celtic language is dead and it child Irelandball has to live in exile far away from Hallstatt. You also made it illegal for my people to read the Holy Bible in their local language with the help of Vaticanball. And on top of that you also killed Jesus Christ! Ich bin so happy Sibling's ancestor killed you, ahahahaha!
    • Kingdom of Prussiaball - Mein worst nightmare, TERMINATE! Saupreißn...
    • Indiaball - Stop sexualising mein society with yoga. And also remove Swastika!
    • Englandball - Freaking Scheiße who hates mein spouse!! THEY NEVER HURT YOU!
    • Antwerpenball - ANOTHER THIEF!!!
    • Leuvenball - Just like Antwerpenball you are yet an another Belgian flag stealer!!!
    • Georgiaball (state) - You are trying to hide the fact that you stole mein flag with an eye patch but ich can still see it!
    • French Polynesiaball - SO MANY THIEFS!!!
    • Santa Catarinaball - HAB YOU NO FLAGS OF YOUR OWN???
    • CSAball - 1. You stole mein flag. 2. You hate . 3. You like . REMOVE! Not all Africans support BLM, you know? Because is not about colour, is about Marxism.
    • Adolf Hitler - You're a disgrace to all the entire Austrians und mein history. REMOVE! But I Always Comeback..
    • Icelandball - You had a law to kill Basqueball... Spainball wants to kill it too and it can into much interesting culture which Dr. Österreich can study, so it needs to survive.


    The Austrian states, neighbours ( Italyball, Germanyball, Switzerlandball, Liechtensteinball, Czechiaball, Slovakiaball, Hungaryball Sloveniaball) and Croatiaball.

    Austria is divided into nine states, which it likes to call its Bundesländer, or, in Austrian German, Bundäsläinda. The states are divided into districts. Currently, there are 94 districts, 79 districts headed by district commissions and 15 statutory cities in Austria.

    List of the States

    • Burgenlandball - Austria's youngest and easternmost state. Not Burgerland lol
    • Carinthiaball - The southernmost state. It has the highest mountain in Austria, Grossglockner, which is in height of 3797 m (12435 ft) and half of it is shared with Tyrolball. It is not a Slovenian or Italian, even though there is Slovenian speaking minority in this region. It has lots of ski resorts.
    • Lower Austriaball - The northernmost state, which has lots of various caves. Vienna used to be its capital before it became own stateball.
    • Salzburgball - The Central Austrian state where Mozart was from. The Salzburg city's historic center is UNESCO Heritage Site.
    • Styriaball - The state half of Slovenia belonged to once. It loves pumpkins, hats and folk music. USAball thinks it is Syriaball. Arnold Schwarzenegger is from here.
    • Tyrolball - True folk music lover; it created Konis Hupen, Scheiwidei, its own patriotic song and many others. It is very mountainous state and is known for the traditional form of mural art called Lüftlmalerei.
    • Upper Austriaball - It is located in the same latitude as Lower Austriaball. It likes to play the harmonica and has got a village called Fugging. Also, Hitler was born there.
    • Viennaball - The capital and smallest state of Austria. Man bringe den Spritzwein.
    • Vorarlbergball - The westernmost Austrian state. It is the second smallest state and the only Alemannic German speaking one.
    • South Tyrolball - Not a state but it's Austriaball's child living in Italyballs clay. It is the richest state of Italy and mountainous like Tyrolball.
    • Bavariaball - It's actually a state of Austria since 1574. In the German historic museum of Berlin there was found a historic beermat. On the back there was the agreement written. It was written by Albrecht V.
    • Sloveniaball - It used to be part of Austria and together we can into access to sea. We like them and they like us. One day we will reunite... it is still of Austrian state but they can into independence because they remain loyal to us anyways. Ljubim te!


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