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    If Virginia is for lovers then why is it named after the virgin queen?
    Come down today and try some corn, or we will sacrifice your newborn.
    — -Slimecicle

    East Virginiaball is a State located on the east coast of America, stationed in the mid-atlantic, in well, the Virginias Region. It shares three borders to the north and one in the east along with a maratime border with Marylandball, which includes, the Eastern Shore, East Potomac , and the West Potomac. In the west, it shares a border with The Ultimate Redneck West Virginiaball, which strattles the Appalachian Mountains. In the far Southwest Cornner of Virginia, you can find the border with ANOTHER TRAITOR Kentuckyball. Go south from there and you'll reach the Virginia-Tennessee Border which is mostly a straight line and cuts the town of Bristol in half, just like Panamaball. Then, once you go east from there, you'll reach Nort Kakalaki, which extends three miles offshore. Borders with enteties that are not states include the border with DCball which is only accross the Potomac River up north.

    Virginiaball's Nation Guard is partnerd with Tajikistanball.

    Another weird thing is that most of Virginiaballs cities are independent, meaning they aren't part of a county. The only other states with independent cities are Missouriball with St. Louisball and neighboring Marylandball with Baltimoreball. Virginia is proud of this, but it makes for some really weird election maps. Not to mention, but Virginiaball is a Commonwealth (what a fancy word), Which bassicly means they think they're elevated above all the rest of USAball just like Kentuckyball, Pennsylvaniaball, and Massachusettsball. I would hate to be like those poor peasants It's really just the same as a state.


    Virginiaball is as of now, going through an identity crisis and therefore is mixed between a southern personality and nothern personality. For sure however, Virginia brags about history and is also very liberal. It has a strong attitude towards itself.


    Virginiaball is full of virginity, love, lovers, historicalness, tourism, traffic, Not Very Good Flags development, and an active identity crisis.

    Southern Virginia is known for leaning more politicly and culturally towards the south, while Northern Virginia is bassicly just Washington DC suburbs. An identity crisis has caused Virginiaball to essentially split into two diffrent cultures. Also, Virginia forgot that the Civil War has ended, and to this day they are still sick over it. Though the capital of the Confederate States was in Richmondball ( Virginia's present day capital), Virginia is actually much more culturally different from what is considered southern culture- (Other than Southern Virginia- South VA not real VA!)

    Virginiaball is one of the states with the highest number of 8balls. He also has the CIA. The CIAball lives in northern Virginiaball and looks over West Virginiaball.


    Native American Establishment

    12,000 years ago... the first 1ball's arrived in Virginia around 12,000 years ago. 7,000 years later, these balls built Native civilizations in several tribes of 3ball. Present day Virginiaball was acttually decently diverse in Native Americans. To the west you had some Siouxballs. In the North, you had Iroquois Confederacyball, and in the east, near the Chesapeke Bay, you had Powhatanball, which got decently powerful after in 1570, a new Cheif was elected to defend against other Tribes thretaning their trading network.

    History of Virginiaball

    Colonization & British America

    In the 1500's, Spanish Empireball tried to explore the Chesapeke Bay, so that they could convert the Virginia Natives to Catholicism, but they ended up settling in Saint Augustineball (Which now claims to be the oldest city in Virginia). Fast forward a couple years later, when Kingdom of Englandball found out that their ą̵̗̖͍̪̗̹͍̀̉̋̾ ̵̛̝̠͇̺͉̜̣̝͐̂̋͛́̒̾͠b̶̨͙͔̭̹͙̜̰̏͝ ̸̢̧̰̳̲͕̝̗̇̋̏̾ȏ̷͎̣̮̗̭͖̳͆̋͌̔́͊͋͂ͅ ̵̢̧̞̦̼͈̱̕m̵̡̦̠̞̻̱̫̝͊͐̎͂͌̕ ̶̭͇̿͌͝i̸̦̱̟̪͐̊̊̉́̓̓̕͠͝ ̸̧̞͂̅͜n̵͉̩͕͍̜̍̚̚ ̴̢̠̠̩͕̲̫̓̌͋͊͐͊̍̏̚͠ȃ̶̢̛̯͕̠͇͉̲̥̽̾́͊ͅ ̸̨̟̱̈́͒͂͐͋͠ţ̷͒͛̈́͌̈̈́̓̀ ̶̝̞͎̜̥̈̒͑ ̵̖̳̙͙̭͍̗͚̗̈́ỉ̶̧̩̲̥̣̙͔̪̤̍͒̓̉̿̂͘͘ͅ ̷͔͋̈́̏͝ö̷̧͎͎̺̜̣́ ̷̜͈̲͍̖̆͊̕͝n̵̲̭̱̞͙̫̣͑̍̇͑̀̾͗͝͠ didn't really do too well, they sent an expedition in 1607 to combat Spanish Expansion in the Carribean. This settlement ended up being Jamestownball. Though he had his troubles (ie. almost starving to death, having something to do with 🥓bacon and starting Slavery, he was able to succeed after Kingdom of Englandball realized that 🌿tobbaco grew really well in Jamestownball. The colonies were able to expand, and eventually Colony of Virginiaball was established, with it's capital at Williamsburgball. Fast forward the clock even more, and eventually Colony of Virginiaball became part of Thirteen Coloniesball.

    American Revolution

    The American Revolution brought bloodshead to Virginiaball. After taxes had been imposed because British Empireball need to pay of taxes from the French and Indian War. They ended up taxing the Colonies, and war broke out after Massawhatever threw some 🫖tea into the Boston Harbor. During the war, Colony of Virginiaball was actually a decent suckup to British Empireball, so there wasn't that much fighting, except in parts of Virginia where there was LOTS of fighting. Infact,the Brits surrenderd at Yorktownball, a town near Hampton Roadsball

    Statehood and Immigration

    During the American Revolution, Virginiaball had changed their capital from Willamsburgball to Richmondball due to fear that Williamsburgball could easily be attacked by the British. Not to mention, but now that the British were gone, Virginia was free to expand westward. Virginiaball is now known as the Mother of States, because they brithed states like Kentuckyball, which got it's independence and statehood in 1792. Marylandball and Virginiaball both gave up territory in 1790 to create the District of Columbia, now known as Washington DCball, which sits accross the River from Virginia. However, in 1846, Virginiaball was able to take back their land that was formerly in DCball, which today, is known as Arlington Countyball. Another importiant thing that was happening were German immmigrants coming down from Pennsylvaniaball, using the Great Wagon Road that lead through the Shennendoah Valley, down south to Ronokeball, which eventually crossed the Cumberland Gap into Kentuckyball.

    Civil War

    The number of Slaves in Virginiaball was at record highs, but that also ment multiple rebellions taking place, like Nat Turner Rebellion. This led Virginiaball to get scared and started recommending that Free African Americans migrate to Liberiaball. They also banned any new Slaves from coming from Africa.
    In 1859, a certain man by the name of John Brown (who had just come from reeking havoc in Kansas Territoryball in a proccess known as Bleeding Kansas, he raided Harpers Ferry, in present day West Virginiaball trying to free the slaves and cause a rebellion. It did not go as intended and he ended up being executed. This caused Virginiaball to get more scared of a possible insurrection.
    However, that would not happen as in 1861, Virginiaball chose to succede from the United States, creating Confederate Virginiaball. Acouple days later Richmondball was declared the capital of CSAball. Confederate Militias marched up north to northwestern states to quell rebellions as the northwest part was very 🚫 Anti Slavery. This would lead these areas to start the Wheeling Convention.

    The First Battle between troops happened close to DCball in Northern Virginia. This was called the battle of Manasas (or Battle of Bull Run) and was a Confederate Victory, reminding Lincoln that this wouldn't be an easy war. Eventually after that, the Peninsula War took place, in which infamous (key word infamous) general George McLellan was mere miles from Richmondball but refused to go in for a fight and ended up being pushed out of the peninsula. During this time, West Virginiaball officially succeded from Virginiaball and CSAball to join USAball as the 35th state in the union. However, back to the civil war, USAball and CSAball both started using ironclads, specifically in the Hampton Roads Area. This was pretty big for the time. Fortunatley, the war ended at Appamattox and Virginiaball was aloud to join the union - just not after..


    After CSAball surrenderd at Appamattox Court House, the south was divided into five Military Districts. Virginiaball was one of them, and Confederate Virginiaball became First Military Districtball, and was ruled entierly by USAball's Military to 1868. To become a state again, had to hold a Constitutional Convention, adopt a new State Constitution and accept the 14th Amendment which essentially said that Former Slaves were free. Virginiaball was a state again, but they still had problems. They had gotten into major debt from the American Civil War where USAball had destroyed most of their infastructure. However, one famous political party who united blacks and whites among a cause of building back Virginia was able to give some of the debt to the newley formed West Virginiaball

    Richmondball after the Civil War

    Present Day & Charlottesville File:Charlottesville-icon.png

    On September 11th, 2001, Al-Qaedaball (a terrorist organization) hijacked a plane headed from DCball to Californiaball and flew it straight into CIA's Pentagon in Northern Virginia. This was coordenated along with three other attacks with two in New York Cityball and one that crashed in Pennsylvaniaball, but could've been heading to Virginiaball.

    in August 12, 2017 White Supremacists marched on File:Charlottesville-icon.png Charlottesvilleball shouting sayings like 'Jews will not replace us. They eventually attacked counter-protesters, and one rammed many people with a car, killing one protester, and also shaming "white supremacists", for bringing violence to its protest. File:Charlottesville-icon.png Charlottesville ball has healed from this encounter and debatebly has only gotten stronger. However, a couple years later in 2020, a Black Man named George Floyd was killed in Minneapolisball, resulting in protests all accross USAball, especially in Richmondball, where Confederate Statues still ran rampant, and one in particiular was famousey taken down due to action of protesters.

    In early 2023, an alien started flying over USAball. (It was acctually a Chinese Spy Balloon). Chinaball told USAball and Canadaball it was an 'offwind civillian weather balloon'. Eventually it started flying over southwest Virginiaball and North Carolinaball. These Governments had to beg citizens not to try to shoot it down only in Virginia as they would end up killing somebody else.


    Positive Relationships

    • Marylandball - Probably my best friend up North of me. We both love us some good Chesapeake Crab Cakes, but his mountains aren't as beautiful as mine. We're both part of the DMV and both of us GRACIOUSLY gave up some territory to from DCball. (I kind of got my land back) I border Marylandball on the Potomac and on my eastern shore, which we still kind of have a dispute over. They're bassicly Crabs for all I care, and Maryland can have them. Not to mention, but that goofy gobblers state has the weirdest shape. Our relationship kind of declined after I pronounced it [Marry - Land], but I think that's over, right?
    • North Carolinaball - This youtuber south of me. He acts really weird but has a lot of money, so I'm not too mad, either. I guess I can't say that without talking about NoVa. Anyway, we're probably pretty good friends other than that. He could change his Politics, though. Also he doesn't do his BBQ the right way, which is Vinegar style. He does his with 🍅tomatoe- EWWWW! Did you know those things used to be considerd poisinous??! I still dont touch those things...
    • Rhode Islandball - thanks for letting Cleveland Brown get his own show set in my state.
    • USAball - Awesome Father! I'm one of his original 13 children. "Good Morning, U.S.A./ I got a feeling that it's gonna be/ A wonderful day..."
    • Bermudatriangle - Best friend! I want to annex you into me!
    • Franceball - Thanks for putting ships in Norfolk! Also I have a lot of Frenchballs in the DC and Richmond areas.
    • Chinaball - Many of your people live here! But please stop threntening usa
    • Tajikistanball - My National Guard was partnered with you in 2003! Some of our landscapes are the same, but I do have a shore. ToughGood luck carying Kazakhstanbrick everywhere. I know what it's like to care for a disabled individual, there's a little pest individual that thinks it owns the world up north of me, that I constantly have to deal with it. We're so relatable!


    • Indiaball - I have Indianballs on my clay, but STOP YOUR COMPUTER HAS A VIRUS!
    • UKball - Grandfather.
    • DCball - Snobby little politician that stole clay from both me AND Marylandball (Though I did steal my land back- teehee). Seems to be on fire about every other week from just pure debates and arguments. Everyone in NoVa is loyal to HIM as well, but all the tall buildings are on my side of the river because of one of his old snoozy laws. Yippie!


    • West Virginiaball - Coal Pervert & Full Time Hilbillie. Why was the toothbrush invented in West Virginia? Because otherwise it would be called the teethbrush. Why wasn't Jesus born in West Virginia? Because there aren't any WISE MEN. I'll keep unloading jokes on this Banjohead until he admits that I'm called the Old Dominion for a reason. Besides, he has the most boring ass name, and I go more west than him. NOT TO MENTION TOO but John Denver was singing about ME in his song as he mentions the Shenandoah River and Blue Ridge Mountains. The Closest this Unintelligible Hilbillie will get to those structures is looking over his side of the Alleghanies. Is the Grass greener on the other side of the fence? Hell no.
    • Chadball - You better not make that diggidydagnabbity joke again, buster, or I'll send you off to a free, in the dark experience stay in Luray Caverns.
    • Kentuckyball - Soooo, we have a rough history. Used to be part of the great Virginian Empire, but seceded because it couldn't comprehend the greatness of Virginia. It's got some nice music though, which I'll give credit for. However, I may or may not of tried to feed them to OhioRawr after they became rich off of throwing procceced chicken in a bucket and calling it a day. Could it have been jealousy? No, never ever could I ever feel jealous of Kentucky for crying out loud. One more thing however, one of their cities, Lexingtonball is an obnoxious little freak (I have theorirized it's gotten high on KFC) and always makes fun of Virginia Beachball for being older than it is. I have yet to teach it a lesson.
    • Tennesseeball - So listen, you may say I have too many issues with other states, but I can explain this one. First of all, Tennis ball has wrong Political beliefs, and votes red most of the time. You may say, But Virginiaball, you used to be red too, and even used to hold the Capital of CSAball!!. Well, let me tell you, I am a changed state now, and I will vote blue always! ALSO NOT TO MENTION, but Tennis Ball believes that they invented country music, which they most certainly did not. Whatever makes you feel like you have more tourists that the great old dominion!!
    • Delawareball - This state would be fairly high on my list of friends if it were not for the fact of how IGNORANT it is. Delawareball believes that it is part of the DMV, but I believe it's pretty obvious it's NOT as the DMV refers to NoVa. I mean, you do kind of gotta feel bad for the thing, because what else does it have going on for itself other than being the first state and low taxes. And yes, I refer to Delawareball as it because I don't believe it's importiant enough to be given actual pronouns. I also have one of the highest tourist rates in the country, being number six, while DellyMcDodo is number 36, behind New Mexicoball. Suck it up buttercup!
    • New Jerseyball -
    • New Yorkball -


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