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    Second French Empireball

    The Second French Empireball was a historic stateball in France-icon.png Franceball was a colonial empire led by the French nation during the 19th century to act as the restoration of the previous Napoleonic-icon.png First French Empireball. It was established in 1852 by Napoleon III succeeding the previous France-icon.png French Second Republicball and would establish a colonial empire across the world until it was defeated in 1871 by German Empire-icon.png North German Confederationball led by Kingdom of Prussia-icon.png Kingdom of Prussiaball in the Franco-Prussian War.

    History[edit | edit source]

    Second French Empireball was established during the era of New Imperialism which saw British Empire-icon.png British Empireball Spanish Empire-icon.png Spanish Empireball, and Kingdom of Portugal-icon.png Kingdom of Portugalball were expanding their empires and establishing various colonies all over the world. Second French Empireball began expanding as a means of restoring French imperial power and influence on the world stage ever since Franceball lost it during the Napoleonic Wars in 1815.

    Across its eastern border, however, the German states of former HRE-icon.png Holy Roman Empireball were being slowly reunited and falling under the influence of the Kingdom of Prussia-icon.png Kingdom of Prussiaball which lead to the formation of the Nazi-icon (1933-35).png North German Confederationball and expanded its clay across the German lands. By 1870, tensions rose enough to the point where war broke out and the Franco-Prussian War kicked off. A year later, Prussiaball captured Napoleon III and the empire collapsed and was succeeded by France-icon.png French Third Republicball who had wanted to forever dissolve all formes of monarchy for a more stable France.

    Relations[edit | edit source]

    Friends[edit | edit source]

    Neutral[edit | edit source]

    • CSA-icon.png CSAball - Je wanted to support him in his War of Northern Aggression, also mon king said "a war without allies would be useless" but unfortunately the USA-icon.png Union said that if I supported yuo, he would declare war on me, am sorry for not helping yuo!
    • USA-icon.png USAball - Why did yuo kick me out of Mexico-icon.png Mexico? We are still of friends though.

    Enemies[edit | edit source]

    Gallery[edit | edit source]

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