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    Ilkhanateball feels Ill was a Mongol state and a khanate that lasted from 1256-1335. He was the greatest kebab remover until he became a kebab himself, he was removed by rebels. He failed to invade Arabian peninsula because of Mamlukball, the greatest kebab defender of the time.




    • Yuan-icon.png Yuanball - Youngest brother. We're not the best of friends but we teamed up with against Chagataiball.


    • Golden Horde-icon.png Golden Hordeball - My oldest brother that is more annoying than that Chagatai! You made me ill by throwing infected bodies on my people!!!
    • Chagatai Khanate-icon.png Chagatai Khanateball - Dumb brother who challenge war against me and lost! Hehe!
    • Mamluk-icon.png Mamlukball - My SOON to being slaves! How dare you try to protect Abbasid-icon.png Abbasidball's clay?!
    • Abbasid-icon.png Abbasidball - He didn't pay tribute to my father, so I was about to anschluss his clay until Mamluk-icon.png kebab defender had stolen it! I sacked his "Baghdad" atleast.

    How to Draw

    1. draw a circle
    2. color it yellow
    3. draw a red square at the middle
    4. draw eyes and your finished


    Turkmen-icon.png Türkmenistan The Land That Rules by a Dictator Turkmen-icon.png
    District Turkmen carpet1.gif Ashgabat-icon.png AshgabatballTurkmen-icon (division).png AhalballTurkmen-icon (division).png BalkanballTurkmen-icon (division).png DaşoguzballTurkmen-icon (division).png LebapballTurkmen-icon (division).png Maryball
    Former Entities Turkmen carpet2.gif

    Turkmen carpet3.gif Turkmen carpet4.gif Turkmen carpet5.gif

    2-icon.png Migrants from South (Steppe Peoples)Bukhar Khudahs-icon.png Bukhar KhudahballPrincipality of Farghana-icon.png Principality of FarghanaballSamanid Empire-icon.png Samanid EmpireballGhaznavid Empire-icon.png Ghaznavid EmpireballSeljuk-icon.png Seljuk EmpireballGhurid Dynasty-icon.png Ghurid DynastyballAbbasid-icon.png AbbasidballQara Khitai-icon.png Qara KhitaiballKhwarazmian dynasty-icon.png Khwarazmian dynastyballChagatai Khanate-icon.png Chagatai KhanateballMongol Empire-icon.png Mongol EmpireballIlkhanate-icon.png IlkhanateballKurt dynasty-icon.png Kurt dynastyballTimurid Empire-icon.png Timurid EmpireballKhanate of Bukhara-icon.png Khanate of BukharaballSafavid-icon.png Safavid dynastyballEmirate of Bukhara-icon.png Emirate of BukharaballAfsharid dynasty-icon.png Afsharid dynastyballKhanate of Khiva-icon.png Khanate of KhivaballRussia-icon.png Russian TurkestanballTurkestan ASSR-icon.png Turkestan ASSRballKhorezm SSR-icon.png Khorezm SSRballTurkmen SSR-icon.png Turkmen SSRball
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