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    سر زد از افق مهر خاوران,
    Iran-icon.png Iranball beginning to sing its National Anthem
    Only God; the exalted; is light, everything else is darkness.
    — Ayatollah Khomeini
    Iranball, officially the Islamic Republic of Iranball, formerly known as Persiaball (In the Western World) is running the true leader of Islam a countryball in the Middle East. It is bordered by Armenia-icon.png Armeniaball, Azerbaijan-icon.png Azerbaijanball, and Turkmen-icon.png Turkmenistanball to the North along with the Caspian Sea, the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman to the South, Iraq-icon.png Iraqball and Turkey-icon.png Turkeyball to the West, and Afghanistan-icon.png Afghanistanball and Pakistan-icon.png Pakistanball to the East. The country is divided into 31 provinces, including its capital Tehran-icon.png Tehranball located in the North Central region, giving it a total area of 1.648 million square kilometers, making it the 17th largest country in the world. As of 2019, it has a population of about 82.12 million.

    Being a high-oil producing Kebab-majority countryball in the Middle East already gives it the ability to join ECO-icon.png ECOball, OIC-icon.png OICball, and OPEC-icon.png OPECball, as well as the UN-icon.png UNball although it is considering leaving.

    Iranball is a religious country. Many countryballs feel uneasy because of their nuclear program. Though considered oppressive by opponents, it is an extremely organized countryball. While it does act aggressive, it is mainly due to the fact that many countries used to mess with its land, economy, and government and still do (Talking to you USA-icon.png USAball).

    Its birthday (National Day) is on April 1. Other celebrations it likes is Nowruz (March 21st) and Oil Nationalization Day (March 20th).

    Iranball is not Semitic, even though it uses the Arabic alphabet.


    Ancient Persiaball

    Ancient Iran was inhabited by ancient western 4balls and 2balls, the latter of which contributed Eurasian steppe ancestry and Indo-Iranian language and culture to the local population. Iranball grew up as Zoroastrianism-icon.png Medesball which conquered Urartu-icon.png Urartuball but failed to attack 2-icon (division).png Lydiaball.

    Rule of Cyrus

    When its child Achaemenid-icon.png Achaemenidball. Achaemenid-icon.png Achaemenidball could into very strong, conquering places like 2-icon (division).png Anatolia, Assyria-icon.png Assyria, Ancient Egypt-icon.png Egypt, and much more. Achaemenid-icon.png Achaemenidball was known for respecting the Israel-icon.png Jewcubes and for being a stronk dynasty. Eventually, Macedon-icon.png Macedonball took it down.

    Greek settlement


    Parthia and Sassanids


    The rise of Islam

    Islam was brought to Iranball from Arab conquests in 650 AD and is very important to Iranians. Iranballs, unlike many of their neighbors, hold on very strongly to their pre-Islamic roots and achievements; sentiments of nationalism are apparent throughout Iranian history and in the everyday conversations of Iran.

    Invasion by the Mongol empire and the Timurid, and shortly after

    The Mongol invasion took place between 1219 and 1221, as troops of the Mongol Empireball invaded Central Asia. The campaign, which followed the annexation of the Qara Khitai khanate, saw widespread devastation, including numerous war crimes, and marked the completion of the Mongol conquest of Central Asia.

    Conversion to Shia Islam: from the Safavids to the Qajars

    But something unprecedented started in the northwest (present-day Republic of Azerbaijanball): A Shia religious group called Safaviyya was expanding from there. Eventually, it became the countryball that is called Safavidball. It was a Shia countryball, but unlike previous Shia countryballs in Persia, it started to enforce the conversion to Shia Islam, which means that Iranball became a Shia countryball starting from this period. It was an event that changed the Muslim world forever.


    Modern, Secular Iranball


    The Islamic revolution and present-day Iranball




    • Islamic Republic of Afghanistan-icon.png Islamic Republic of Afghanistanball - My best little sibling! I'm really sad they're gone now. They relied on USA-icon.png burger king for so long they betrayed them, left to die to that Taliban-icon.png Shia killing terrorist (again)! I should had done something. I should had supported the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan-icon.png Panjshir Resistanceball while you are still alive. Still, yuo are gone. I'm sorry. Mashallah you should come back soon, and we'll eat tahdig rice and pomegranates together again!
    • Algeria-icon.png Algeriaball - You are after Iraq and Syria the 3rd true Arab Friend (and maybe 5th influential ally!). We both hate Morocco-icon.png Moroccoball
    • Armenia-icon.png Armeniaball - Many Armenians living in my clay, we love each other, because we hate Azerbaijan-icon.png Azerbaijanball and love Russia-icon.png Russiaball. We also share a similar culture and long history.
    • Azerbaijan-icon.png Azerbaijanball (Sometimes) - When some people decide to be nice and seek partnership with me and have people move to my clay for traveling. And also when it and Armenia can into peace. Very cultural and historical to my land during ancient times. It was once mine... as we share similar genetics and we are both Shia (but why so irreligious)
    • Bangladesh-icon.png Bangladeshball - Good friend and trade partner. Both we like India-icon.png Indiaball.
    • Burundi-icon.png Burundiball - New Anti-Imperialist Friend. But they like burger again, so they left our anti-imperialist alliance.
    • Brunei-icon.png Bruneiball - Another Sunni sibling who is really friendly with me.
    • Belarus-icon.png] Belarusball - Like Russia, only smaller.
    • Bolivia-icon.png Boliviaball - The anti-imperialists are making a comeback again.
    • China-icon.png Chinaball - We are trade partners and helping me with sanctions, buying major oil. I trade a lot of my Oil in exchange for prosperity. We both have a secret relationship. Iran can into SCO. Of course, I support you on the Huawei crisis! Go ahead and do anything to piss America off. I can't wait! But maybe slow down when Biden takes Presidency so we can normalize relations with the world. But stop bullying my cousin.
    • Cuba-icon.png Cubaball - It is a friend of Russia, and it is also a good friend to me.
    • Eritrea-icon.png Eritreaball - We get along and its president has visited plenty of times. We have on USA-icon.png Common Enemy but I have a question.... why are you friends with Israel-icon.png Little Satan.
    • Ethiopia-icon.png Ethiopiaball - We have great history and cultural similarities. But the most important thing is: WE SURVIVED WORLD WAR II! We also like Western Sahara-icon.png Western Saharaball.
    • Eurasian Union-icon.png Eurasian Unionball and CSTO-icon.png CSTOball - Might join yuo guys.
    • Iceland-icon.png Icelandball - Best western country ever! I love LazyTown! But why do you support LGBT-icon.png Haram?
    • India-icon.png Indiaball - Historical neighbor. I rented elephants at any medieval war from it. Buys a lot of oil and made me rich and is also very supportive. But why yuo of vote against my nuclear program? But also a friend of damn USA-icon.png PIG! and Israel-icon.png SATAN JR.!
    • Indonesia-icon.png Indonesiaball - Best Sunni Sibling. It used to support me when I'm in troubles, and it also (sorta) hates Saudi Arabia-icon.png Saudi Arabiaball because it's lying about that 300 Trillion Rupiah...
    • Iraq-icon.png Iraqball - Name stealer and my puppet We used to be enemies and there was a dispute over Shatt al-Arab waterways but after Saddam was overthrown, we became good friends. One of your generals got assassinated too? Don't worry, we will end that USA-icon.png capitalist pig!
    • Kazakh-icon.png Kazakhbrick, Uzbek-icon.png Uzbekistanball, and Kyrgyz-icon.png Kyrgyzstanball - Turkic Friends and Trading Partners! Long live my Central Asian buddies.
    • Kuwait-icon.png Kuwaitball - My best gulf buddy! We get along well and there are my immigrants coming to your country for jobs and monies. Also we both hate Saddam-icon.png that asshole.
    • Lebanon-icon.png Lebanonball - Anti-Israel ally. I also love Beirut foods like Falafel. Let me control you with Hezbollah damnit!
    • Gaddafi Libya-icon.png Libyan Arab Jamahiriyaball - It was my first freind I made after the 1979 revolution, and it helped me during the Iran-Iraq war. Also he hates USA-icon.png Corrupt Imperialist Warlord too! Shame they killed him. Miss you Gaddafi.
    • Nicaragua-icon.png Nicaraguaball - Central American Friend.
    • North Korea-icon.png North Koreaball - My Anti-burger friend. It also did not want into Rothschild banks. I hope you are not trying to destroy the world. I consider you a real Korea. North Korea Best Korea!!
    • Oman-icon.png Omanball - I like it, even though it is a monarchy it is one of the only Gulf States to get along with me.
    • Pakistan-icon.png Pakistanball - We both support Palestine-icon.png Palestinian independence from Israel-icon.png Israelcube. I am also the first country to recognize it as a sovereign nation. It's the first to be called the "Islamic Republic", but I respect it. But why do you hate my friends Armenia-icon.png Armeniaball and India-icon.png Indiaball and recognize the Kosovo-icon.png Zionist Satan's puppet?
    • Palestine-icon.png Palestineball - Poor countryball. Don't worry, you will be free soon and we will destroy Israel-icon.png Satan Jr. together.
    • Philippines-icon.png Philippinesball - You are friends of that burger. I once hated you, but I appreciate the fact that you know better not to be in ties with it. We will get along fine, but you have to destroy ISIS filth in your country and I might give info. Thanks for supporting my Nuclear Program back in 2008.
    • Poland-icon.png Polandball - I feel so bad for you, cause you were always invaded by other countries. You are not the only one, that was invaded so much. I was also invaded from other countries for example from Soviet Union and the UK. I also saved its people during WW2 and I did open a Polish school for Polish children. Have a very good 100th birthday my Slavic friend.
    • Qatar-icon.png Qatarball - Even tho you forgave Saudi Arabia-icon.png Saudi Arabiaball, we are still friends.
    • Russia-icon.png Russiaball - We both are enemies of USA-icon.png USAball. We do protect Armenia-icon.png Armenia from Turkey-icon.png Azerbaijan-icon.png Evil Kebabs. We two hate NATO-icon.png NATO. Russia, I really enjoyed the World Cup you held. I mean, I'm going to train a lot for the next games here in the Middle East (Qatar 2022), I hope to meet you again 4 years from now.
    • Serbia-icon.png Serbiaball - Even though it removes kebab, its origins of Serbs living in its clay came from my clay! It also dislikes Turkey and America too, so I like them.
    • Sudan-icon.png Sudanball - Thanks for becoming friends again. It also supports my buddy Russia. But why did yuo attack Houthis?
    • Syria-icon.png Syriaball - Is of good anti-imperialist friend, we both hate USA-icon.png Satan, Israel-icon.png Satan Jr. and Saudi Arabia-icon.png Their puppet. I help it against FSA-icon.png parasite. You are a part of my influential empire too!
    • Tajik-icon.png Tajikistanball - It is of Iranian just like me despite not bordering me and using a different writing system. We are siblings!
    • Turkmen-icon.png Turkmenistanball - My sibling! When it is nice to me :D
    • Venezuela-icon.png Venezuelaball - We two are of biggest exporters of Oil. We both hate this USA-icon.png PIG. Also Best South American Friend. But I'm not socialist like it.
    • Vietnam-icon.png Vietnamball - Good Trading partner and Friend.
    • Western Sahara-icon.png Western Saharaball - I recognize you and support you and Algeria-icon.png Algeriaball against Morocco-icon.png Moroccoball!


    • Brazil-icon.png Brazilball - Trade partner, I buy a lot of meat from it. But remove Bolsonaro, he is a Zionist flame patriot who wants to cut ties with me.
    • Canada-icon.png Canadaball - We now have normal relations. One day... We will be friends.. I'm sorry for everything. I will remove you from enemies. Yuo also have EletroBOOM living in yuor clay.
    • Cambodia-icon.png Cambodiaball - We actually get along together but I defeated you 14-0 HAHAHA!!!!
    • Turkey-icon.png Turkeyball - It is okay, cause we both hate Saudi Arabia and Kurdistan, but stop bullying Armenia with Azerbaijan. You must apologize for the genocide you did on Armenians! Thank you for Turkish Youtuber Emre Durmuş, he did a video about me.
    • Egypt-icon.png Egyptball - We are neutral on each other, we both have a rich history but it is not the biggest fan of me but it supports me at the UN and is thinking about rebuilding ties with me.
    • France-icon.png Franceball - I'm happy to send good oil to you and me to take Car Brands Peugeot, Citroën and Renault from you, thanks for keeping Ayatollah Khomeini when the Pahlavi Iran-icon.png Western puppet Shah exiled it but you are too friendly with USA-icon.png Great Satan. Plus you supported Ba'athist Iraq-icon.png Saddam Hussein in the 1980-88 war! So be careful! You're also a hypocrite you traitor. You support this terrorist Mujahedin who is against me. STOP SUPPORTING THEM!! You also colonized and did genocide on Algeria-icon.png Algerians and banned women wearing niqaab in public!
    • Greece-icon.png Greeceball - NEVER FORGET WHAT YOU BARBARIANS DID TO MY GLORIOUS EMPIRE!!! However in modern times you are considered an ok friend.
    • Myanmar-icon.png Myanmarball - I used to like you because we are both anti-burger and we are allies of Russia-icon.png Russiaball and China-icon.png Chinaball. But you are Persecuting the Rohingyas, you dangerous b***h, so watch it!
    • Japan-icon.png Japanball - I actually like you because I enjoyed watching your anime! Please gib more ANIMES plox. But, you're just friend with Great Satan I don't mind anyways. We both have ancient monarchies before republic and history.
    • South Korea-icon.png South Koreaball - Thanks to make Tehran-icon.png Teheran road in Seoul-icon.png Seoul. BUT I STILL support and love North Korea. AND WHY DO YOU BAN ME FROM USING MOBILE PHONES IN THE OLYMPICS?
    • South Ossetia-icon.png Iranic sibling whom I didn't know existed right next to Russia South Ossetiaball - Although we mutually both like Russiaball, and then it wanted its allies to recognize you and your Abkhazia-icon.png friend, but one of my former foreign affairs ambassadors said his government cannot into recognizings you but he can into supportings your self-determination in your conflict with Georgia-icon.png Gurgestan because it could cause more conflicts in my clay other than East Kurdistan-icon.png this fucker here. So thanks for the offer but no thanks.
    • Artsakh-icon.png Artsakhball - Same as South Ossetiaball above but we also both love Armeniaball, the reason why I can't recognize you is because my South Azerbaijan-icon.png Azeri population will be mad at me and my current Imam is also an Azeri.


    • Pahlavi Iran-icon.png Pahlavi Iranball - YOU OF THE WORST! YOU PERSECUTED IRANIANS WITH THE HELP OF USA-icon.png AMERICA AND Israel-icon.png ISRAEL! AND YOU EVEN LET UK-icon.png BRITAIN EXPLOITING OUR OIL!! DID I ALSO NOT FORGET ABOUT THE COUP OF 1953?! I’M GLAD THAT I FINALLY KILLED YOU FOR GOOD IN 1979, BURN IN HELL!! DOWN WITH MONARCHY!! LONG LIVE THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC!! But we have Ba'athist Iraq-icon.png Soviet-icon.png Saudi Arabia-icon.png common enemies.
    • USA-icon.png The Great Satan - YOUR GOVERNMENT IS SHIT!! YOU ALWAYS CALL ME A TERRORIST AND SAY I HAVE NUKES, YOU HAVE NO PROOF!!! Thus you have more than five thousand nuclear weapons! You fight in Iraq-icon.png Iraqball, Pakistan-icon.png Pakistanball, and Syria-icon.png Syriaball and lol you always finish our work when we are victorious in battles like Iraq-icon.png Iraqball and ISIS-icon.png ISIS! And don't you think I forget the time that You intentionally shot down my Airbus A300!!! Then we are the terrorists!!?? Also fuck off, no matter what president you got I will still hate you!! However we both hate radical ISIS-icon.png jihadist scum and your people are fine, but hey thank you for protecting me from Soviet-icon.png communist
    • Ba'athist Iraq-icon.png Ba'athist Iraqball - This menace failed to anschluss me in 1980, and Murica-icon.png USAball helped it by giving it weapons. Burn in hell Saddam Hussein, evil pig and Shia killer. Even Pahlavi Iran-icon.png my parent hates you! ALSO HOW DARE YOU INVADE Kuwait-icon.png KUWAIT YOU FUCKING SHIT!! I SUPPORT Murica-icon.png GREAT SATAN AGAINST YOU IN 1991!!!
    • Bahrain-icon.png Bahrainball - YOU BELONG TO ME LOSER!!! NOT INDEPENDENT!!! REMOVE BADER AL SAFAR!!!
    • Saudi Arabia-icon.png Saudi Arabiaball - You fucking scum. If you ever cross my border with your taste of Wahhabism-icon.png Wahhabism, I will nuke your sad capital city of Riyadh, and you will not see the next daylight. Achaemenid-icon (tangle).png CAPICHE?! Achaemenid-icon (tangle).png
    • UAE-icon.png UAEball - You have fake ice skiing, fake history, and most importantly a puppet of Saudi Arabia-icon.png THIS RAT! Screw you my natural beauty is better than yours!
    • Azerbaijan-icon.png Azerbaijanball - When some idiots decide to be a jerk and bully Armenia-icon.pngArmenia. AND NO I HISTORICALLY CONTROLLED ITS LAND NOT OTTOMANS! What? What are yuo doing with Israel-icon.png THE LITTLE SATAN! Stop being so nice to it... And South Azerbaijan-icon.png South Azerbaijanball is mine. Also why did yuo host a gay parade named Eurovision in 2012?? I tried my best to stop that without telling yuo, but I regret because yuo became closer friends with Satanic cube because of that.
    • Cameroon-icon.png Cameroonball - Dumb Palestine bullier!
    • Djibouti-icon.png Djiboutiball - You broke ties with me! Come back here you little Somalia!
    • Estonia-icon.png Estoniaball - Yuo also hate me because I'm friends with Russia-icon.png Russiaball? Also, I know yuo are Hungary-icon.png racist's sibling, so that gave me a reason to hate yuo, but yuo hated Soviet-icon.png Lesser Satan but NO MATTER! ALSO, I'M SORRY I SHOT DOWN Ukraine-icon.png yuor friends airplane okay?!
    • Hungary-icon.png Hungaryball - Take some Refugees you dumb racist, meanwhile I have over 4 Million Refugees who needs a safe place, also, FLAG STEALER!!!
    • Israel-icon.png Satan Jr. Israelcube - Don't forget that our Shah Cyrus the Great helped you Jews out of captivity in Babylon. You heard right, we always treated you guys right, we don't hate Jews, I even had a Hebrew Queen on Old Persian Days, BUT CAN'T YOU JUST STOP BEING A DAMN SCUM???? I will never talk to you, justice must be done. YOU KILLED MY NUCLEAR SCIENTIST!!! I could make an entire essay about why yuo suck!
    • Kosovo-icon.png Kosovoball - YOU ARE FAKE AND YOU ARE A GODDAMN NATO PUPPET! So you now recognized Israel-icon.png Zionist and moved your embassy to Jerusalem-icon.png Jerusalemcube! Well then go to fucking hell!
    • Kurdistan-icon.png Kurdistanball - You may be Iranic just like me but STOP TRYING TO CAUSE ALL THESE SEPARATIST MOVEMENTS!! WE MUST UNITE UNDER THE BANNER OF ISLAM!!
    • Morocco-icon.png Moroccoball - Free Western Sahara!
    • NATO-icon.png NATOball - Stop threating me and Russia you stupid terrorist Organization, who don't know what peace is! They never follow that stupid treaty, anyway! Also stop bombing Syrian civilians and Hospitals dumbass. And why don't you fight against ISIS?? Are you scared or what??
    • Somalia-icon.png Somaliaball - This ball thinks it can fuck me, but he can forget it. Their country is almost totally destroyed and I've heard they are the poorest country. STOP DESTROYING MY SHIPS YOU PIRATE LOVERS OR I WILL ATTACK yuo. Though it hates the USA-icon.png satan it is also the puppet of the Saudi Arabia-icon.png THE OIL DRINKER and it is basically a terrorist so... I hate yuo.
    • Soviet-icon.png The Great Satan 2.0 Lesser Satan - YUO SUCK ATHEIST SCUM! I WILL COLLAB WITH USA-icon.png USAball AGAINST YUO IN YUOR WAR!
    • UK-icon.png UKball - Stupid imperialist, will you ever stop being a little sh*t? >:( Wait yuo like my poetry?
    • Austria-icon.png Austriaball - Oh look, a puppet of USA wants to improve relations with me... Who the f*** do you think you are that wants to improve relationships with me you hypocrite? When you were a part of Nazi Germany you helped to gas Jews and apologized to Israel years later! But In the 80s you supported Saddam Hussein with chemical weapons to gas me but you didn't apologize to me? What's wrong with you? Stay away from me you damn hypocrite and go improve your relationship with Israel and Iraq.
      • Austria-icon.png Austriaball - Look, ich am not of USA-icon.png USAball puppet. Ich am not even in NATO-icon.png NATOball because ich want to remain neutral. Currently my politicians are mostly hypocrites, yes. However, in past Bruno Kreisky did a lot of peace negotiations with Palestine-icon.png Palestineball and he even has a street named after him in Palestine. Do you even know how difficult it is for me? If I support Israel-icon.png Israelcube the world calls me a zionist and if I support Palestine-icon.png Palestineball the world calls me a nazi. Yes, ich caused two world wars, but nowadays ich can into Dr. Österreich for peace. Also you are welcome in Vienna for nuclear agreement discussions.
    • Turkmen-icon.png Turkmenistanball (sometimes) - My sibling! SOMETIMES When he is NOT NICE TO me... >:(
    • 🐷 Pork - WORSE THAN ALCOHOL!
    • 🃏 Gambling - This board game is not allowed in Islam, YOU CAN’T EARN MONEY FROM GAMES??!!

    Flag Colors

    The Flag of Iran is a horizontal tricolor with the colors green, white, and red.

    Main Colors

    The green stands for culture growth, happiness, unity, nature, and the Persian language. White stands for freedom, and the red stands for the blood of those who fought for their country. The pattern on both the green and red strips, are actually the worlds 'allahu akbar' (God is the greatest, but not in a jihadist way), written 11 times on each side, making it 22 times repeated to represent the 22nd of the month of Bahman in the Iranian calendar, which landed on the 11th of February 1979 (Iranian revolution).

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Douban Green 35, 159, 64 C78-M0-Y60-K38 #239F40
    White 255, 255, 255 C0-M0-Y0-K0 #FFFFFF
    Rosso Corsa 218, 0, 0 0, 100, 100, 15 #DA0000

    Emblem Colors

    The emblem may look like a sword with a bunch of crescents around it, but in reality, they are really letters forming an overlapping monogram of the Shahada, the declaration of Islam stating there is no god except Allah.

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Rosso Corsa 218, 0, 0 0, 100, 100, 15 #DA0000


    • Tehran-icon.png Tehranball - My spectacular capital city and biggest City of Iran and the world. This is what a real City should look like.
    • South Azerbaijan-icon.png South Azerbaijanball - A lot of Azerbaijanis and Turks live here. From this place here are come the best carpets. Ali Khamenei, my Imam is of this ethnicity.
    • Iran-icon (division).png Khuzestanball - I think you are the hottest place in world, right?
    • Iran-icon (division).png Semnanball - It accepts that I can test missiles in its desserts.
    • Iran-icon (division).png Qomball - Our holy place of Mosques and Russia-icon.png Russiaball did buy its Airport for 2.8 Mio Euro, that's nice because you've earned some money.
    • Iran-icon (division).png Ardabilball - I call it Iranian Siberia, because it is one of the coldest place in Iran.
    • Iran-icon (division).png Kermanball - A lot fruits come from here. Pls do more fruits and food for me.
    • Iran-icon (division).png Kermanshahball - Our most important oil refinery is there. So pls be careful of that ISIS-icon.png Haram Terrorists that they not can stealing it.
    • Iran-icon (division).png Hormozgānball - You are My second favourite Province (after Tehranball) because your beaches are beautyful and the Cities especially Bandar Abbas and Kish Island.
    • Iran-icon (division).png Hamadanball - Its Military Base is one of our Important Base, because me and Russia-icon.png Russiaball fly from there to bomb those ISIS-icon.png ISISball pigs.
    • Iran-icon (division).png Farsball - Another spectacular City of Iran after Isfahan, Mashhad and Teheran.
    • Iran-icon (division).png Bushehrball - My Industrial and important Province for Trade. There is also Our Atomic factory that Israel-icon.png Israelcube planned to attacked it, but never did it, because it have no balls to attacking it...
    • Iran-icon (division).png Ilamball - Thank yuo for protecting my Border to Iraq and the Cities from those ISIS-icon.png ISISball Terrorist Pigs.
    • Iran-icon (division).png Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmadball - I don't have so much contact with it. But btw why do you choose so a hard name??!! Kohgu-Kigugh-Kohguluieh... A dammit.
    • Iran-icon (division).png Yazdball - How should I call you?! Dschast? Iast?
    • Iran-icon (division).png Zanjanball - Nothing Special, but it produces a lot of Bread and Wheat, do more for me pls.
    • Iran-icon (division).png Golestanball - My Turkmenistan, You have also a beautyful Nature.


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