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    Ostrogothic Kingdom-icon.png Ostrogothic Kingdomball was an ancestorball of Italy-icon.png Italyball.

    History[edit | edit source]

    Ostrogothic Kingdom-icon.png Ostrogothsball was born after Goths-icon.png Gothsball migrated to Scythia-icon.png Oiumball around 200, then they subjugated Visigothic Kingdom-icon.png Visigothsball, Sarmatians-icon.png Sarmatiansball, Slavs-icon.png Slavsball and some Balts-icon.png Baltsball, but were defeated by Hun-icon.png Hunnic Empireball, with help of North Ossetia–Alania-icon.png Alaniaball.

    Unlike Visigothic Kingdom-icon.png Visigothsball, most Ostrogothic Kingdom-icon.png Ostrogothballs stayed inside Hun-icon.png Hunball, though they did migrate to Pannonia-icon.png Pannoniaball shortly after it was conquered by Hun-icon.png Hunball.

    Ostrogothic Kingdom-icon.png Ostrogothsball then became independent after the Battle of Nedao, Ostrogothic Kingdom-icon.png Ostrogothsball then defeated many other Germania-icon.png Germaniaballs at the battle of Bolia in 469, after some time they started to raid Byzantine-icon.png Byzantineball.

    In 488 Ostrogothic Kingdom-icon.png Ostrogothsball and Byzantine-icon.png Byzantineball agreed in an agreement that would make Ostrogothic Kingdom-icon.png Ostrogothsball conquer Kingdom of Odoacer-icon.png Italyball, and fully conquered it in 493.

    In 523 it reached it's maximum territorial extent, with it's ruler being regent of Visigothic Kingdom-icon.png Visigothic Kingdomball and having hegemony over Cross of Burgundy-icon.png Burgundyball and Vandal Kingdom-icon.png Vandal Kingdomball.

    After the death of it's first ruler it began to fall, but it only started to die when the queen-regnant as killed by her cousin, starting the Gothic War of 535, when Byzantine-icon.png Byzantineball declared war.

    Byzantine-icon.png Byzantineball was initially successful, but it was temporarily stopped between 541 and 551, but then Byzantine-icon.png Byzantineball killed Ostrogothic Kingdom-icon.png Ostrogothsball in 553, though in 568 Kingdom of the Lombards-icon.png Lombardsball invaded.

    Relationships[edit | edit source]

    Friends[edit | edit source]

    Neutral[edit | edit source]

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    Gallery[edit | edit source]

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