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    Paraíbaball is a stateball of Brazil-icon.png Brazilball. It is located in the Brazilian Northeast, and it is bordered by Rio Grande do Norte-icon.png Rio Grande do Norteball to the north, Ceara-icon.png Cearáball to the west, Pernambuco-icon.png Pernambucoball to the south and the Atlantic Ocean to the east. Paraíbaball is the third most densely populated state of the Northeast; João Pessoaball, the sea-bordered state capital, and Campina Grandeball, in the interior, rank among the fifteen-largest municipalities in the Northeast of Brazil.

    History[edit | edit source]

    Paraíbaball born as a 3ball, adopted by Kingdom of Portugalball, Brazilian Empireball and Brazilball.

    In the mid-16th century, settlers from Spain-icon.png Spainball and Portugal-icon.png Portugalball, Olinda and Itamaracá founded Filipéia de Nossa Senhora das Neves (today João Pessoaball) at the mouth of the Paraíba do Norte River.

    The area soon proved perfect for sugar production, with the France-icon.png French, the Netherlands-icon.png Dutch and the Portugal-icon.png Portuguese all constantly fighting to control the Paraíbaball region to grow the lucrative sugarcane in. The fortress of Santa Catarina-icon.png Santa Catarinaball, near João Pessoaball, was built to protect the city from the Netherlands-icon.png Dutch, who soon became a threat to Portuguese supremacy in Brazil-icon.png Brazil. After the fight, Paraíba and his  brother were adopted by the Dutch  as Mauritsstad  and Frederikstadt , they worked for the Dutch Republic for around 30 years until Papa  finally kicked him out of Brazil's clay. On the next years he would be constantly annexed and un-annexed by his brother but in the 1800s he would finally become his own state (or province during that time).

    He joined his brother on his rebellion from  Brazil that was called Confederação do Equador, but in the end the rebellion was a huge failure and his brother  lost 80% of his clay as a punishment, after that the boy became more focused on literature and studies and became one of the most advanced states of the Brazilian northeast, he is also famous for being the most eastern point of the Americas, with the sun rising first on his clay.

    Many famous artist of Brazil came from him, wich make him a very talented ball. 

    Relationships[edit | edit source]

    Friends[edit | edit source]

    • Ceara-icon.png Cearáball: Brother.Other states likes his jokes and everyone says that he's really funny,and i couldn't agree more.He is as talented as me!
    • Rio Grande do Norte-icon.png Rio Grande do Norteball: Another "irmão".
    • Alagoas-icon.png Alagoasball: They were part of Pernambuco. They have some beautiful praias.
    • Pernambuco-icon.png Pernambucoball: I was part of him.I can't belive his IDH is higher than me!Anyways,i like to hear his forró songs.

    Enemies[edit | edit source]

    • Distrito Federal (Brasil)-icon.png Brasiliaball: Why i wouldn't hate him?Everyone else hates him! but thanks for the bolsa familia and for giving me monies.

    Images[edit | edit source]

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