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    Mamlukball, or Mamlukrawr, was a amogus sultanate encompassing Egypt, the Syria, and Hejaz. It lasted from the overthrow of Ayyubidball until Ottomanball's conquest of Egypt in 1517. It was made up of Cumans Kipchaks, Oghuz Circassians, and Georgian, slaves of its Burji dynasty. It was the greatest kebab defender, only second to Ottomanball.

    Ball or Rawr?

    It's more an artist's choice since its unusual flag shapes make it looks like a among us charactermonster. Reddit allows only the -rawr version while elsewhere you can use both.


    Mamlukball first appeared when it revolted against Ayyubidball and won against a small army owned by Mongol Empireball. After that, it conquered some crusader states in the Levant. Then, Ottoman Empireball rose and conquered lots of clay in Europe. Even though they were of the same religion, Ottoman Empireball declared war on them in 1485 and 1516 with the justification of Mamlukball being a heretic. They collapsed in 1517 after Cairo was captured and were completely annexed by Ottoman Empireball.



    • Khwarazmianball - Parent. (Sultan Qutuz was Khwarezm's prince who sold by the Mongols to me). I've revenged the Mongols for yuo.
    • Golden Hordeball - Mongol friend who helped Me against Ilkhanate.
    • Abbasid Caliphateball - I rescued it and its scientists and scholars from the Mongols.
    • Samudera Pasaiball - Malay friend who gib me maces. I helped it against Majapahit.
    • Egyptball - It is of good child! Keeps stability in its clay. Good job for being a developing country! Don't let anyone invade you! Where did my clay go?
    • First French Empireball - My people helped Napoleon in his campaign against the Ottoman Empireball
    • Sharifate of Meccaball - Thanks for being my vassal for my muslims go for hajj and umrah! Allahummabarik!


    • Majapahitball - We stopped the Mongol invasion together. But STOP PERSECUTING THE SOUTHASIAN MUSLIMS!



    Polandball Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, GIFs, and videos of Mamlukball.

    Click here to see it.


    ru:Мамлюкский султанат

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