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    Orkneyball is an island countryball located in the Atlantic Ocean. Orkney is known for its beautiful sights. He also likes fighting with other countryballs. Orkney enjoys hanging out with the Nordic balls like Denmark and Iceland. He admires them all.

    Orkneyball enjoys a friendly rivalry with  Shetlandball and the pair frequently compete against each other in sports and cooking. Orkneyball like his close friend Shetlandball has considered moving away from  Scotlandball though not to the same extent as  Shetlandball.


    In 872 Kingdom of Norwayball invaded the Southern Isles where Pictsball lived. Because of this the island became culturally Norse-speaking. Later Kingdom of Norwayball in 1471 gave the island to the Kingdom of Scotlandball for money (Scotland never paid btw)



    •  Shetlandball
    •  UKball
    •  Norwayball - My parent and biological father. one day he made a deal to give Scotland custody over me but never got the money. Still love him though.
    •  Scotlandball (usually) - We don't mind staying with yuo, but don't try governing us through a devolution plox.

    Mixed Feelings

    • Scotlandball (sometimes) - Orkneyball has had some arguments with Scotlandball but this has not badly affected his relationship with Scotlandball so far.


    • Germanyball (formerly) - He has been enemies with Germanyball in the past as Germanyball, in 1919 scuttled his navy that was being held in the port 'Scapa Flow' on order of UKball, thus ruining the nice view of all the ships that Orkneyball had been enjoying.
    •  Ålandball - Is of flag stealer but it says it isn't.


    BLANDA UPP!!! Nordics STRONK! Long Live Kalmar!
    Countries Denmarkball ( Faroeball Greenlandball) • Estoniaball Finlandball ( Ålandball)• Icelandball Norwayball ( Svalbardball) • Swedenball • ( Gotlandball Ladoniaball) • ( Orkneyball Shetlandball)
    Historic entities Kalmar Unionball Sweden-Norwayball Denmark-Norwayball
    Cannot into Nordic Estoniaball Latviaball Lithuaniaball
    _ There is no evidence that Vikings wore horns on their helmets; this would have been highly impractical in battle. In fact, the image of Vikings wearing horned helmets stems from the scenography of an 1876 production of the Der Ring des Nibelungen opera cycle by Richard Wagner.
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