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    Champaball, Champaball Kingdom, or Kingdom of Champaball (192-1832) was a collection of independent Cham kingdomballs and polities that extended across the coast of what is today central and southern Vietnam-icon.png Vietnamball. The ball was born in 192 AD and officially ended in 1832

    Chamballs are an Austronesian ethnic group that are Champaball's modern remnants as one of Vietnamball's ethnic minorities.

    History[edit | edit source]

    A descendant of 7-icon.png 7balls. Prior to 7th century AD Champaball was known by Chinaball as kingdom of Linyiball, after Chamball's successful revolt against Hanball in 192 that ended Chineseball rule over Champaball.

    Throughout most of his history, he was a very Indianized kingdom (by adapting Hinduism, Buddhism, Sanskrit, and Indian Architecture) and shared relations and rivaled with Khmer Empire-icon.png Khmer Empireball.

    Champa reached its apogee in the 9th and 10th centuries. Starting in the 10th century and after the 17th century, he became Muslim. Thereafter, it began a gradual decline under pressure from Dai Viet-icon.png Đại Việtball. In 1832, the Vietnamese emperor Minh Mạng annexed the remaining Cham territories. Already learned the concept of Jihad from Malays, they waged a (merely symbolic) final Jihad against Ming Mang but failed. While their lives were spared, the punishment was being forced to eat pork, lizards, monkeys, and everything haram.

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