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    Vince should've died in Saudi
    — VSDIS
    فُوْق هَامَ السَّحْب وَ اِنْ كِنْتِيْ ثَرٰى .. فُوْق عَالِي الشُّهْب يَا اَغْلٰى ثَرٰى
    — Mohammed Abdu
    لَا إِلٰهَ إِلَّا الله مُحَمَّدٌ رَسُولُ الله

    (There is no god but Allah; Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. )

    — The Holy Prophet of Islam (S)
    Our constitution is the Qur'an
    — King Faisal, 1975
    حمود حبيبي (hamood habibi)
    — Random Arabic cartoon kid
    القول قول الصوارم كي تسترَّد المظالم
    حتى الأراذل ساموا رسول أهل العزائم

    (The word is the word of swords,
    For the tyrants to be retaliated)
    Saudi Arabiaball about to sing its Nasheed, The Word is the Word of Swords
    Meanwhile, the Saudis conquered Arabia. “It just seemed like the right thing to do.”
    — Bill Wurtz, history of the entire world, i guess

    Saudi Arabiaball, officially the Kingdom of Kebabs, Oil Monies and Isolation Saudi Arabiaball, has a smiling face on its flag similar to Mauritaniaball although it looks scarier is an Arab-Muslim countryball located in the Arabian peninsula. It borders Iraqball, Jordanball, and Kuwaitball to the North, Omanball and Yemenball to the South, and Qatarball and UAEball to the Southeast. The countryball is divided into 13 regionballs, along with the capital Riyadhball and big city Jeddahball (everything is halal in Jeddah!), and the two Islamic holy sites, Meccaball and Medinaball, giving it a total area of 830,000 square miles, making it the 12th largest countryball in the world. With a population of about 33.41 million as of 2018, it is the 40th most populous countryball in the world, and the 4th most popular human migration destination.

    As an Islamic Arab state located in the Middle East, it has the privilege of joining the Arab Leagueball, OICball, and the Gulf Cooperation Councilball to protect its friends from his rival, Iranball. Saudi Arabiaball is also a member of the G20 (or Group of Twenty), a group formed by the countryballs that have the 19 largest economies plus the EUball, as well as being a major non- NATOball ally.

    Saudi Arabiaball is often seen as one of the most religious and strict countryballs in the world. While it is a wealthy countryball with ties to USAball, its way of life is mainly based on the Qu'ran, and thus its acts very intolerable to things the Western World takes for granted. It forbids any type of alcohol, Today, however, it is beginning to open up, as it recently allowed women to drive and even opened up a movie theatre in its capital. Some think it is a rising power.

    Its national day is September 23rd.

    Flag of Saudi Arabiaball was never Half-mast because it was Blasphemous just like Afghanistanball, Iraqball, and Somalilandball.


    Due to length, this page has been split. See Saudi Arabiaball/History.

    Flag Colors[edit]

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Castleton Green 0, 84, 48 C100-M0-Y43-K67 #005430
    White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF



    • Kuwaitball - Happy National Day my sibling! My Role Model! They helped me take my royal family as refugees because this idiot occupied me in 1891! I wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for them, and because of that, I returned the favor and liberated it from Saddam Hussein a century later! Also we both hate this piece of shit
    • Icelandball My al-favorite friend. It's nice to have you around. I was one of your first recognizers. Only bjork I al-like. Finland is al-perkele but stop being friends with Serbia!!
    • Thailandball - It is the best al-country in the world. But don't ask me if your diamond is in my country!
    • Afghanistanball (Until 2001) - Taliban Afghanistan is true Afghanistan! But stop hating USAball.
    • Finlandball - Unlike its siblings because we both have share common enemies.
    • Arab Leagueball - Of Salaams! I love my Arab Countries!
    • Bahrainball - Helping its against that annoying shia kafir. It is also make peace with Israelcube.
    • Bosniaball - Can into Kebab majority. Please don't friend with this Kafir.
    • Bruneiball - It are al-Southeast Asian kebab with many oils. It also imblement Sharia law and remove homosex.
    • Egyptball - It killed me when the first time I was born in al-1818 but it is a good friend now "cuz I gib it money". Also a stronk helpful sibling.
    • EUball - It is very weird. I see it all the time going away from me. But thanks for taking in refugees. Take more! Meanwhile, I take none.
    • Djiboutiball - It gibs me lots of textiles and exotic hijabs and Arabic clothing in return I give it lots of money. In the hookah places, we also love to gossip about Iranball.
    • Germanyball - Best European friend. Gibs a lot of nice cars to me. And also doesn't like that bossy boots Iran.
    • Guantánamoball - Aka only kebab in North America so it is important.
    • Pakistanball - My closest Muslim ally. But it is still friends with these dickheads.
    • Indonesiaball - Yuo is also important, yuo have the largest Muslim population.
    • Jordanball - Not so Important but is in Arab League anyways. Also is of my sibling.
    • Kosovoball - New kebab!! I hope yuo becomings free from THIS STUPID KEBAB REMOVER.
    • Lebanonball - I'm trying to remove Hezbollah and the rest of the opposition from it.
    • Ethiopiaball - Trading partners and friends. I like its coffee.
    • Rashidunball - Is of helping spreading Islam and Arab out of the peninsula. Could be considered my purest, least evil ancestor also it was controlled by the Sahabah aka prophet Muhammad (a.s) companions and it's the best caliphate.
    • Malaysiaball - Also important and yuo also prove to me that Muslims are kind and generous like al serving UK's castle. And don’t worry, I cut ties with Russia because he shot down your plane.
    • Moroccoball - My weird cousin with a weird dialect. Here take 22 billion dollars from our royal family for your military, AND USE IT WISELY OK?
    • UAEball - I always go vacation to it. But I will have a bigger al building than the workers and architect!
    • UKball - Helped me in the past but I don't know now. But it likes my oil! But it also homogay despite that.
    • USAball - We have been friends for 80 years! It made me rich by buying my oil. We are making sure our partnership stays strong throughout some of the harshest times! It might support gays, but is still tolerable nonetheless. Also, thank you for helping me normalize with cube! Honestly, it’s better than normalizing with evil shithole. I promise I will protect you against him!
    • Israelcube - a deal is in place for us. So, I put you on friends for now! :)
    • Moldovaball - It is Romania's tiny friend. Maia Sandu thank you
    • Canadaball - Well now you're being an ally. Thanks for not being mean and cute.
    • Somaliaball - My Arab sibling loves me. It loves me so much to the point where I decided not to recognize Somalilandball and murder its Christian sibling's migrants. I also helped it during its greater Somalia goals. And sorry for the "Somali Maid Incident". BUT WHY YUO HATE USABALL?!
    • Philippinesball - I had to ban flights here. Sorry if your workers are stranded, but it is friends with USAball so I think were fine, and I'm sorry if we persecute your OFW's here, I hope you can forgive me.
    • Romaniaball - Even though it is of Christian, it actually likes removing Turkish kebab, not Arabic kebab, which makes me happy because we both hate this oppressor. And I've found out that it is the first country in the WORLD to use modern technology to take the oil from inside, which is interesting. Plus let's trade oil my friend. And I'm its largest oil buyer.
    • Russiaball - You know that vodka is haram. Stop supporting Iranball! At least you support me on most occasions.
    • Argentinaball - It has the highest percentage of Muslims in al Latin America. HAHA YOU LOST TO ME 2-1 IN FOOTBALL!!! but it won the world cup tho good for you.
    • Pahlavi Iranball - True Iran. But it seems too obsessed with al reforms. Do not forget you are a Muslim country!
    • Italyball - My former al enemy. I'm sorry for calling you sick man of Europe. But you give me cool cars and I like your al culture. We share al common enemies together.
    • South Koreaball - I like it because it's USAball's friend who gives me al K-pop and I also give its much oil. It also helped me with al desalination plants and it also likes my oil too! And I also like its al culture. Despite it sometimes hates Japanball.
    • Vietnamball - Best partner, but you must stop friends with Fake Iran!
    • Mexicoball - Although we don’t interact as much, we are both G20 partners and we both have extremely positive relations! Gib al tacos! 🌮🌮🌮
    • Chileball - Thanks you for not giving the sea to Boliviaball, You are a Good Latin American Friend.
    • Cyprusball - You hate Turkeyball for al attacking you back in 1974, and I don't recognize fake Turkish puppet. Greek Cyprus is True Cyprus!
    • Liberiaball - Although it's al friends with Ethiopiaball, but I like it because it hates my worst enemy for calling its parent a satan. I heard you're USAball's child, right? Good, so we were not colonized by the Europeans.
    • Mongoliaball - We both are historically and continue to be friends, we also have a common enemy.
    • Australiaball - I like it since it is friends with customer of oil. And we both hate this dumbass and this kafir. BUT GET YOUR AL-SPIDERS AWAY FROM ME! You are a good friend, however.
    • Qatarball - We're reopening relations now. Thanks for hosting the 2022 World Cup.


    • Iranball - we have restored relations in March 2023.
    • Chinaball - Al-Communist badass ball. It and I can be good and bad. we have been increasing cooperation in the energy and financial sectors, One Belt One Road Initiative, and have signed numerous deals across several areas. So I like this bitch!
    • Taiwanball - I confessed to you first and was the last Middle Eastern country to sever diplomatic ties with you. Up to now, I don’t know why there are so many love from my heart that I cannot express to you... *sigh* But at least I helped you to build bridges and we both hate North Korea.
    • Colombiaball - We both hate commies which is good friend. I didn't oppress the Christians in my clay.
    • Ukraineball - Well, it’s a closer friend now. I'm sorry that I hated Chrystia Freeland because she's Ukrainian Canadian. And you also hate Iranball for shooting down your plane. At least I am fine with Canada now. You can forgive me now and i give you that Crimeaball is yours.
    • Yemenball - Look, I’m sorry for what I did okay? I didn’t mean to try and anschluss you. I was only trying to rid you of those Iranian idiots. Please forgive me!
    • Polandball - It might be the same with Russia, except it likes Serbiaball. It hates the Nazi supporter and gays. The only problem I have with it is that he's friends with Serbia, if it weren't for that we could have been good friends, because I think it's one of the most decent countryball in Europe.
    • Indiaball - Trade partners, but it likes Iranball, hatings Pakistanball and Chinaball, and I hear it even remove kebab so I'm not sure about it.
    • Spainball - It might be the same with Polandball, except it likes Serbiaball, does not recognize Kosovoball, and loves gays. But also thanks for defeating Iranball in football. Maybe we can into better relations soon?
    • Ottoman Empireball - Ok look, tbh we wronged you in the past, and inshallah the khilafah comes back, but why u support German Empireball in WWI?
    • Vaticanball - Although we have zero relations, we do have some important meetings to discuss with. Such as religious beliefs. I do not really hate it but I don't think we can have official relations. Sorry Pope Francis.. Maybe next time?
    • Brazilball - We doesn't interact so much, altrough I'm tired of HUE HUE HUE BR BR BR (ugh...), we're business pals.
    • Algeriaball - I know you like Russiaball and have some relations with USAball, but you are friends with Iranball, North Koreaball or Serbiaball which are all my enemies. YOU ALSO DIDN'T RECOGNIZE KOSOVOBALL!! WHY?!
    • Somalilandball - I don't recognize you, but we can into similar flag and is involved in al-conflict
    • Japanball - My people love to watch your Animes. I don't care if it has lots of haram and videos. Also I'm very sorry for one of my student destroyed your beautiful temple because of Religious Issues. Oh wait, I heard you also can into kebab because yuo have a mosque in your clay? That's amazing!
    • Switzerlandball - We both have neutral during WW2 and Cold War and is of reliable to keep monies so you are a good friend. Also you have great Chocolates too! Not sure why you're in neutral so I will move to friends soon!
    • Azerbaijanball - My another closest ally. It's still friends with Turkeyball and being Shia and Turkic. But at least you hate my greatest enemy and gives me oil which makes a good friend.
    • Iraqball - Tried to Anschluss me in 1991 to take my oil after anschlussing my sibling Kuwaitball. REMOVE SADDAM!! (Oh wait, we already did :|). It still likes that IRAN. But other than that it is now removing ISIS and allowing USA into its clay, also don't worry about your rivers going dry.
    • Mauritaniaball - Al flag stealer at first but now we are good thanks to our almighty smiling faces :)
    • Armeniaball - I don't know much al-about it. But at least you hate Turkeyball, Qatarball, and the gays. But it's friends with Iranball so I don't talk to yuo that much.
    • Franceball - Not much about it also, but it likes Serbiaball and gays. Stop with the Islamophobic crap though OR NO OIL FOR YOU.
    • Greeceball - Serbia's friend. I promise I won't never complain about Zeus is the fake Allah! And I also never to be rude to Serbiaball! But at least you hate Turkeyball.
    • Palestineball - Although I do recognize you, please tone down the al-extremism and remove Hamas. And stop buying weapons from it!
    • Turkeyball - Sometimes we are of friends, sometimes we are not.
    • Comorosball - You can into Arab League BUT WHY ARE YUO GAY??!! CHANGE FLAG NOW!!!


    • Dubaiball - Kuwaitball was right about you, you thieving shit. I am now losing money ONLY BECAUSE YOU ARE MORE POPULAR THAN ME!!! I DESERVE TO BE MORE POPULAR NOT YOU!!
      • - Why do you think you should be more popular than me?!
      • - I have the two holy cities :)
      • - OH GOD DA-
    • North Koreaball - Don't you even try nuking me. I support South Koreaball against you so REMOVE KIM FAMILY!
    • Nazi Germanyball - Don't you even try genociding people.
    • Empire of Japanball - Same as Nazi Germanyball.
    • German Empireball - Yuo helped Ottoman Empireball to massacre my leaders and rape my people! 1918 is the best year of my life! Even USAball hates you!
    • Jamaicaball - yuo friends with my enemies and hates Kosovoball also Weed is haram, REMOVE RASTAFARA AND WEED!!
    • Cubaball - Friends with my enemies and you are the same note of me to Tunisiaball and Algeriaball. AND IT ALSO HATES Kosovoball! WHY?! YOU COMMIE CAT! REMOVE FIDEL CASTRO FROM PREMISES!
    • - You are a economic terrorist!! هههههه ها أنت شيطان او اخرىه
    • Ethiopiaball - Stop sending immigrants! The Oromos are yours are not mine, stop complaining for killing them. The immigrants are illegals and therefore must be perished away from my countries. You among with the Yemenis, deserve to be on those camps because you are working with the Yemeni Houthis.
    • Libyan Arab Jamahiriyaball - Remove Gaddafi!! Filthy terrorist who supports rebels! Libyaball is true Libya! Or else......
    • Hungaryball - Take refugees you selfish asshole and remove this haram pig (meanwhile me and my gulf friends take in none)
    • Serbiaball - AL KEBAB REMOVER !!! REMOVE SERBIA!!!
    • ISISball - A kafir who tried to kill me! REMOVE TERRORIST KAFIRS!!
    • Montenegroball - Why are you al friends with Kebab remover at least you are friend it and recognize Kosovoball.
    • Myanmarball- Kebab remover and evil doer also you love eating Porks, Porks are freaking haram!! YOU DESERVE TO TURNING INTO MILITARY JUNTA!
    • Czechiaball and Slovakiaball - More Catholic countries that ban refugees. Maybe They are not too bad compared to the other two but REMOVE VISEGRAD!
    • Sentineleseball - It doesn't allow Islam and any other religion on its island! I must send it Islam and show it who's boss!
    • Soviet Unionball - REMOVE COMMUNISM!!! NEVER FORGET COLD WAR! I supported Mujahideen in Afghanistan.
    • Turkmenistanball, Tajikistanball, Uzbekistanball and Kazakhbrick, - Oh look, some Muslim majority countries but persecuting their own Muslim population. That's so low, even for you three. For shame why would anyone do that ironic. also I hate kebab (not really, just only Turkish Kebab, Saudi Kebab is better).
    • Venezuelaball - My oil is better than you kaffir! They also like D*ckhead.
    • Ba'athist Iraqball - Me and many other al countries kicked it out of my sibling Kuwaitball.
    • Western Saharaball - Algeria's Puppet That it think it can separate from my My Friend, Also it is Friend With My Bitter enemies, No Independence! At least we hate Serbiaball.
    • East Timorball - Yuo al-lost to me by 10-0 in football.
    • Gay and Lesbian Kingdomball - No. NO. NOOOOOOOO. NOT YOU! DIE AND NEVER COME BACK!!!
    • Rojavaball - YUO SECULAR KAFİR! DİE DİE DİE! But thanks for fighting this Kafir.
    • Italian Social Republicball - This dude just hates me for no reason! It is basically the past version of the sick man, so not really al-surprised.


    Polandball Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, GIFs, and videos of Saudi Arabiaball.

    Click here to see it.

    The Allied Powers - Liberating the World from Tyranny
    World War I UKball Franceball Russian Empireball ( Russian SFSRball) • Kingdom of Italyball British Rajball Empire of Japanball Belgiumball Luxembourgball Kingdom of Serbiaball Kingdom of Greeceball Kingdom of Montenegroball Kingdom of Romaniaball USAball Andorraball Armeniaball Arab Rebelballs • Brazilball Republic of Chinaball Costa Ricaball Mexicoball Republic of Cubaball Czechoslovak Legionballs Emirate of Nejd and Hasaball Guatemalaball Haitiball Hondurasball Liberiaball NepalRawr Nicaraguaball Panamaball Portugalball Siamball Ethiopian Empireball
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