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    I die with my homeland!
    — Last words of President Francisco Solano López

    Paraguayball, officially the Republic of Paraguayball, is a nonexistent buffer state between Brazilball and Argentinaball landlocked countryball in South America. It is bordered by Brazilball to the North and Northeast, Argentinaball to the South and Southwest, and Boliviaball to the North and Northwest. The country is divided into 17 departments, including the capital Asunciónball located in the Districto Capital, giving it a total area of 157,048 square miles, making it the 59th largest country in the world. As of 2019, it maintains a population of about 7.152 million inhabitants.

    Its flag’s back and front are different. Just like Oregonball.

    It maintains membership in OASball and Mercosurball due to being geographically in South America, as well as the UNball like almost every other country in the world.

    Its national days are May 14 and May 15 (Paraguayball into getting independence over the night!)


    Paraguay started out as a free Guaraníball, then Spainball adopted it, however it never was given any attention by its adoptive parent. It has no sea since it broke away from Spainball birth. But it manages to get out to sea.

    In 1810 Argentinaball's rebelled against Spainball and tried to liberate Paraguayball, however, it lost and retreated, but Paraguay got independence by itself.

    By 1860 Paraguay was of stronk (not really), but then its sibling Uruguayball was of raped from the inside, so it declared war on the evil alter ego of its sibling, but Brazilball didn't like this so it declared war on Paraguay, Argentinaball meanwhile let Brazilball's troops pass through its territory, so Paraguayball invaded Argentina, however Brazilball and Argentinaball, along with Uruguayball plotted an evil plan and raped Paraguayball, and anschlussed most of its clay.

    Paraguay had of lost many land and people. Almost 70 percent of its male population. It lost a lot of clay. Its economy was horrible. It had no friends and was left alone to die. Argentinaball wanted to split it in half with Brazilball, but Brazilball spared Paraguay, and it slowly recovered from the rape and humiliation. But it still has some flashbacks and gets nervous around Brazilball and Argentinaball easily thanks to the trauma.

    The 20th Century of comings along. The Gran Chaco came in. The unresolved border conflict with Boliviaball over the Chaco region was finally of erupted in the 1930s in the Chaco War. After into many losses, Paraguay defeated Bolivia and established its sovereignty over the most disputed Chaco region. Even though this had of happenings, they are still of having good relationships.

    There were many civil wars and revolutions going on in Paraguay after that.

    Alfredo Stroessner became the Far-right wing anti-communist (for the pleasure of USAball) dictator of Paraguayball in 1954. Stroessner was "re-elected" for seven consecutive terms (in 1958, 1963, 1968, 1973, 1978, 1983 and 1988), for 35 years of the longest government in Latin America in the century XX, after that of Fidel Castro in Cubaball. In the 1980s, Paraguay was a battlefield. Coups, revolutions were everywhere. The US helped to stop these coups. After some more years, Paraguay was a good, peaceful, and democratic countryball.

    Today, Paraguay is slow in military technology. Its army still has Shermans and M3 Stuarts. Its airfare even has propeller planes which are really sad. Even though, it is of improving economy, healthcare, and other stuff. It is of makings good relationships with other countries like Uruguayball, that once were enemies with.

    Paraguay can also into energía hidráulica! While not oftens talked about, Paraguayball was first clay to run on 100% renewable energía shortly after openings of Yacyretá dam in 1994. Paraguayball is into gettings all of su electricidad from hydraulic power stations, mainly Itaipú (sharings with energía stealers pelotudos Brazilball) and Yacyretá (sharings with Argentinaball).


    Paraguay was very confident in its early years as a countryball, it believed that he could conquer all South America! But then... The Paraguayan War happened, and it got totally humiliated.

    Since it got humiliated by Brazilian Empireball, it got trauma, very depressing, and is still always saying negative things, it still has PTSD.

    Today, Paraguay looks like very normal nonexistent buffer state ball, but if vos into triggering its dark side nde could see the fury of the lion.

    Flag Colors

    Main Colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Maximum Red 213, 43, 30 C0-M80-Y86-K16 #D52B1E
    White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF
    Royal Azure 0, 56, 168 C100-M67-Y0-K34 #0038A8

    Emblem Colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Black 0, 0, 0 C0-M0-Y0-K100 #000000
    North Texas Green 0, 154, 58 C100-M0-Y62-K40 #009A3A
    Yellow (Pantone) 254, 223, 0 C0-M12-Y100-K0 #FEDF00



    • Colombiaball - One of best friend! It created a treaty that would help mi citzens if I ceased to exist after being *glup* b-beaten and tortured.
    • Boliviaball - We are nice to each other. After the war, it sent food and aids to mi. Sorry when I captured some southern parts of su clayo in 1932.
    • Mexicoball - Almost nothing in common. Yo amo su spicy food!
    • USAball - Good friend. Gave tanks, planes, helicopters and others military stuff. Th-thanks for helping me and also one of yuor children are has a 2 sided flag.
    • UKball - UK gives money for vacation in Paraguayan lands.
    • Palestineball - I recognize yuo.
    • Franceball - It is very stronk and almost conquered Europe! Yo tried to impress its in 1864 but it...didn't go so well But it is nice to me so maybe we can be friends!
    • Real China - You are real China. Vos are really good amigo, nde donates me technology ha healthcare supplies and vos are always into helpings me. We are on opposite side of world but nde are my beloved waifu please marry me best friend and I'll be loyal to you and I also recognize you too.
    • Philippinesball - It is my adoptive sibling from the other side of the Pacific Ocean. I wish that I have a coastline. It also hates name stealer and flag stealer but for a different reason. It calls them drug users. Please tell your son to change its flag. Any friend of Colombiaball is my friend. And we both can into chocolate.
    • Japanball - We have a migration agreement. and There are a lot of Japanese-Paraguayan people in my clay! I want to continue to be friends with yuo.


    • Argentinaball - T-there’s a lot of Paraguayans on its clay, and it lets me use its river to go to the sea too. But I’m not going to forget about the war, even if yuo didn’t wanted to attack m-my capital. Also, thanks for the support during the chaco war and my civil war.
    • Brazilball - F-Fear ... Por favor no me mates! *keeps crying* P-pero....It helps me a lot with its stronk economy and commercial agreements a example is Itaipu hydraulic usine from which they buy mi electricidad, resell it at a higher price and don’t want into changings el precio to keep on robando my dinero, 76% of my energy is from there, we get along pretty well even if I....keep thinking about that. I dont hate it, we can be half friends, but I still hold heartache of it because of the war. He just killed Paraguayan children in this war.


    • Venezuelaball - It hates me just because I opposed its election. It also hates my best friend.
    • Netherlandsball - Flag stealer.


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