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    Germany, now in one piece!
    — Yakko Warner
    Es gibt drei Hügel, von denen das Abendland seinen Ausgang genommen hat: Golgatha, die Akropolis in Athen, das Capitol in Rom. Aus allen ist das Abendland geistig gewirkt, und man darf alle drei, man muss sie als Einheit sehen.
    — Theodor Heuss, First President of West Germany

    West Germanyball, otherwise known as the "Bonn Republic", or officially the Federal Republic of Germany was the only true, real Germany a countryball in Central Europe. Much like East Germanyball Its predecessor was Allied-occupied Germanyball.

    It would later in 1990 Anschluss unify with East Germanyball to create the Germanyball we know today.



    • Austriaball - Sibling obsessed with Anschluss.
    • EUball - Reichtangle 4.0 Mein proud child. Inherited Franceball's beautiful sophisticated culture und mein Efficient Super Science, the best of both worlds possessing both of our genius to take over die Welt. Also wants Ukraine as a birthday present. I am still teaching it mein superior military tactics- so far it has scored a 100% grade on most Russian Invasion training scenarios. I am proud- is strönk
    • USAball - While it does make inferior cars, it was our therapist who did help Franceball und mich to become best friends, and it protected me from evil madmen. I LOVE YOUR SHOW MADE BY THAT HERSHEY!
    • Japanball - Loyal follower und Fanboy, or perhaps Fan-catgirl. The Meiji Restoration that converted Japan from a backwater to an industrial powerhouse was partly inspired by the way that Kingdom of Prussiaball anschlussed and governed the growing Reichtangle with precise and mechanical Efficiency.
    • Turkeyball - Invited it for cheap wörk, now it is a good Freund with delicious healthy cuisine that outshined all our previous fast foods. Döner + Bier x Brazilian tears = Best Oktoberfest Ever!
    • UKball - Friendly rival and my spouse's sibling. It does not really want to interfere in our family issues with Franceball, hence he stayed out of our eurozone, though we will always Willkommen it in der Europäischen Familie. Wir also loves to drink Bier and make fun of Poland. He also made Mein's Favorite SONG OF ALL TIME!
    • Italyball - It might be too carefree for mein tastes, yet it is still ein ally. In ancient times we were enemies. Japanball made a tribute to German-Italian relationships, called Hetalia, which is basically lighthearted anime Polandball.
    • Israelcube - Ich hate Meinself... Please forgib me...
    • Franceball - Kind Unserer Zeit by Francoise Hardy. Mein Favorite NON ANGLO Song!
    • SR Romaniaball- It might be Communist but it is mein best Commie Freund. It hates Fake Deutschland and That SCHEISEN because it doesn't want to wörk as a scheisen commie slave. Of thankings to gave me your Saxons in my clay, your reward for this is mein precious money.
    • South Koreaball - Asian Me! AKA The Better Korea!
    • South Vietnamball - Another Asian friend of mine! Could have into money and democracy but unfortunately, it lost and is dead, RIP best Vietnam!


    • Chinaball - Soon Tsingtau vill be of mein again! It is also wörk hard as mich, but its clay is full of scheiße from smog and industry, unlike my green technology. Soon I will sell mein debtors to it. Also it is of dumb Kommunist.
    • Yugoslaviaball - Like SR Romaniaball, I don't have any slight relations towards it but he is probably the richest country in Europe, BUT WHY MASSACRING ITALIANS??
    • East Germanyball - Yuo Are of Fake Deutschland! Soon will anschluss! STOP PLAYING WITH YOUR STOOPID DOLL! Every time YOUR DOLL COMES ON, WILL BANG YOUR HEAD AND RUN AWAY TO USAball! Yuo were the one that destroyed my dolls while your Stoopid doll is still in use! But now you redeemed yourself and you accepted to be unified in my clay. Finally, we are united as a single and superpowerful Germany.
    • Soviet Unionball - RESPECT BREZHNEV AND GORBACHEV ONLY FFS others!



    Polandball Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, GIFs, and videos of West Germanyball.

    Click here to see it.


    pt:RF da Alemanhaball zh:联邦德国球

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