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    Ancient Egyptball, or Kemetball was the oldest civilization one of the oldest civilizations. It can into building pyramids and was of lead by stronk Pharaoh. It was then anschlussed by Achaemenidball, Macedonball, SPQRball, Sassanidball and then became an Arabball. Today its clay is modern-day Egyptball.

    On the subreddit, it is portrayed with 7ball or Egyptball. They also REALLY like cats and would bite or enslave anyone who hurt cat.


    Ancient Egyptball was officially born from a 4ball in 3118 BC. It originally formed when Upper Egyptball and Lower Egyptball did a fusion dance and their crown joined together. It's famous for its pyramids that were built by 6balls. Its reign had many high and low points over its thousands of years of existence. It can into a lot of dynasties.

    Early Dynastic Period

    This period includes the 1st and 2nd dynasty, it's marked by the gradual development of Egyptian cultures in the Nile Valley after the unification of Upper Egyptball and Lower Egyptball. The first capital was Thinisball, but it was soon moved to Memphisball. During this period, Egyptball began to start colonizing Canaanball and Nubiaball.

    Old Kingdom Period

    This period went from the 3rd to the 6th dynasty. It was marked by the construction of the Step Pyramid of Djoser in the 3rd dynasty, and the construction of the Great Pyramids of Gizaball by the pharaohs Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure in the 4th dynasty. There was also a development of centralized bureaucracy and growth in the power of the nomarchs, the provincial governors.

    First Intermediate Period

    This period went from the 7th to the 10th dynasty. It was marked by the fragmentation of central power with the decline of pharaonic authority and rivalries between local nobles, which ended with the division of Egyptball once again into Upper Egyptball and Lower Egyptball. The 9th and 10th dynasty were based in Heracleopolisball and controlled Lower Egyptball.

    Middle Kingdom Period

    This period went from the 11th to the 13th dynasty. It is categorized by many as a Golden Age, where after reunification, Egyptball power expanded and construction and irrigation projects were carried out. However, countryball from Canaanball known as Hyksosball put an end in this period.

    Second Intermediate Period

    This period went from the 14th to the 17th dynasty. It was marked by Hyksosball invasions, who took over the 14th dynasty and established the 15th dynasty. Hyksosball introduced new technologies into Egyptball, such as the use of horses and war chariots.

    Egyptball was divided once again into Upper Egyptball and Lower Egyptball, with the 15th dynasty of Hyksosball ruling Lower Egyptball and both 16th and 17th dynasties ruling Upper Egyptball, with their capital in Thebesball. During the 17th dynasty, there was gradual reunification and resistance against Hyksosball.

    New Kingdom Period

    This period went from the 18th to the 20th dynasty. The 18th dynasty, founded by Ahmose I, concluded the campaign against Hyksosball and reunified Egyptball, beginning a great territorial and cultural expansion into the Levant. The 19th dynasty, under Ramses II, was known for building monuments and battling Hittitesball, while the 20th dynasty defended Egyptball against foreign invaders who became known as the Sea Peoples, which included Philistiarawr.

    Third Intermediate Period

    This period went from the 21th to the 25th dynasty. It was marked once again by the fragmentation of central control, as in the 21st dynasty, Upper Egyptball was ruled separatedly by the High Priests of Amun from Thebesball. Migrants from Libyaball known as Meshweshball established then the 22nd dynasty, which temporarily reunited Egyptball. Still, the dynasty was unable to maintain unity and in the end led to further fragmentation.

    The 23rd dynasty was established in Upper Egyptball, while the 24th, in Lower Egyptball. The two ended up annexed by the 25th dynasty, which had its origins in Kushball and restored many aspects of pharaonic culture. The period ended with the conquest of Egyptball by Neo-Assyriaball.

    Late Period

    This period went from the 27th to the 31st dynasty. Neo-Assyriaball invasions put an end to Kushball control over Egyptball. Initially a vassal of Neo-Assyriaball, Psamtik I took advantage of the political chaos and weakness of Neo-Assyriaball to consolidate his power, unifying Egyptball and founding the 26th dynasty.

    With the fall of Neo-Assyriaball, Egyptball attempted to reassert power in the Near East, but were driven back by Neo-Babyloniaball, which attempted to conquer Egyptball afterwards but failed. Achaemenidball, however, successfully conquered Egyptball in 525 BCE and established the 27th dynasty as one of their provinces.

    Egyptball freed itself from Achaemenidball in 404 BC, establishing the 28th dynasty. The 29th dynasty resisted a reconquest attempt from Achaemenidball and established alliances with Ancient Greeceball. The 30th dynasty, however, was not so lucky and Egyptball fell once again to Achaemenidball in 343 BC, being it the final native dynasty of Ancient Egyptball.

    Achaemenidball restored his power in Egypt by founding the 31st dynasty, which lasted until 332 BC, when Macedonball disestablished it and took control of Egyptball. Macedonball began the Greco-Roman Period of Egyptian history, with it later handing power to Ptolemy I Soter in 305 BC, who established Ptolemaic Egyptball.

    Arabballs began to appear in Egyptball in both the Late and Third Intermediate Periods, being used by the armies of both Neo-Assyriaball and Achaemenidball in their campaigns. They later settled on it and during Macedonball and Ptolemaic Egyptball, the province of Arabian Nome in northern Egyptball was named after them.

    How to draw

    Draw Ancient Egyptball is very simple.

    1. Draw the basic circle shape
    2. Draw a blue horus eye
    3. Draw eyes and you've finished

    If you like, you can add some pharaonic hats. Some use an ankh instead of the eye of Horus, but it is up to the artist.



    • Coptball - My child, who is a follower of the God of Moses and Jesus. Though Kemetism is still mad about my library being burned. Wait... you is now a follower of a God of a guy called Jesus. Is it the same God as Moses? OH PLEASE!
    • Rashidunball - This caliphate rescued My clay and people from the Byzantines. After it entered my clay, that shit-arse Byzantine never enter my clay anymore. Btw, I more respect the God of Moses and Jesus now... wait you telling me about a guy called Muhammad.
    • Egyptball - My grandchild, who is a follower of the God of Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad. But I still hate Moses.
    • Japanball - Far Asian friend. It loves cats very much. Pharaoh Thutmose 3 and Emperor Meiji can into world conquerors.
    • Islam - It loves Mau (cats) very much! It's my grandchild Egypt's religion now. Btw, thanks for rescuing my clay from the Roman Empire and supporting my child against that damn Jews after the death of Moses, THAT FRICKING TRAITOR VIZIER JERK!!
    • Katy Perry - OMG WTH IS SONG DARK HORSE?



    • Ancient Nubiaball - People to the south who want to be like us, building sub-par pyramids. I must take its clay in the name of the almighty Pharaoh! Thanks for the slaves BUT SOMETIMES A TRAITOR! I PRAY FOR THE HORNS AND THE MIGHTY PHARAOH GOD TO MURDER YOU!
    • Hyksosball - Evil Set-worshiper from a foreign land, who anschlussed me from a lot of time.
    • Achaemenidball - Anschlussed me from 525–332 BC
    • SPQRball/ Byzantineball - Anschlussed me from 30 BC–641 AD. Coptball was born during its time, and Kemetismball was banished. Because of it, My child forgot how to read Hieroglyph writing. REMOVE ANTONY!!!
    • Alienballs - U STOLE MY PYRAMIDS FOR A BIT
    • Kingdom of Israelcube - My former slaves. They still are. Couldn't cross the damn sea... REMOVE MOSES!
    • Kingdom of Aksumball - Frenemy. It is the child of those slaves It made me irrelevant. But at least it murders Moses friends.


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