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    Blank-icon.png Second Kingdom of Franceball (Also known as Bourbon Restorationball) was White Gaddafi a France-icon.png French Surrender-icon.png Surrenderball Monarchy-icon.png Kingdomball that lasted until 1830, replaced by July Monarchy-icon.png July Monarchyball.

    Due to their flag being Blank-icon.png blank in Polandball comics & anything in general, it's sometimes made fun of as Surrender-icon.png surrenderball.

    History[edit | edit source]

    Blank-icon.png Bourbon Restorationball was establised after Napoleonic-icon.png Napoleon got exiled to Elbaball in 1814, Napoleonic-icon.png Napoleon then came back in 1815, but was defeated, so the Kingdom of France-icon.png Bourbons were one again restored to power.

    Unlike the previous New France-icon.png Kingdom of Franceball, Blank-icon.png Bourbon Restorationball was a Parliamentary Monarchy-icon.png constitutional monarchy, as the new Monarchy-icon.png king accepted some reforms made in 1792 to 1814.

    In 1823 Blank-icon.png Franceball helped the royalists in First Spanish Republic-icon.png Spainball.

    In 1824 New France-icon.png Louis XVIII died an was succeded by his brother New France-icon.png Charles X, who was more conservative.

    Around 1827 Blank-icon.png Bourbon Restorationball tried to restore an Absolute Monarchy-icon.png Absolute monarchy, so in 1830, it was deposed by July Monarchy-icon.png July Monarchyball, who was more liberal.

    Blank-icon.png Bourbon Restorationball also invaded Ottoman Algiers-icon.png Ottoman Algeriaball and established French Algeria-icon.png French Algeriaball, though Algeria-icon.png Algeriaball was only fully colonized around 1903.

    Gallery[edit | edit source]

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