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    Northumberlandball is a northern countyball of England-icon.png Englandball.


    Northumberland has long been a frontier between England-icon.png Englandball and Scotland-icon.png Scotlandball, and throughout history (and 2-icon.png prehistory) countless castles have been created in their rocky lands.

    The first true Northumbrian ball was Bernicia-icon.png Berniciaball, who unified with Deira-icon.png Deiraball to create the mighty kingdom of Bernicia-icon.png Northumbria, stretching from Hull to Edinburgh. Not all was peaceful, though, as Scotland-icon.png Scotlandball frequently laid claim unto their territory.

    In 1237, after taking much of what we now know as Southern Scotland, Scotland-icon.png the Scots relinquished their claims on the land. Since then, Northumberlandball has been a happy county of England-icon.png Englandball and the UK-icon.png UK.

    In the 1970's and 80's, Northumberlandball became known for their miner's strikes as coal mines shut down around them; the economy is now mostly tourism.

    Friends and Enemies



    • England-icon.png Southern Englandball - FOCKIN SOUTHERNERS
    • Mercia-icon.png The Midlands - Just because ye say that ye're not Southerners, doesn't mean that ye're not fockin' Southerners.
    • France-icon.png Franceball - Isn't this just the South again?
    • Greater Manchester-icon.png Manchesterball - Stop hogging Newcastle's limelight, areet? Then we can be friends.

    How to draw

    How to draw northumberland.png


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