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    Ndwandweball was a South African country. He was the rival of the Zulu Kingdom-icon.png Zulu Kingdomball. The reason why he became the rival of The Zulu Empire, is because he killed Shaka Zulu's mentor and king of Mthethwa Empireball's clan, Dingiswayo. who Mthethwa Empireball was his Zulu Kingdomball's father.

    He lost during the Zulu-Ndwandwe Zulu-Ndwandwe War (1817-1819). After the Zulu army conquered his capital, Zwide Kalanga managed to escape,but not his mother. His mother was locked in a hut with hyenas wild dogs and jackals inside to maul her. She was mauled to death by these bonecrushing predators and the hut was burned to the ground by the Zulu, were only ash remained. And unfortunately for Zwide, he was killed in unknown circumstances. Possibly he was killed by Zulu Kingdom-icon.png Zulu Kingdomball and his tribal allies. After his death, many tribes that we're conquered by the Zulu Kingdom-icon.png Zulu Empire under Shaka's leadership we're the victims of the genocidal "mfecane" ( meaning ''the crusing"). The mfecane had a death tol of more than 1 million people.

    Friends[edit | edit source]

    (None, as he hates all his neighbors.)

    Enemies[edit | edit source]

    South Africa-icon.png Apartheid doughnut South Afrika is SOUTH AFRIKA FOREVEAR! South Africa-icon.png
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