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    No independence for yuo!
    Denmarkball, talking to his son, Greenlandball
    Please killing of me... I want to die.
    I should switch names with Icelandball
    A cold and very sparsely populated country.
    Plague Inc.'s description of Greenlandball

    Greenlandball (also known as Hyperboreaball) has the most clickbaity name in history is hard to infect in Plague Inc. an autonomous countryball of Canadaball the Kingdom of Denmarkball. It can into being the largest island in the world, if you count Australiaball as a continent. It is a generally political-quiet country, and is pretty much irrelevant to everyone except Denmark, although Greenlandball will tell you otherwise. He hates being called "Ice-Poland". He also hates being in reality - like being smaller than what his land looks like in Mercator and rectangular maps. Greenland looks almost the same size as Africa in Mercator projection, but in reality, he is smaller than USAball.

    Greenland is more "Inuit and Nordic" than only Nordic and wants to into independence, but his master Denmark will not go beyond letting Greenland exit the EUball, which it did in 1985. Greenlandball is also suicidal, even more than Japanball.


    Greenland was originally inhabited by Inuits. It was then discovered by Icelandic and Norwegian Settlers in the 980s and was named Grœnland to seem more attractive than Icelandball. It was however not Green at all and the early Norse settlers mysteriously died off from getting too triggered over the clickbait after a few hundred years.

    From 1605-1607, Denmarkball asserted sovereignty over it and locate lost Norse Settlements. Until the 1700s, colonizing Greenland was unsuccessful.


    Greenland is not usually seen in a lot of comics but is portrayed big due to having a lot of landmass. When talking, there should be a lot of "q"s in the dialogue and with bits of Inuit, because the cities and places in Greenland have a lot of 'q's in it. Sadly Greenland is also extremely suicidal, always trying (and failing, happily) to end his own life whenever the opportunity presents itself.



    • Denmarkball - Old father. He restored the Nordic domain here. Also PLOX! I want into independent! Especially if not I into suicide.
    • Eskimosball - I likes yuo, mom.
    • Antarcticaball Yuo saved me multiple times from suicide attempts.... Yuo can into cute too...
    • Nunavutball - Yuo is a continental me.
    • USAball - Continental neighbor and cousin, plox is no take my oil! His ex-president Trump wanted to buy me! He has long history of proposing my father to buy me .
    • Faroe Islandsball - Yuo is good for me.
    • Icelandball - The green volcanic version of me. Our names are mixed up. He also is of my uncle too. HOW COME HE IS CALLED "ICELAND" WHEN HE HAS SOME FORESTS AND I AM CALLED GREEN WHEN I AM SNOWY???? WHAT IN THE WORLD?
    • Norwayball - One of the original colonists of me along with Icelandball. However the Norwegian's settlements died out around the 13th century. I still maintain a close relationship with Norwayball today. I likings yuo more than Denmarkball.
    • Japanball - We both have a lot in common, we like kawaii and he is an island country too. We're also both suicidal. I like his Aokigahara Forest (Suicide Forest) and his winters. Our flags are also similar.
    • Madagascarball - We both are hard to infect and we keep shutting down our ports.
    • Belgiumball - He gib Mercator Projection and made me HUGE.
    • Canadaball - We've fought over 50 or so years for Hans Island and just realized we could into splitting it the whole time...


    • Polandball - YUO STOLE MY FLAG!
    • Indonesiaball - South East Asian guy who has a flag that looks like Poland, and I don't like his flag because he stole it from me, so this means I hate yuo too! Wait, my dad recognized yuo and also I recognized yuo too in 1945 and yuo are brother of Belgiumball so.. no comment I guess.
    • Monacoball - I don't like anything that has a Polish flag because he stole it from me, so that means I hate yuo three!
    • African Unionball - Am bigger than yuo.


    Since 2018, Greenlandball has been subdivided into five municipalities:

    There is also a large unincorporated area called Northeast Greenlandball.

    Information for Artists

    Flag Colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Lava 200, 16, 46 C0-M100-Y80-K5 #C8102E
    White 255, 255, 255 0, 0, 0, 0 #FFFFFF

    How to Draw

    Greenlandball has a drawing rating of easy.

    1. Draw a freehand circle
    2. Fill it with white and red, on the top and bottom halves respectively
    3. Draw a smaller circle left of the center, and fill it with the same colors, but inverted in position
    4. Draw the eyes and you’re finished!


    Polandball Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, GIFs, and videos of Greenlandball.

    Click here to see it.

    Kingdom of Denmark: God's help, the love of the people, Denmark's strength
    Danish Realm Denmarkball Faroe Islandsball ( Tórshavnball) • Greenlandball (template)
    Regiøns Copenhagenball ( Bornholmball) • Central Denmark Regionball North Denmark Regionball Zealandball Southern Denmark Regionball Jyllandball
    Førmer entities Migrants from South (Prehistoric Europeans) Kingdom of Denmarkball Kalmar Unionball Denmark-Norwayball
    Who Is Called President Female Leadership?
    BLANDA UPP!!! Nordics STRONK! Long Live Kalmar!
    Countries Denmarkball ( Faroeball Greenlandball) • Estoniaball Finlandball ( Ålandball)• Icelandball Norwayball ( Svalbardball) • Swedenball • ( Gotlandball Ladoniaball) • ( Orkneyball Shetlandball)
    Historic entities Kalmar Unionball Sweden-Norwayball Denmark-Norwayball
    Cannot into Nordic Estoniaball Latviaball Lithuaniaball
    _ There is no evidence that Vikings wore horns on their helmets; this would have been highly impractical in battle. In fact, the image of Vikings wearing horned helmets stems from the scenography of an 1876 production of the Der Ring des Nibelungen opera cycle by Richard Wagner.

    it:Groelandiaball zh:格陵兰球 pl:Greenlandball pt:Groenlândiaball

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