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    Über Deutschland scheint
    — East Germanyball

    East Germanyball, officially the German Democratic Republicball (GDRball) Has many biggest defeats in the international footballs was a communist countryball in Central Europe and in Eastern Europe. Despite its name, it was not Democratic and was authoritarian.


    After WW2, Nazi Germanyball was killed, and resurrected into Allied-occupied GermanyRawr, which was divided between USAball, Franceball, UKball, and Sovietball. Then in 1949, 3 Allied powers occupations' all unified into West Germanyball, but Soviet kept its part of Germany and instead, turned it into a Soviet Satellite state ruled by the Socialist Unity party of Germany.

    Between 1949 and 1952, East Germany was divided into five federal states (Länder): Brandenburgball, Mecklenburgball, Saxonyball, Saxony-Anhaltball, and Thuringiaball. In 1952, East Germany became a unitary state, and the federal Länder were replaced with Bezirke.

    From 1945-1960

    Since 1945, the Soviet Unionball had allowed different political parties to form in their occupation zone, but they used coercive measures to achieve a merge of the communist and socialist parties in East Germanyball in April 1946. This result in the creation of the Socialist Unity Partyball, which became the governing faction of the GDR. Like most communist States in Eastern Europe, the GDR had the same administrative measures as the Soviet Union. It had a central committee that oversees national affairs, and power came directly from party leadership. The entire nation had an economy that envolves heavy state economic planning. The government also enforces repressive measures such as censorship and arrests, and began to indoctrinate communist ideology to the Germans through education.

                  On October 11, 1949, Wilhelm Pieck was elected as the first president of East Germanyball, and his colleague, Walter Ulbricht, became the deputy prime minister and the General Secretary of the Socialist Unity Party. Walter Ulbricht, a hard-line Stalinist, stated in 1952 that East Germany could pursue the construction of full socialism. Then, he consolidated the power of the Socialist Unity Party, and proposed new labor policies which further restricted workers and reduced the availablitiy of consumer goods. These policies ecentually led to massive strikes and public demonstrations in most East German cities, and the Soviets had to use force to suppress the revolts that Ulbricht's policies provoked.

                 After the death of Wilhelm pieck in September 1960, the People's House of Representatives established the State Council of the GDRball according to the proposal of the Socialist Unity Party. The State Council members unanimously named Walter Ulbricht as the Chairman of the Council, which he would remain in position until his death.

    The 1960s and Beyond

        Since the beginning of soviet occupation in East Germany, hundreds of Germans had fled to West Germanyball. And under Ulbricht's tenure, the desire to escape from Soviet-occupied territories intensified due to the degrading quality of life in the GDR and strict government policies. In 1953 alone, 400,000 East Germans has crossed the border of GDR into West Germanyball in search for a better life.

            Because the continuous loss in working population due massive migrations to the west, the East Germanyball and the Soviet Unionball decided to restrict border crossings between East and West Germanyball. The Soviets increased the number of soldiers patrolling the borders between the two German states and numerous barriers were set up along the GDR side of border, making it impassible. However, before 1961, East Germans could still take public transportation to West Berlin and declare themselves to the authorities, and thus becoming West German citizens.  This caused many citizens who lived in East Berlin desperately fleeing to the west, which continued to put on a drain in East German population.  To competely stop the population loss in East Germanyball, Soviet Unionball officially sealed off East Berlin, the last passage to West Germany, by erecting the Berlin wall.

    Eventually many people accepted living in East Germany however many people (especially younger people) wanted to live in a united Germany lead by West Germany which led to massive protests and the eventual destruction down of the Berlin wall and the reunification of Germany

    During development, Honcker introduced markets to the socialist economy. As the result, East Germanyball did better than most of the Eastern block as there for one was no housing crisis in East Germanyball and almost no unemployment as compared to after where unemployment and poverty sharply rose in East Germanyball. It's conditions were similar to Ba'athist Iraqball and Libyan Arab Jamahiriyaball. Despite being isolated from the west, East Germanyball had supported many left movements around the world.

    East Germanyball dissolved in 1990, which turned it into the new states of today's Germanyball (also killing East Germany in the process(except it faked its death and moved into Cuba’s basement and still lives on in the Caribbean), although Molossiaball has declared war on it. However there is still many people who preffered to live in East Germany.

    Flag Colors

    Main Colors and Emblem Colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Black 0, 0, 0 C0-M0-Y0-K100 #000000
    Electric Red 221, 0, 0 C0-M100-Y100-K13 #DD0000
    Tangerine Yellow 255, 206, 0 C0-M19-Y100-K0 #FFCE00


    Freunde (Friends)


    • West Germanyball - Enemies at first, but we reunified in 1990 because we agreed on being stronger together. And even when we were enemies, we missed being together, even when if you are a Capitalist pig.
    • Yugoslaviaball - Ich is a market socialist like you, but why do sie wants to be of neutral?
    • SR Romaniaball - We had our disagreements but at the end we stood together against traitor Gorbachev!

    Feinde (Enemies)

    • USAball - Damn you suck so much!... Fine I will reunify with capitalism...
    • UKball - DÄMLICHES SCHWEINHUND! DEATH FOR THE UK! An island full of capitalist pigs and imperialism! Someday the workers will be free of their imperialist oppressors!
    • Franceball - Idiot imperialist who helps my idiot sibling! It also stole Saar Protectorateball from its own "Friend."
    • NATOball - GO BACK TO WW2 YOU IMPERIALIST SCHWEIN! Fine, I joined you since the 1989 revolutions...
    • EUball - Screw off Merkelreich.
    • South Vietnamball - You deserved to be liberated by your northern neighbor! I like your communist self better.
    • Israelcube - Zionist fascist terrorist! Stop oppressing Palestinians!
    • PSR Albaniaball - You are a Stalin bootlicker who thinks that Revisionism means fake communism. You're wrong, revisionism means better life for citizens in a communist nation. You don't scare me,you annoy me. Glad you suffer a humilating downfall in 1992!
    • Molossiaball - W-Who ze hell are yuo? Why yuo blame me for lack of sleep? I-I didn't do anything to yuo! Also, why are yuo still into wars against me? I'm not even alive right now. 

    How to draw

    Drawing East Germanyball is simple:

    1. Divide the basic circle shape into three horizontal stripes
    2. Color them of black, red and gold
    3. Draw the coat of arms of GDR
    4. Draw the eyes and you've finished.


    Polandball Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, GIFs, and videos of East Germanyball.

    Click here to see it.

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