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    Arizonaball Beta Bulgariaball North Macedoniaball, officially the Empire of Japanball Bulgarian Republic of North Macedoniaball, formerly known as the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedoniaball (FYROMball)/Macedoniaball is a countryball in the Southeastern European region known as the Balkans. It is a landlocked countryball bordered by Serbiaball (and disputably Kosovoball to the north), Rest of Macedoniaball Greeceball to the south, Bulgariaball to the east, and Albaniaball to the west. The countryball is divided into 9 regionballs, including the capital Skopjeball located in the North central part of the countryball, giving it a total area of 9,928 square miles, making him the 145th largest countryball in the world. As of 2018, it has a population of about 2.075 million inhabitants.

    Due to its recently "solved" dispute with Greeceball, it previously couldn't join alliances like EUball and NATOball until it changed his name. Now, it has become NATOball‘s 30th member and is waiting for the talks about its membership to open about it joining the EUball (Which may or may not never happen due to Franceball). It does, however, officially maintain membership in the UNball as it is a fully independent nation. As of January 16th, 2019, its name has been officially changed by UNball.

    North Macedoniaball often acts aggressive, especially around Greeceball since claims it is the direct descendent of Alexander the Great and the ancient Macedonian peoples of ancient Macedonia (which is pretty old). Greeceball thinks it's Greek, as according to Greeceball. However, North Macedoniaball insists it's the real Macedonian peoples and doesn't like being called Slav Macedonian, and it spends many monies to prove this by decorating Skopjeball with much North Macedonia which pisses off Greeceball.

    His independence day is in September 8.


    North Macedoniaball was born as a 2ball like almost all of the European countryballs (except Estoniaball, Finlandball, Hungaryball, and Turkeyball) and lived in Southeast Europe with its siblings.

    Since the 7th century, many Slavs began to migrate down into the Balkan peninsula where the Ancient kingdom of Macedonball used to be.

    The land we now know as North Macedoniaball was conquered by the Ottomans in the late 14th century. The Macedonians tried to revolt twice during their time of occupation.

    In 1912, the Ottomans lost most of their Balkan territory and the land we now know as North Macedoniaball was given to The Kingdom of Serbiaball. Serbia would name the modern-day borders of North Macedoniaball as "Southern Serbia" or "Old Serbia".

    In WW1, The Kingdom of Bulgariaball joined the central powers and took over Serbian occupied North Macedonia.

    After WWI, Kingdom of Serbiaball would gain it's land back as he and Kingdom of Montenegroball united to form The Kingdom of Yugoslaviaball. Macedonia was still considered a part of Serbia at this time until WW2.

    During WWII, Kingdom of Bulgariaball re-took Yugoslavia's southern clay though Italian-occupied Albaniaball held a small part of western North Macedonia, then turning into a Nazi puppet state from 1943 to 1944.

    In 1941, Yugoslav partisans started to rebel against Bulgaria to take back the area. These Yugoslav partisans ethnically identified as Macedonian and supported the idea of a Macedonian nation.

    After WWII, Yugoslaviaball became a socialist state. Macedonia would become part of the 6 Yugoslav republics, under the name of Socialist Republic of Macedonia.

    In 1963, one of it's most severest earthquakes had happened in his capital city, Skopje.

    On September 9th 1991, the Republic of Macedonia became a sovereign state. Unlike the other countries that gained independence, very little conflict had happened in his clay until the very end of the war in 2001. Things have been controversial since.

    In 1995, the Republic of Macedonia would change it's flag due to it using the Vergina Sun which Greeceball claims to be his.

    In 2001, the ethnic Albanian National Liberation Army would attack the northern-western and northern regions of Macedoniaball to fight for Albanian civil rights. North Macedoniaball proceeds to fight back the insurgents until the end of the war in November 12th 2001. This results in Macedoniaball signing agreements like the Ohrid agreement to give better civil rights towards ethnic Albanian populations.

    In 2018, the Republic of Macedonia signs the Prespa Agreement on June 17th with Greeceball to solve the naming dispute.

    In January 2019, the Republic of Macedonia changes it's name to the Republic of North Macedonia.

    On March 27th, 2020 he could into  NATOball .

    On June 2022, Bulgariaball lifts veto against him being into EU negotiations (supported by Franceball) and it's unknown on whether or not North Macedoniaball will into EU.

    Flag Colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Fire Engine Red 206, 32, 41 C0-M84-Y80-K19 #CE2028
    Jonquil 249, 215, 22 C0-M14-Y91-K2 #F9D616

    Relationships/Врски (Vrski)

    Friends/Пријатели (Prijateli)

    Neutral/Неутрален (Neutralen)

    • Бугарија - We are quite similar linguistically and somewhat culturally, but I am not yuo! I could not into EU in 2004 thanks to you and you deny my language and culture being real!!! Though thanks for supporting me in 2001 and thanks for lifting the veto so I can into negotiations to become part of the EU.
    • Грција - Ok... I accepted to change my name so now we can have better relations and I could join NATO. Remember that Alexander the Great was born in Macedonia and you can guess who am I right? The answer should be obvious. We are good trading partners though and we both hate Albania as well. But stop calling me FYROM, that sounds like a hard drive or something.
    • Франција - I once hated you because you did not allow me into EU. But now our relationships improving with you supporting Bulgaria lifting their veto against me. I'm not gonna be your friend until you let me into EU.
    • Европска Унија - Let me into EU!

    Enemies/Непријатели (Neprijateli)

    • Албанија - Sent terrorists to try to make me another of its clones because you are so stupid! But it also got reckt by France so we might have an enemy in common. Other than that we're both in NATO and we can into trading.
    • Република Илирида - Albania's imaginary friend.
    • Косово - I may recognize you but I don't like you cause you are Albanian and one of your groups supported the NLA! It took Serbia only 2 weeks to beat you!
    • Централна Македонија - Paranoid gyro who thinks he's the real Macedonia (no, I am!). Though sometimes my citizens go on a vacation on his clay.
    • Ерменија - Nagorno Karabakh is Azerbaijan!
    • Аризона - Flag stealing yankee!
    • Киргистан - ASIAN COUNTERPART!?
    • Италија - 0-1 Haha you cannot into world cup 2022!! I like your pizza tho c: But why does my name mean "fruit salad" in Italian? Oh fuck, you then of beatings me 5-2 in Euro 2024 qualifiers!
    • Англија - 8-0 Womens, ебам ти англоиди!
    • Палестина - Fake country, Greeceball not into recognize yuo!! But Gyro is friends with yuo?!?! Palestine is Israel!

    How to Draw

    1. First draw a ball
    2. Make 2 happy eyes
    3. Make circle in the middle
    4. Make 8 Sunshine lines
    5. Color the rest the inside with Red
    6. Color the sun with Yellow
    7. (Optional) Steal Greek heritage and the Bulgarian alphabet and call it yours.


    Polandball Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, GIFs, and videos of North Macedoniaball.

    Click here to see it.


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