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    The Principality of Sealandball, commonly known as a country that will never be recognized no matter what happens Sealand, is a part of the UK tiny oil rig micronation. It is located on a seafort that the British built during World War II.

    It can into more coastline than Boliviaball.

    Sealandball also marks as being one of the smallest micronationballs in the world.


    Despite being just a sea fort, Sealandball thinks of itself as a legitimate country. It often questions why others are afraid to recognize it. It is also quite brave, as it fended off the attack on it made by Achenbach, and is willing to do the same to other invaders. It is also quite annoying, with its "I'm relevant" and "Recognize me" stuff, and it's often harassed by the UK because they want it back as Sealand's in the UK's waters. It doesn't see that other countries won't recognize its clay.


    As a mere fort

    Before Sealandball was founded, the platform it is seated on was one of several series of sea forts meant to prevent Nazi Germanyball´s Air Force from bombing UKball's clay. After World War II, these platforms were abandoned in 1956 and left to the elements.


    Sealand was founded by a pirate radio broadcaster ( UKball was trying to prevent rock and roll from degenerating its society at that time. It loves it now though) trying to take advantage of the platform to broadcast banned music.

    To Court

    While doing so, it and its child had a run-in with the law after it tried to scare away other pirate broadcasters by shooting a few warning shots their way; drawing UKball's attention. Sealandball was summoned into court over the incident and came to find out that the incident occurred outside of UKball's sovereign territory (the UK claims only 3 kilometers of water away from their shores under international laws). The budding micronationball having won the legal war announced its sovereignty and became a microstate. It claims the UK recognizes it because of this. It does.


    The little Sealand, however, was not prepared for a proper war, which soon came. Set up by a rebellious Sealand native (the prime minister), Sealand was couped by hired mercenaries from Germanyball and Netherlandsball. After kicking their arses using weapons stashed on the platform, Sealand returned to a normal state. Sealand kept the minister there until German diplomats negotiated for his release. It claims Germany recognizes it because of this.

    Modern History (Sorta)

    Unfortunately, Sealand suffered a burning after it spontaneously burst into flames. Sealand slowly recovered, rebuilding destroyed sections of its fortress. Nowadays, Sealand enjoys fame due to its broadway play, Sealand!: The Musical (shown below), which depicted the life and hardships of Sealand, as well as its above-average football team. Once Alderneyball played football (soccer) with Sealandball. It is also into skateboarding ramp when is bored.




    • Northern Cyprusball- It just wants into recognition too. But I'll never forget the time yuo beatings me on football!
    • USAball - ¿Sibling? PLOX RECOGNITION MEE!!!


    • UNball - I am a proper countryball, let me in!
    • UKball - Stupid dad! Stop harassing me and treating me like shit! I'm a sovereign nation just like you! RECOGNIZE ME!!! RECOGNIZE ME!!! RECOGNIZE MEEEEE NOW OR DIE!!! Stop saying you'll embarrass people when you recognize me! I WILL OF KILLINGS YUO!!!


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