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    Daejeonball, also known as Taejonball or Hanbatball, is a cityball whose clay is part of South Koreaball. It is also the 5th most popular city in South Koreaball. Daejeonball became famous in 1993 after the 1993 EXPO in Daejeon. Daejonball is located near Sejongball, but because of the expansion of Sejongball, many people left Daejonball and went to Sejongball instead.

    Daejeonball was the capital of South Koreaball for a short period of time in 1950 because of the Korean War.

    Which Daejeonball is of correct?

    The top two balls are correct and bottom one is wrong

    There are three Daejeonballs in this photo.

    The reason the top two are both correct is because both flags represent Daejeon so when you draw a comic with Daejeonball in it, you can decide one.

    The reason the bottom one is wrong is because the flag/logo isn't the flag/logo of the Daejeon Metropolitan City. It is the logo of Daejeon University, not Daejeon.

    Also, the cube, triangle, square, rectangle designs of Daejeonball is wrong.

    Using South Korea's flag on Daejeonball is technically correct. But there should be a text saying it is Daejeonball.


    Joseonball's time

    During Joseonball's time, Daejeonball was often called as Hanbatball(한밭공). The population was lower then Gonjuball(공주공) at the time.

    Japanese Rule

    Before Japanese Empireball invaded, in 1905, Daejeonball made a station in Gyeongbu railway. Japanese Empireball made a railway which connects Daejeonball and Mokpoball(목포공). Daejeonball started to grow rapidly. Chungnamball's capital changed to Daejeonball.

    Untill today

    During the Korean war, since Seoulball was captured by the commies, Daejeonball became a temporary capital of South Koreaball, bust shortly Daejeonball became invaded by North Koreaball. Soon USAball's troops did a battle against the commies, but failed and soon made the Pusan Peremiter around Busanball.

    After the 93' EXPO iin Daejeon, Daejeonball became popular. In 1995, It became a Metropolitan city, and in 1997 Daejeonball made a government complex.


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