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    Second Bulgarian Empireball

    Second Bulgarian Empireball was an empireball in the Balkans.


    Second Bulgarian Empireball was born in 1185 when it rebelled against Byzantine-icon.png Byzantiumball who had anschlussed its parent, the First Bulgarian Empireball. Very soon thereafter, it asserted itself as the stronkest on the Balkans, inflicting several removals on Latin Empire-icon.png Latin Empireball and Despotate of Epirus-icon.png Despotate of Epirusball which was one of Byzantine-icon.png Byzantiumball's pieces.

    After 1241, heitbecame weak and suffered defeats by the Mongol Empire-icon.png Golden Hordeball, Byzantine-icon.png Byzantiumball, and Kingdom of Serbia (medieval)-icon.png Kingdom of Serbiaball. In its final years Pretty much the whole time, the Tsardom of Vidinball was separate from it and in the 1360s the Despotate-of-dobruja-icon-14x17-tr.png Despotate of Dobrujaball followed suit. Split in three, the Second Bulgarian Empireball was finally conquered by Ottoman-icon.png Ottomanball in 1396.

    How to draw

    Draw Second Bulgarian Empireball is almost simple:

    1. Color the basic circle shape of yellow (or white, both flags are seen in medieval maps).
    2. Draw a Ш letter (the insignia of the Shishman/Шишман royal dynasty) in this red with or without ornaments. Variants include:
    • A diagonal branch to the right on the middle vertical dash
    • Spikes on top of or along all three vertical lines and the branch. May look like a cactus, but nothing to do with Mexico-icon.png Mexicoball!
    • Circles on top of each vertical line.

    3. Draw the eyes and you've finished.







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