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    Manchukuoball, or Manchuriaball, officially known as State of Manchukuo (1932-1934) and Empire of Great Manchuria (1934-1945), was an cheap Japanese bootleg of Qingball puppet state of Empire of Japanball from 1932 to 1945.

    Manchukuoball was a puppet of the Empire of Japanball until it was anschlussed by  Sovietball in 1945.

    Today, it's still kind of alive as some Manchus want it back, and are using its symbols to symbolize a potentially independent Manchuria. Hong Kongball also hosts its Government in exile. North Koreaball wants it because it was Korean in the past.


    In 1932, the former Emperor of Qingball (who abdicated his throne in 1912/1924) accepted the invitation by Japanball to take charge of the newly anschlussed Manchuria, creating Manchukuoball in the process.

    In 1945, after beating up Naziball in Berlin, Sovietball redeployed some of its troops to the Far East and quietly began to ready themselves for a war.

    The wait did not take long, after the USAball dropped some of its newly created freedom devices on Japanball's tentacles clay, Sovietball declared war on Japanese Empireball and stormed onto the clay of Manchukuoball (who was a puppet under the direct control of dear friend of Japanese Empireball).

    After 11 days of attempting to lead (if you can even call it leading) its military in what quickly turned into a very one sided battle against overwhelming numbers of highly experienced and better equipped Soviet forces. During the fighting, Manchukuoball was killed in Harbinball by Sovietball with the help of the Mongoliaball's Cavalry.

    After the Manchukuoball died, its clay was taken by Sovietball, who then proceeded to hand the clay to Chinaball.


    Axis Powers - Removings Commies und der Alliierte, 1942 Best Year Ever!
    Tripartite Pact Nazi Germanyball Empire of Japanball Kingdom of Italyball (until 1943)
    Affiliate states Kingdom of Romaniaball Kingdom of Hungaryball Kingdom of Bulgariaball Thailandball Kingdom of Yugoslaviaball (2 days only)
    Co-belligerent states Finlandball Kingdom of Iraqball Soviet Unionball (Invasion of Poland only)
    Tianjin Concession () Tianjin Concessionsball Empire of Japanball Kingdom of Italyball (Until 1943)
    Sieg Heil Mein Führer! Drittes Reich Über Alles!!!
    Occupied territories Nazi Estoniaball Nazi Latviaball Nazi Lithuaniaball Nazi Norwayball General Governmentball Government of National Unityball Ukrainian National Committeeball Belarusian Central Councilball Lokotball Nazi Netherlandsball Nazi Belgium and Northern Franceball Montenegroball (1941-1944) Serbiaball (1941-1944)
    Client and Puppet states Italian Social Republicball Albanian Kingdomball Independent State of Croatiaball Vichy Franceball First Slovak Republicball Greeceball (1941-1944) Quisling regimeball
    Gloriosu Nippon Stronk! 天皇陛下万歳!!!
    Client and Puppet states State of Burmaball Kingdom of Kampucheaball Provisional Government of Republic of Chinaball Reformed Government of the Republic of Chinaball East Hebeiball Great Wayball Azad Hindball Japanese Laosball Mengjiangball Manchukuoball Republic of Nanjingball Second Philippine Republicball Empire of Vietnamball Japanese Taiwanball Japanese KoreaballYamato Yukiharaball Tianjin Concessionsball
    TRAITOR! Pizza "Empire" of Italy
    Puppet and Client states Albanian Kingdomball Monacoball Principality of the Pindusball First Slovak Republicball Independent State of Croatiaball Greeceball (1941-1944) Fascist San Marinoball • Tianjin Concessionsball Italian East Africaball Italian Dalmatiaball Italian governorate of Montenegroball

    zh:伪满洲国球 pl:Manchukuoball ja:満洲国

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