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    This page is about the historical kingdom in South Africaball, not to be confused with Suluball, the historical kingdom in Borneo.

    The Zulu Kingdomball was a countryball. He is one of the few countryballs to defeat the British Empireball with its imperialism.


    To know how Zulu Kingdomball grew, we must look back to when civilization started there.

    Mthethwa Empireball would trade ivory in the Portuguese Empireball in Mozambiqueball, equipping themselves with firearms. The famous Shaka Zulu grew up in the Mthethwa Empireball, an early society of the Zuluballs. Shaka became a warrior/general for a Zulu leader called Dingiswayo to his royal blood and unique tactics. Mthethwa Empireball slowly died after Dingiswayo was killed in battle by Zwide, the leader of Ndwandweball. Its son Zulu Kingdomball took over its clay under the infamous Shaka Zulu's rule to avenge its father.

    Many neighboring tribes hated Ndwandweball, so they joined this new empire. It trained his military the tactics its leader had mastered. It then went to war Ndwandweball in a 2-year war, massacring many in the enemy's clay. Zwide escaped, but his mother was kept imprisoned to be executed in a hut were she was eaten by Hyenas, and the hut burned down by the Zuluballs. The powerful Zulu Kingdom would assimilate nearby tribes. The mayhem of the Zulu Kingdomball would force many 8ball tribes to places like Zambiaball or the File:Butua-icon.png Rozwi Empireball in Zimbabweball to flee from the Mfecane, meaning "crushing" in the context of genocide.

    Shaka brought the kingdom to tyranny after its mother's death; forcing farmers to stop agriculture, execute families that had pregnant mothers sigma Male grindset, and slaughtered many cows. Shaka was killed by his brothers Dingane and Mpande.

    Boerballs started to move eastwards in South Africaball after UKball came to the Cape. Natalia Republicball traded cattle in exchange for clay, but Zulu Kingdomball was hostile to these foreigners and the slaughter of Pie Retief and terrorized Boer families. This made the Boerballs arm themselves and shoot many Zuluballs that came near. Mpande, saw the Boers as allies however, and improved relations when he took power of the throne in the end.

    Zulu Kingdomball was most importantly known for beating up UKball in the Anglo-Zulu War right before its fall. It was annexed into the Colony of Natalball in 1897.





    Flag Colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Lemon {{{color1-rgb}}} 0, 0, 100, 2 #FBFB00
    Ao(English) {{{color2-rgb}}} 100, 0, 100, 50 #008000
    Fire Engine Red {{{color3-rgb}}} 0, 80, 86, 16 #D52B1E

    How to Draw

    Draw Zulu Kingdom is like Lithuaniaball

    1. Make three lines going horizontal
    2. Make the top one in this yellow
    3. Make the middle line in this green
    4. Make the bottom line in this red
    5. Draw some eyes, a spear, and a spear
    6. Now you have Lithuaniaball Zulu Kingdomball


    Republic of South Africa - Unity in Diversity
    Provinces and dependencies Western Capeball Northern Capeball Eastern Capeball Free Stateball KwaZulu-Natalball Gautengball Northwestball Limpopoball Mpumalangaball Robben Islandball Marion Islandball
    Capitals Pretoriaball Bloemfonteinball Cape Townball Johannesburgball
    Former entities 8ball Kingdom of Mapungubweball Dutch Cape Colonyball Ndwandweball Natalia Republicball Griqualand Westball Griqualand Eastball Goshenball Stellalandball Upingtoniaball Nieuwe Republiekball Klein Vrystaatball Zulu Kingdomball Orange Free Stateball Transvaalball Colony of Natalball Cape Colonyball British Transvaalball Union of South Africaball Bantustanballs
    Tsamina mina eh eh wakka wakka eh eh Tsamina mina zangalewa, This time for Africa!
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