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    Арт арттың оваазынга
    Дажын салып чалбарган!
    Таңды Саян ыдыынга
    Агын өргээн Тыва мен!
    Tuvaball singing her anthem
    Am is not Pacifica...

    Tuvaball, officialy the Throat Singing Guy Tuva Republicball, is a republicball of Russiaball. Formerly was of Qingball. It is ethnically Turkic but it has a little cultural tie with Mongols, and some dialects have Yeniseian influence.


    Tuvaball was a 1ball, adopted by Mongol Empireball, Qingball, Russian Empireball, Soviet Unionball and Russiaball.

    From 1921 to 1944, it was an independent countryball: Tuvan People's Republicball. It was too weak in defense and economically so it asked USSRball to anschluss it. Then they did anschluss it.

    After the death of the USSRball, Tuvan People's Republicball became part of Russiaball. I will soon be one of Mongolia soon.

    Relations (Отношения/Харылзаа)

    Friends (Друзья/Өңнүктери)

    • Моол - We a both Mongolian ancestry! Also it is my parent in blood
    • Россия - A my adoptive fatparenther! It anschlussed me in 1944 when fighting against Evil Nazi, but it's ok because I like it!

    Neutral (Нейтральный/Хамаанчок)

    • Тайвань - My former adoptive parent. Although it claims me, it never argues on the situation with Russia on me and wants me peacefully. I saw it cry very often. sigh Well, I feel you, dad. I still love you.
    • Мурнуу Африка - Yuo is kind of a Flag Stealer? I'm not sure.

    Enemies (Враги/Дайзыннары)

    Flag colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Picton Blue 99, 179, 230 C057-M022-Y000-K010 #63B3E6
    White 255, 255, 255 C000-M000-Y000-K000 #FFFFFF
    Supernova 254, 204, 0 C000, M020, Y100, K000 #FECC00



    zh:圖瓦球 pl:Tuvaball pt:Tuvaball

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