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    Soul and body shall we lay down for our freedom
    And we will show, brothers, that we are
    of the Cossack nation!
    Ukraineball, singing its anthem, written by Pavlo Chubynskyi
    Російський військовий корабель, іди нахуй. (Russian warship, go f*** yourself.)
    — The final communication made by Ukrainian border guards toward the Moskva on-board crew
    Hello, everybody! My name is Verka Serduchka, me English nicht verstehen, let's speak dance~!
    Verka Serduchka about to sing "Dancing Lasha Tumbai"
    Мені потрібна зброя, а не евакуація. (I need ammunition, not a ride.)
    Volodymyr Zelenskyy[1]

    Ukraineball is a part of tea sniper countryball located in Eastern Europe. They are bordered by Polandball to the northwest; Belarusball to the north, Moldovaball, Romaniaball, and Hungaryball to the southwest; Slovakiaball to the west; and their hostile rival Russiaball to the east (and to the South, if you recognise the annexations). They have 579,300 km² of clay (not counting the annexations), making them the 45th-largest countryball on Earthball. As of 1 February 2022, Ukraineball maintain 41,130,432 inhabitants, making them the 36th-most populous countryball.

    Ukraineball cannot into many international organizations. However, Ukraineball can into UNball, like most other countryballs. It is currently trying to enter EUball and NATOball. Still, it is highly unlikely due to the ongoing war against Russiaball. Maybe soon!

    Ukraineball's national day is August 24.

    Історія (History)

    Ancient Times

    The first form of Ukraineball was 2ball, which then became adopted by Slavs, who have stayed on this clay for most of the history.

    Other than that, various Greek city-stateballs have existed along the northern coast of the Black Sea, such as Olbia, Tyras, Chersonesus, etc. Scythiaball, Sarmatiansball and Hunnic Empireball have also settled this clay.

    Medieval Times and Kyivan Rus

    In 482, the cityball of Kyivball was established. Over time, it took as much clay around itself as possible into becoming what we know as Kyivan Rusball in 882. In the south, they have fought against nomadic raider tribes, such as for example, Pechenegsball, Khazariacube and Cumansball.

    In 988, Kyivan Rusball converted to Orthodox Christianity and since then, it had good relations with Byzantine Empireball

    Since the mid-11th century, Kyivan Rusball didn't feel so well. So its various principalityballs started to fight amongst themselves to take control of the Rus' capital cityball of Kyivball. Kingdom of Galicia–Volhyniaball was one of those principalityballs. So, for a brief time, it took Kyivball.

    In 1169, Vladimir-Suzdalball raided Kyivball. Kyivan Rusball died in 1240 as it was occupied by the Mongol Empireball and remained its vassal up until the 14th century when both Grand Duchy of Lithuaniaball and Kingdom of Polandball took control over it.

    Rule of the Commonwealth, Cossacks and the Rise of Russia

    In 1569, Grand Duchy of Lithuaniaball and Kingdom of Polandball united and became one as Polish Empire Poland-Lithuaniaball and all of Ukraineball's clay went to Polandball. Commonwealthball wasn't very kind to Ukraineball, as it tried to forcefully Polonize and Catholicize Ukraineball. In 1596, the Union of Brest was signed, giving rise to Greek Catholic Church, which is a combination of Orthodox values and traditions as well as being loyal to Pope.

    Before the formation of the Commonwealthball, in the sparsely-populated south-eastern steppes, Cossacks have formed Sichball on the island of Khortytsia in the Dnieper. Throughout the 16th and 17th centuries, they were defending the south from the kebab , as well as starting various uprisings against the Polish for their mistreatment of Ruthenians (Ukrainians).

    In 1648, Zaporozhian Cossacks started a massive uprising against the Commonwealthball what became known as Khmelnytsky Uprising or National Liberation War, forming Cossack Hetmanateball in the process. The war was going well up until 1651, when their kebab allies betrayed them in Berestechko.

    In 1654, Hetmanateball has signed the BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER Treaty of Pereyaslav, allowing Muscovyball to annex them, so that the Cossacks could defeat the Kurwa.

    The Ruin

    Following the end of Khmelnytsky Uprising, Hetmanateball was divided amongst Poland-Lithuaniaball taking right-bank Ukraineball and Tsardom of Russiaball taking left-bank Ukraineball and Zaporizhian Sichball. Both Polandball and Muscovyball treated Ruthenians like garbage. Because of the division, both right and left banks hated each other and wanted to unite under their rule. Kebab tried to intervene too, establishing a vassal state in Podoliaball.

    In 1710, Cossack Hetmanateball formed an alliance with Swedenball against Russian Empireball but failed miserably. This was the beginning of the end of the Hetmanateball.

    In 1764, Hetmanateball ceased to exist and in 1775, Zaporizhian Sichball was destroyed. Cossacks have fled to other clay, searching for a new home, including the Danube, Kuban, and Don.

    Overall, it was a really messy and complicated period in Ukraineball's history. Still, in the end, Commonwealthball was partitioned three times. Western Ukraineball as well as Bukovinaball and Transcarpathiaball became part of the Austrian Empireball.

    The Divided Ukraine

    Russian Empireball has put a lot of effort to erase Ukraineball as a nation: from burning books to rewriting history, banning the usage of Ukrainian language and forceful "Little Russian (Maloros)" identity.

    Many Ukrainians were deported from their clay, forcing them to settle in Eastern regions of Russian Empireball. Green Ukraineball in the Far East, is the most well-known settlement, with others include Gray Ukraineball mostly in the Northern Kazakhstanbrick, Yellow Ukraineball in the Volga and Red Ukraineball in Kubanball.

    On the other side, Austria-Hungaryball left Ukraineball alone but leaving Polish, Romanian, and Hungarian local authorities to constantly pick on Ukraineball.

    Revolutions of 1848 have affected Ukraineball too, notably in the Habsburg-controlled West fighting against the discrimination by Poles and serfdom. It was eventually was abolished in 1848 in Western Ukraineball and in 1861 in Russia-controlled Ukraineball.

    Ukrainians in the Western regionballs have immigrated to Canadaball, USAball, Argentinaball, Brazilball, Australiaball, etc.

    Failed Independence and Interwar Period

    In World War I, Ukraineball has fought on both sides: Western regionballs fought for Kaiser. In contrast, the East fought for Tsar.

    After the fall of the Russian Empireball, Ukraineball proclaimed autonomy with the declaration of First Universal on June 23, 1917. On November 20 of the same year, announced the creation of Ukrainian People's Republicball, and even despite proclaiming autonomy, Russians, of course, didn't like that, but the Bolsheviks didn't like that either. So on December 25, 1917, the Bolsheviks invaded Kharkivball and established Ukrainian SSRball.

    UPRball was weak, so on April 29th, 1918, German Empireball established a puppet stateball called Ukrainian Stateball, also known by its other name Hetmanateball, but it was short-lived.

    In the south, Makhnoviaball, an anarcho-communist society, fought relentlessly against the Whites, Hetmanateball, Red Army (they have collaborated, until Reds backstabbed them) and even UPRball.

    At the same time, after the fall of Austria-Hungaryball West Ukrainian People's Republicball declared independence, but was later annexed by Polandball and Romaniaball. Both Ukraineballs wanted to become one countryball, so on January 22, 1919, the Act of Unity was proclaimed, but it never went into full effect as both countryballs were occupied.

    In 1920, UPRball allied with Polandball to stop the spread of communism. Following the Riga Peace Treaty, Polandball took Volhyniaball, while Sovok took the rest of Ukraineball's remaining clay.

    In 1922, together with Belorussian SSRball and Transcaucasian SFSRball, they formed the Second Russian Empire Soviet Unionball.

    Early Soviet Union

    The 1920s were mostly a stable decade for Ukrainian SSRball, except for the 1921-23 famine that took up to approximately 5 million dead across the whole Soviet Unionball. New Economic Policy and Industrialization have helped the countryball grow. Organization policies were the best thing that ever happened to Soviet Ukraineball.

    The 1930s, however, weren't so kind. Ukraineball has experienced another famine, but this time it was a planned genocide with the sole purpose to kill everyone who disagreed with the collectivization policies, aka "kulaks." As a result, over 6 million Ukrainians have died, and their land was settled by Russians. Furthermore, many cultural-religious figures and dissidents faced repressions; most were executed during the Great Purge. Hence, they are known as the "Executed Renaissance."

    Western Lands

    West Ukrainian People's Republicball wasn't happy with their clay becoming Polish again. Because of this, the anti-Polish sentiment was high. As a response, Polandball began repressing the native Ukrainian population. Brutal pacification in East Galicia, Revindication, forced Polonization as well as intense Polish settlement of Galiciaball and Volhyniaball were carried out by the Polish government during the Sanitation period.

    In Northern Bukovynaball, the situation was somewhat similar. Romaniaball's authorities have even made it forbidden to speak Ukrainian not only on an official level but also on a local and private level as well.

    For most of its history, Transcarpathiaball remained isolated from the rest of Ukraineballs. Czechoslovakiaball usually left the native population alone and did not force their beliefs on them. However, the Russophile movement and Rusyn identity was prevalent in the region, ever since the days of Austria-Hungaryball.

    In 1938-39, Ukrainian national movement started to gain traction, rejecting the Russophile and Rusyn movements. Following the crisis in Czechoslovakiaball in 1938, Carpatho-Ukraineball was established, but it was killed by Hungaryball in 1939, shortly after declaring independence.

    In 1939, Nazi Germanyball and Soviet Unionball have invaded Polandball. Eastern Galiciaball and Volhyniaball were integrated into Ukrainian SSRball, and in 1940, following the occupation of Romaniaball, Northern Bukovynaball, part of Bessarabiaball and Budjakball were integrated as well. Finally, in 1945 Transcarpathiaball became the last western ball to be integrated into Ukraineball.

    World War II

    In 1941, Ukraineball became occupied by the Nazis in WW2 and was turned into the Reichskommissariatball. At first, Nazis were welcomed since the inhabitants didn't like the Soviets. But, as it turned out, Nazis weren't any different. Jews that lived in Ukraineball's clay were subjected to the Holocaust. Many of them were executed at Babyn Yar. By the end of 1942, all of Ukraineball's clay was occupied.

    During the war, everyone wanted to get their share of Ukraineball's clay, such as Polish Home Army, Nazis and of course, the Red Army and Soviet Partisans, so UPAball fought a guerrilla war against all of them.

    From 1943 to 1944, Soviet Unionball has secured many victories against the Nazi Germanyball and re-annexed liberated Ukraineball.

    Cold War, Fall of the USSR and Independence

    Ukraineball had suffered a third and last famine from 1946 to 1947 when most of their crops were sent to neighboring countryballs. Following the end of WW2, the history of Ukraineball was mostly uneventful.

    In 1986, Ukraineball's nuclear power plant exploded and the Chornobyl disaster happened, which did more harm to Belarusball than Ukraineball. Soviet authorities have tried to cover it up.

    Ukraineball declared its sovereignty on 16 June 1990 and a year later, managed to escape from Soviet Unionball on 24 August 1991. Soviet Unionball basically ceased to exist on December 8, 1991, when the leaders of Ukraineball, Belarusball and Russiaball signed the Belovezha Accords, creating Commonwealth of Independent Statesball in the process.

    Post-Independence, Annexation of Crimeaball, War in Donbas, and Modern Times

    Since Ukraineball’s independence, Ukraineball didn't have it easy. They had given up on their nuclear weapons in 1994 and, since the same year, was ruled by a criminal oligarchy. There were two revolutions: a peaceful one in 2004, the Orange Revolution, and the more violent Euromaidan (Revolution of Dignity) from 2013 to 2014, which left 122 people dead and more than 2000 injured on both sides.

    Currently, Ukraineball has troubles with Russiaball, as it annexed its Crimeaball clay and is fueling the wars in the eastern regions of the countryball.

    At the same time, Russiaball has created Novorossiaball, who decided to leave Ukraineball, which became disbanded a year later amid the fights that are still happening within them.

    Ukraineball forces started operation to kill Novorossiaball, but Russiaball supported the separatists with volunteers (and regular troops) and weapons, so the fights became very bloody.

    Despite the countless evidence of their regular army fighting on the separatist side, Russiaball denies its involvement and instead calls it a "civil war."

    Both Ukraineball and Russiaball along with Franceball and Germanyball have met in Minskball, Belarusball, and decided to freeze the conflict, but in reality, the conflict is still ongoing with Russiaball regularly providing weapons to the separatist side.

    In 2018, Ukraineball has passed a new law about education that included obligatory learning of Ukrainian language. So naturally, its neighbors weren't so keen on it, with Hungaryball and, of course, Russiaball being the most enraged because of it.

    In late 2018, Orthodox Church of Ukraine became autocephalous.

    In 2019, comedian and President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky made a very sexist comment on how the beautiful women of Ukraine are a "true Ukrainian brand." Ukrainian women are outraged.

    In 2021, Russiaball began mounting troops and armor on Ukraine's border. Russia has said that they are not planning on invading, but Ukraine and NATOball fear that they will. During tense talks that began in 2021 and continued into 2022, Russia has demanded that NATO guarantee that Ukraine and Georgia don't join the alliance, which Nato has not agreed to. During this tense situation, USAball discovered that Russiaball sent agents into Ukraine with the intention of sabotaging their own proxy forces in a false flag operation to justify an invasion. Russiaball has denied this. On January 14, a group of hackers (Likely Russian or Belarusian) got access to Ukrainian government websites and vandalized them with threatening messages shortly before taking them offline. NATO members are saying that, if Ukraine is invaded, they will send weapons to Ukrainians and help them mount an insurgency. Russian and Belarusian forces then conducted training exercises on the Belarus–Ukraine border.

    On 24 February 2022, Russiaball invaded Ukraineball. The invasion is still happening to this day, and many have died in the conflict. On 30 September 2022, Russiaball held a referendum and Anschlussed the Donetsk, Kherson, Luhansk, and Zaporizhzhia Oblastballs. Many countryballs called the referendum rigged and the annexation illegal. In response, Ukraineball applied to join NATOball.

    In 8th June 2023, Ukraineball launched its counteroffensive against Russiaball Until 31st August 2023. On 1st September 2023, Ukraineball has launched its counteroffensive, contrary against Russiaball until 30th November 2023.

    During the winter of 2023-2024, Ukraineball has launched the "winter campaigns" against Russiaball.

    Стосунки (Relationships)

    Друзі (Friends)

    Нейтральний (Neutral)

    Вороги (Enemies)

    • Росіякуля - YOU'RE A FREAK! YOU TOOK CRIMEA FROM ME AND STARTED A WAR IN THE EAST! NOW THERE ARE MANY ANIMATIONS WHERE YOU INSULT ME AND WIN ME ON MAPS AND ALL YOUR FRIENDS HATE ME EVEN IF I DID NOTHING WRONG! AND ALL OF THIS IS BECAUSE OF YOU! YOU ARE THE AGGRESSOR! DIE, YOU STUPID F***! Ruskiy Voeny Korabel idy nahui! My worst neighbor ever. My relationship with you are so difficult... At first, I have got brainwashed by its propaganda during Soviet times. After Soviet Unionball's collapse, I gave it its nukes back, and it promised not to take any of my lands. But I has been so naive that I haven't noticed that you're already got mobilized to invade me again! (That's all a lies that we're has been "siblings") It took my territory, Crimeaball in 2014 but at least nobody supported it. Afterwards it has started to occupy Donechchyna and started full scale invasion of me in 2022. Yes, nazy f***, I saw how you started use your " z " swastika and started to r*pe and kill innocent ukrainians. I don't care what your Putin says. I would never forgive you anymore!!! And remember, I will return with counteroffensive and I will put you into the right place! STOP USING SHAHED DRONES OR GET DRONED CONSISTENTLY BY MY MILLION PRODUCED LOCAL UKRAINIAN DRONES..
    • Бурундікуля, Камбоджакуля, М'янмакуля, Лаоскуля - Please stop recognizing Crimeaball as part of Russiaball, you poor beggars!
    • Венесуелакуля, Нікарагуакуля, Кубакуля, Сиріякуля, Суданкуля, Північна Кореякуля, and Зімбабвекуля - More slaves of Russiaball and they recognize Crimeaball as a part of Russiaball. Stop it!
    • Джордж Сорос - Most of my citizens really hate you, Hungarian Businessman.
    • Іран - YOU'RE A SUKA! YOU SHOT DOWN MY BOEING 737, killing my crew and 176 PEOPLE! WHY DID YOU DO THIS? NOW WE WILL DO THIS TO YOU! CANADA IS GUARANTEED FOR YOU! Since he has to rely on the help of America and Ukraine due to the lack of relations between Canada and Iran, what are you supposed to say?! I MUST FIND OUT WHICH IRANIAN DID THIS! ALSO, THANK YOU FOR SPREADING COVID-19 INTO EUROPE! Well, I accepted your apology then, BUT I WILL NEVER FORGET IT! XAXAXAXA YOUR SHAHED DRONES WONT WORK AGAINST ME! XAXAXA PRESIDENT HELICOPTER CRASH! However thank you for recognising Crimea as mine.
    • Даунбас - The death of Alexander Zakharchenko is your doing and you are responsible for it! Смерть вам, сепарюги. Це є лише ваша провина в цьому! DUMBASSES!
    • Лугандон - Using a communist sign, huh? Who are you anyway?
    • Палестина - I recognize you, but now you are a Russian puppet. Also a fake country who recognize Crimeaball and Donechchyna as russian clay! Go back to Israelcube then!
    • Киргизстан and Уганда - They recognize the Crimean occupation, which is very stupid..
    • Ляйпцігкуля - Flag stealer!
    • Придністров'якуля - Communist riverline area that used to be part of me until the Soviets named it the Moldovan Autonomous Area during the 1920s, then stole Romania's area and proclaimed it Moldovaball. It then left in the 1990s, started a war, became friends with the Russians, and blamed Moldovaball and me for the trouble. YEAH, WE DON'T WANT YOU TO OCCUPY! I AM NOT GOING TO EVEN THINK ABOUT LETTING YOU TO DO THIS! OR ELSE...
    • СРСРкуля - YOU'RE A MONSTER! YOU HAVE DESTROYED MY CULTURE AND MY NATION! IT IS BECAUSE OF YOUR PROPAGANDA I CAN'T BE A BETTER COUNTRY! YOU'RE KILLED ALMOST ALL MY PEOPLE BACK IN 1932-1933 WITH HOLODOMOR! I can sleep better while knowing that you're burning in hell! You're actually got strong because you took all the grains of mine!
    • Нациcти - You're the same piece of sh*t as Soviets. AND I WOULD NEVER FORGIVE YOU FOR YOUR CRIMES, FOR BABYN YAR! ENJOY YOUR STAY IN HELL ЇБОК! And UPA fought against those savages (even if OUN does)!
    • Західна Сахара - you are a part of Moroccoball AND THAT'S FINAL!
    • Англія - I WANTED TO WIN THE EUROS! 4-0 NEVER FORGET! f*** you Harry Kane!
    • Нікокадо Авокадо - Although you're from my clay and you're 99.3% Ukrainian, you are very unhealthy and disgusting and I refuse to accept you! But if you loose the weight everything will be alright.
    • MBC - Why did you make some stereotype about me in Olympics?!
    • Петро Порошенко - Overpromised and underdelivered. You froze the war and made only things worse. The economy is of s***, makes me the unhappiest country in Europe, corruption is still at large, and I don't see the reforms - it's like Yanukovych but with a pro-EU coat of paint! Oh, and now I have to pay debts to IMF... That's it, I'm voting for Zelenskyy. Even if he's gonna be in the future as much a failure as you're!
    • Віктор Янукович - XAXAXAXAXA, coward president who fled by helicopter. Yuo biased most of the government funds to the Donbass, instructing mass shootings on protestors and funneled the state budget for your cronies! AND... YUO SAY THAT THE OSTRICHES IN YOUR 75 MILLION US DOLLAR MEZHYHIRYA MANSION JUST "HAPPENED" TO BE THERE?! Then Russia tried a failed coup to desperately put yuo back in power? xaxaxaxaxa... GOOD RIDDANCE!
    • Группа Вагнера (since 2023) - XAXAXAXAXA, after taking my clay they turned on Rosiya? XAXAXAXA, BEGONE FROM UKRAYINA NOW!

    Куля області (Oblastballs)

    Ukraineball has 24 oblasts:

    Дрібниці (Trivia)

    • Its biggest defeat in football was 7-1 to Franceball in the European Qualification of the 2022 World Cup on October 7, 2020. This is the same score where Brazilball got its biggest defeat by 7-1 to Germanyball.
    • It was the world's least happiest nation in Europeball.
    • It has the world's deepest metro station in its capital.
    • They remember about 1986 when a nuclear power plant was blown in its clay.
    • It hates it when someone says Crimeaball is Russiaball.
    • USAball sometimes confuses Ukraineball as UKball because its name starts with U and K and ends with "raine."

    Інформація для художників (Information for artists)

    Як малювати (How to draw)

    Ukraineball has a drawing rating of trivial.

    1. Draw a circle.
    2. Then draw a blue/yellow stripe in the center and then color the flag.
    3. Draw the eyes, and you're finished.

    Кольори прапора (Flag colors)

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Absolute Zero 0, 87, 183 C100-M63-Y0-K2 #0057B7
    School Bus Yellow 255, 215, 0 C0-M2-Y100-K0 #FFD700

    Галерея (Gallery)

    Polandball Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, GIFs, and videos of Ukraineball.

    Click here to see it.

    Примітки та Виноска (Notes and references)

    Дивись також (See also)

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