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    Yaroslavlball is an oblastball of  Russiaball.

    How to draw

    Drawing Yaroslavlball isn't difficult:

    1. Color the basic circle shape of yellow
    2. Draw the bear (as in the coat of arms) in the center
    3. Draw the eyes and you've finished.



    • Rybinskball — One of the most successful of my siblings, its population is only three times smaller than mine.
    • Uglichball - Sibling with history virtually equal my, sympathize with able yours center (even Bragino in some places better developed).
    • Tverball — The closest friend of all my siblings, who are the capitals of their regions. (I alone do not know any of its attractions?)
    • Saint Petersburgball - I love Russian Empire. You're best than Kremlin Stealer.
    • Palermoball - Italian brother and sister city. Nice pizza and I like Sicilyball.
    • Nanjingball - Chinese sky sibling and twin city. Dim Sum is yummy!
    • Jyvaskylaball - Finnish sibling and sister city.
    • Poitiersball - Baguette sibling and sister city.
    • Hanauball and Casselball - German sibling (not native, of course) and sister cities. Brothers Grimm is best!
    • Coimbraball - Portuguese sibling and sister city. It built a street in my honor.
    • Burlingtonball - American sibling and city-twin.
    • Exeterball — British sibling and sister city. Defend Scones! Idk why it is angry.
    • Burgasball - Bulgarian sibling and sister city. DEFEND YOGURT!
    • Dubnica nad Vahomball - Slovak sibling and sister city.
    • Liberiaball (Costa Rica) and San Ramonball - Costa Rican sibling and sister city. The one has a name of this country named Liberia.
    • Almereball - Dutch sibling and sister city.
    • Japanball and Idahoball - My best friends. Idaho is also potato and Japan is kawaii and best.
      • : *blushes* Thanks, Yaroslavl.



    • Moscowball - KREMLIN PLAGIAT!! Small differences in conversations about the weather.
    • Bolshoe Seloball - Why you its district?



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