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    Сука блять!
    — One of Russiaball's catchphrases

    Russiaball (Russian: Россиябол), officially called the Communist Land of Vodka Cheeki Breeki Socialist Republic of Russian Federationball or SUKA BLYATball, is located in Russia the USA's worst enemy in their entire life a very bad and drunk driver motherland and therefore a female also called the Union of Soviet Socialist Republicsball Slavic countryball in both Eastern Europe, and Northern Central and East Asia. Its clay borders the Arctic Ocean to the north, Azerbaijanball, Chinaball, Georgiaball, Kazakhbrick, Abkhaziaball, South Ossetiaball, Mongoliaball, and North Koreaball to the south, the Pacific Ocean and just off the coast of Alaskaball to the east, and Belarusball, Estoniaball, Finlandball, Latviaball, Ukraineball, and Norwayball to the west. If you count the Kaliningrad Oblastball, it also borders Polandball and Lithuaniaball (The most borders of any countryballs!) But according to Russiaball, it has 16 borders between countryballs since it supports the independence of South Ossetiaball and ​ Abkhaziaball. The countryball is divided into 85 federal subjectballs, including their capital Moscowball which acts as one of the federal cityballs including Saint Petersburgball and Sevastopolball, giving it a total area of 6,612,073 square miles, making it the largest countryball in the world, even larger than Plutoball (planet) and South America Continent, and as of 2020, it has a population of 146.749 million inhabitants, making it the most populous nation in Europe, and as of 2019, the 9th most populated nation on Earth. it is infamous for their odd laugh which is: XAXAXAXAXAXAXA.

    After their parent Soviet Unionball died and all of their siblings separated, Russiaball took matter into their own hands and created many Eastern-based organizationballs to counter against the Western world, such as CISball, CSTOball, and Eurasian Unionball. Russiaball also has a supranational union with it's sibling Belarusball, and has a permanent seat in the UNball security council.

    It's often thought of as a potential military superpower, due to the fact of how STRONK it is. RUSSIA IS VERY STRONG XAXAXAXA it also can into COVID-19 cure, which is called Sputnik V (named after the Sputnik satellite).

    Also, its national day is December 25.

    История (History)

    The Mongol Era (1223–1505)

    Meanwhile, Europe was attacked by -wait for it- the Mongols! At first, they destroyed towns and massacred the inhabitants but later let the Russian principalities rule themselves as long as they paid tribute.

    "Lord Novgorodball the Great" (its favourite nickname) however was not invaded, under the knight called Alexander Nevsky, but it wisely decided to voluntarily submit to the Mongol Empireball. While under the Mongols, Lord Novgorodball the Great decided to annex surrounding territory (in Russiaball annexing territory is a national sport equal to drinking) and their ruler became the prince of Moscow in 1263. But it did not stop there, their next rulers also gradually kept annexing large amounts of territory, slowly becoming larger and stronger.

    Ivan III (1462–1505) removed Mongol in 1480 ceasing to be a slave. it also annexed territory. The last independent parts of Russiaball were annexed by its child Vasili III thus Russiaball gradually became complete.

    Tsardom of Russia (1533– 1721)

    In 1547 it became Tsardom of Russiaball. In the 16th century Russiaball had far more contact with Western Europe. Many European craftsmen came to work in Russiaball, Englandball began trading by sea with it.

    In 1533 Ivan the Terrible inherited the throne of Russiaball, it was crowned Tsar (derived from the Roman Caesar). it also expanded Russiaball territory annexing clay drinking and annexing are the joy of Rus mostly from the remains of Mongol Empireball, After that glorious period, Ivan became increasingly paranoid degenerating into a tyrant. it killed their own child. it died in 1584. their other child, Theodore, died in 1598 without leaving an heir and Russiaball entered a period of turmoil.

    In 1603 a Polish man aka "The False Dmitry" claiming to be Ivan the Terrible's youngest child Dmitry appeared. In reality, Dmitry died in 1591. it then raised an army and conquered Moscow in 1605. But it was replaced by Prince Vasily Shusky in 1606. Russiaball then descended into anarchy "It's of every vodka for himself!" until a man named Michael Romanov was made tsar of Russiaball, starting the era of the Romanov dynasty that would last for 300 years.

    In 1645, Michael Romanov was succeeded by their child, Alexis the Most Gentle. During their reign, the Ukrainians, who were ruled by the Poles, sought protection from Russia. This event started The Deluge where Poland-Lithuaniaball lost more than half of its population, you had it coming! In 1667 Russia gained all of the Ukraine east of the Dneiper, Kiev and Smolensk.

    In 1682, the famous Peter the Great became Tsar. it was determined to bring Russia up to date and turn it into a European nation. In 1696-97 it travelled to the west. it built a navy and in 1696 it captured Azov from kebab. Peter encouraged foreign trade, the translation of foreign books into Russian, the building of factories (peasants were conscripted to work in them), introduced the Julian calendar, reformed the Russian government and administration, introduced western dress, and banned the Russian nobles (boyars) from wearing beards. When the patriarch died in 1700, Peter refused to replace it. Instead, it formed a body called a Holy Synod to head the Russian Orthodox Church.

    The church was made subordinate to the Tsar and was meant to serve it. Peter also founded a port in northwest Russia called St Petersburg. The new city was built in the years 1703-1712. Vast numbers of peasants were conscripted to do the work and many thousands of them died because of the harsh conditions. Peter also imposed heavy taxation on their people.

    In 1700 Peter the Great went to war with Swedenball in what became known as The Great Northern War. ( Polandball and Denmarkball were their allies). In 1700m it was defeated at Neva. However, in 1709, Swedenball invaded Ukraineball and were crushed at the Battle of Poltava. In 1721, it made peace with Swedenball, gaining Estonia and land around the Gulf of Finland. ( Ingriaball)

    However, Peter was less successful against the kebab. In 1710, it went to war with them, but in 1711, their army was defeated and it was forced to make peace. it was forced to return Azov.

    ☦︎ Russian Empire of Vodka ☦︎ (1721–1917)

    In 1721 Russia became the Russian Empireball. After Peter the Great's death in 1725 a few other boring rulers came. But then in 1762 came another Russian jewel: Catherine the Great.

    Catherine was German, but it loved Russia with all of its heart. Under its reign, The Russian Empireball has reached such heyday as under the rule of Peter the Great. Under Catherine's rule Russian Empireball continued to expand their clay. it fought a successful war with kebab in 1768-1774. As a result, Russian Empireball gained land by the Black Sea and in 1783 took Crimea. Kebab lost even more territory after a war in 1787-1791.

    In 1772, Russian Empireball, Kingdom of Prussiaball and Austrian Empireball helped themselves to a slice of Polandball each. Russian Empireball and Kingdom of Prussiaball helped themselves to more Polandball each in 1793. Finally in 1795 Russian Empireball, Kingdom of Prussiaball and Austrian Empireball divided up what was left of Polandball between them. By the time Catherine died in 1796, Russia was very powerful.

    In 1803, the Napoleonic Wars had been started. It was bloody for all empires. Russian Empireball was declaring war on the Napoleonic Alliance, containing such bloody soldiers. First French Empireball had to be stopped. So on, in 1813, First French Empireball attacked Moscow. It failed, having over 200,000 troops killed. Did the allies win? They did, and the French retreated.

    In the Battle of Waterloo, the allies marched to Waterloo, Belgiumball, killing the remaining Napoleonic Troops. So then, the Napoleonic Leader had to retreat their armies. The French lost 25,000, while the allies lost 23,000.

    Russian Empireball later fought against with the German Empireball and Ottomanball with the help of Franceball, UKball, and Japanese Empireball Also, while fighting in the Osowiec Fortress. German Empireball released a gas attack, killing the Russian's 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th armies. Then, the remaining 80th and 13th armies surprised the German's 14 bayonets, causing them to retreat. The Russian Empire resembles the weakness of the Russian people. To this day, Russia hates the empire.

    The Golden Era of Communism ☭ (1903–1939)

    Main article: Soviet Unionball

    Soviet Unionball was born in 1903 techinally as Bolshevikball, which became Russian SFSRball, after the 1917 Russian Revolution. Russian SFSRball had to defeat the traitorous White army. They emerged victorious in 1922, and attempted to spread communism into the former territories of their parent's empire, creating Ukrainian and Byelorussian SSRballs. But Polandball was able to stop communism's advance into Europe for a while.

    On 1st September 1939, Nazi Germanyball invaded Polandball's clay, followed by Sovietball on the 17th of September, splitting Polandball's clay up. Around this time, Sovietball was setting up gulags in Siberiaball (note that 0.9% of all gulag criminals were sentenced to more than 10 years of imprisonment, and 90% of people in there were accused of illegible crimes[examples: murder, rape, thievery]) and kidnapping other countryballs who lived near them: like Estoniaball, Latviaball, Lithuaniaball, and Moldovaball, turning them into communist SSRballs. They then tried to negotiate with Finlandball to let them annex 11% of Finlandball's clay, which they refused. The reason Sovietball had tried negotiating was because they found out Finlandball was already chums with Germany, and they didn't want St. Petersburg, known as the cultural capital of Russia, to be in Finnish hands. So the army then invaded, but were stopped by the more prepared Finns. Yet Sovietball Won the war and took 11% of Finlandball's still surrendered clay to them at the end because of the huge number of casualties and damage.

    World War II (1941–1945)

    In 1941, Nazi Germanyball broke the Non-Aggression pact and invaded Sovietball's clay, this movement is called Operation Barbarossa (Barbararossa is from the name of the earliest German emperors). Naziball besieged Leningrad, and was only 1 kilometer from Moscow by December 1941, but was forced back because of the Russian winter. The more prepared Sovietball took advantage of the delay by launching a counter-offensive in the spring, and they had also gathered intel that Romanian forces were overstretched and had limited supplies. Then Nazi Germanyball tried to take the Caucasus Mountains (For oil because they ran out of oil because the winter froze the oil during battles). After insane battles, the Soviets surrounded Nazi Germanyball's forces, trapping them. Then, the Russians pushed westward and liberated many cities.

    Nazi Germanyball was defeated at the battle of Kursk, afterwards being thrown back, with Sovietball liberating Minskball, Kievball, Warsawball, and reaching Berlinball by February 1945, when Nazi Germanyball committed suicide. Not shortly after, Sovietball declared war on Japanese Empireball, who surrendered to USAball because of Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing in September 1945, ending WW2.

    Cold War (1947–1991)

    After World War II, Sovietball installed communist governments in many of the Eastern European countryballs they had liberated, such as PR Hungaryball, SR Romaniaball, and PR Polandball. The part of Nazi Germanyball's clay they had occupied was given to their adoptive child East Germanyball in 1949. USAball was afraid and jealous of the rise of communisum, so an iron curtain descended across Europe, beginning a war without hardly using military- the Cold War.

    Sovietball's foe - NATOball was created, so Soviet made the Warsaw Pactball in response. In 1950, Sovietball helped North Koreaball in the Korean War, but after a lot of brutal battles, North Koreaball failed to unite Korea. Then, Soviet put down rebellions by East Germanyball and Hungaryball. Later, USAball lost a proxy and embarrassing war to North Vietnamball in 1975 because of North Vietnam's trained camouflage in the woods.

    In 1957, Sovietball sent Sputnik I into space, starting the Space Race between themselves and USAball, sending Russian astronaut Yuri Gagarin into space in 1961, but lost being first into moon when USAball got there in 1969.

    In 1968, Sovietball started a nuclear power program in Kazakh SSRbrick clay (Modren day Kazakhbrick), by spying on USAball. This caused some problems with USAball in 1962 when Sovietball placed nuclear missiles on the newly-communist Cubaball's clay, leading to the Cuban missile crisis. However, in 1986 the Chernobylball disaster made Sovietball more cautious of this destructive technology. besides just an incident

    By 1989, Sovietball's economy could no longer function properly and started to decline, and it was forced to withdraw from Afganistanball's clay. In 1989 their Warsaw Pactball members started to leave. In 1990 Lithuaniaball was the first to succeed and so did Estoniaball and Latviaball. In 1991 Russiaball also decided to abandon communism ways and staged a coup. The Soviet Unionball ultimately collapsed the same year, releasing all other states. The states are:

    Da Motherland is not yet lost! (1992–Present)

    After removing the Soviet icon, Russiaball first behaved more lightly. But after the war in Chechnyaball, Russiaball pulled himself together and started to build a new life.

    In 2014, Russiaball returned their child - Crimeaball - to their clay from Ukraineball, despite the fact that almost rest of the world was against it. Russiaball has been modernizing himself to become maybe even stronger than their parent used to be. Even with disputes with essentially every countryball in the world, Russiaball will stay stronk forever.

    In 2021, Russian opposition politician and activist Alexei Navalny got arrested. This sparked protests across Russiaball; protestors demanded Vladimir Putin to free Navalny but they were soon suppressed by the Russian police.

    Also in 2021, Putin went on vacation to Siberia.

    On February 24, 2022, Russiaball launched a special military operation to denazify full-scale invasion of Ukraineball. Many people have died in the conflict, and the conflict is still happening to this day. As of 7 February 2024, it has been almost two years since the war began, and it seems that a stalemate, like the one during World War I, has occurred.

    On September 30, 2022, Russiaball anschlussed the Donetsk, Kherson, Luhansk, and Zaporizhzhia Oblastballs in a totally legitn illegal referendum.

    In February 2024, Russiaball anschlussed Avdiivkaball after several months of fighting.

    Отношения (Relationships)

    Друзья (Friends)

    • Китай - Best friend, Best trading partner, we both can Into Removing Capitalist Pigs! Congratulations on having President Xi for Life! EXCELLENT MILITARY DEMONSTRATION IN VOSTOK 2018! IT SHOWS THOSE BASTARDS THAT THE FAR EAST ISN'T JUST CONTROLLED BY ME! I HAVE GOOD NEWS! WE CAN INTO VACCINE! Other than that, we are great allies and we both hate Capitalists. Sputnik and Sinovac siblings in vaccination. But why yuo of hate My parent? Also Vladivostok is mine! (Please be a bit nicer to your neighbors, especially Vietnam, South Korea and India)
    • Афганистан - Thanks for defeating that evil Satan!!!! XAXAXAXAXAXA! Meet me in Moscowball, we'll talk there to be sure about that! Also thanks for recognizing CRIMEA as mine.
    • Алжир - Best North African Friend, it supports me on Assad and Buys a lot of my weapons. What a nice guy. Although I think you're a little too harsh on France, and please be nicer to your mom.
    • Ангола - Another friend since Soviet Times, I helped it out during their multiple personality disorder.
    • Абхазия - Is of independent! I recognized it and protect it against Georgiaball!
    • Аргентина - Thank you for demonstrating the double moral of those westerns during the Crimean crisis! Also, the Malvinas are yours.
    • Армения - A loyal friend in the Caucasus region (perhaps only friend there really). My adorable comrade and I proudly recognize the genocide along with America. I noticed recently, you might be turning away from me. Sorry for Artsakh going to Azeri. My Muslim child hates you tho.
      • WHY YOU DO THIS? This is WHY CSTO has flaws, but Im not leaving for West yet.
      • Thank you Russia!
    • Азербайджан - Me and it have better relations due to me resolving Artsakh. Some of your people live in my Muslim child's clay and uses Cyrillic for your language.
    • Беларусь - My other best friend and little sibling. I love it so much. Ты хочешь на мне жениться it is jealous of me! THANK YOU FOR HOSTING THE PARADE FOR ME! I WILL HELP YOU OUT WITH YOUR WESTERN PROTESTERS! I BEG YOU! I WILL SAVE YOU ONCE ITS RIGHT!
    • Бенин - One of my good African friends. Is of good friends since Soviet times. Is of small so it's cute.
    • Боливия - The Anti-Imperialists are now making a comeback again!
    • Бразилия - Well, they are a part of BRICS, add vodka in their cocktails, and hate the German devil, so why not?
    • Бурунди - African friend who supports me on Crimea and Syria.
    • Болгария - sibling and one of my best friends. Even if it is in NATO and EU. But this makes it confused.
    • Камбоджа - Good friend of Chinaball and is also really friendly with me, we are doing a lot of economic projects together and thank you for voting against the Crimea resolutions.
    • Центрально-Африканская Республика - Have been sending mercenaries to help it. I think they give us diamonds.
    • Чили - they's a good guy. I sent some people over to help it with their bad wildfire. Why don't you join BRICS xaxaxa
    • Коморы - A little Islamic island friend.
    • Хорватия - Slavic cousin with magnificent beaches. You lost to France but still played hard enough to beat me in the Football World Cup 2018. Very good friends actually.
    • Куба - I'm so sorry about the loss of Fidel Castro, hope we can be true buddies in the future. Both supporting Venezuela
    • Дания - My good Viking friend. I helped it in some of their wars. You are a good comrade unlike your useless siblings and adoptive sibling. But hey, I also like your other nephew Icelandball.
    • Египет - One of my historic African allies that recently went insane, relationships since I helpings it to remove kosher when I was of USSR long time of both helpings each other out, always of visiting it in vacation, it is makings me room in their new canal, of supporting Christianity in there helped it in their canal war. it also supports me on Syriaball and their government is similar their, of likings it and it is also giving me military bases and intends to help me to be a gateway to Libyaball, cause it was independent and anti-imperialist policy earned it enthusiastic support from the Communist government of the USSR. Sorry but I don't support you in the dam project though.
    • Эфиопия - It doesn't like that I once supported their communist side, but we are still willing to cooperate and it is Orthodox and it doesn't take positions that are pro-West. I also support it in their giant dam thing. they is also friendly with Eritreaball now.
    • Эритрея - Although it is crazy, but it is one of my African allies and we get along and I give it some economic support, it actually voted in my favor to intervene in Ukraine.
    • Евразийский союз - Great Russia's child. this is better than that Sissies Club.
    • Франция - My friendly crybaby comrade. I like its wine, and it likes my Absolute Vodka. Was a WW1 and WW2 ally. I also like your baguettes and frog legs. They like my pancakes and borscht. WINE AND VODKA 4 LIFE! But 1812 never forget!
    • Германия - they's OK I guess. We both like teasing Poland. We are good drinking buddies, too. BEER AND VODKA 4 LIFE! But 1941 never forget and REMEMBER OUR COMMUNIST FRIENDSHIP! ДA!? Also you invented adidas so spasibo for that.
    • Греция - A very good Orthodox friend. You and me are now okay and I like you because we are now restoring cooperation.
    • Гвинея - We gib it weapons, also friend during Soviet times. Sekou was a bit cuckoo-heard, but thanks for the Bauxite!
    • Хезболла - We are kicking ass in Syriaball and removing Fake Syria and Goat f***ers.
    • Венгрия - Despite being in NATOball and EUball, it doesn't hate me and we generally get along. We of having two common enemies. Whenever you leave the EU, join my club, plox! it is twin sibling of Khanty-Mansiball but remove this BYLAT!
    • Исландия - Unlike their shitty Nordic siblings, I gib it fish and support to the fishermen.
    • Индонезия - COMRADE! Were good friends since the old days. We are of sharing weapons and military equipment. Thanks for the generous friendship and sorry for my plane's crash in 2012. Both can into Muslims but why yuo recognized Crimeaball as part of Ukrianeball. I promise to keep commies off your land, sibling! Spasibo... Wait FIFA banned yuo from entering in 2015?!? cyka blyat....
    • Индия - I gave it lots of weapons so it likes me and I like it too. Also pays lots of monies. We're both in BRICS and SCO together. DEFEND CURRY! Also thanks for recognizing Crimea (I will try to convince China of Arunachal Pradesh). But why you and Vietnam dislike Chinaball? AND STOP SIMPING TO WOMENS IN MY CLAY
    • Иран - I know in the 19th century we were enemies and also times of Soviet, but now we are of best friends and I like it, it also me. We are strategic allies, who knows who this works. Your capital Tehran is very big and full of culture. I like it. Xaxaxa and We have problems with this pig and NATO. Why no recognize Crimea referendum? :(
    • Ирак - I helped it against ISIS, and it is also a good friend.
    • Италия - I like pizza. And don't worry, I'll help you against the debt collector.
    • Ямайка - A good friend. I have cooperated with it and my Foreign Minister visited it.
    • Казахстан - My sibling. Kazakhbrick sometimes lets me use their lawn for launching rockets into space and into anybody it wants removed. Is of good Kebab. Nah bro I ain't mad you are friends with this guy. As long as your economy is strong.
    • Кыргызстан - Good kebab friend, we can into CSTOball.
    • Лаос - Good friend and one of the BEST buddies in Southeast Asia.
    • Латвия - We both can into potatoes. We're new friends now unlike its sibling.
    • LazyTown - I will lash against those who hate this show.
    • Ливан - I have a special relation with it. it says it likes my rockets and you're not a capitalist pig. I helped you during your explosion and chaos, and we both hate Israelcube.
    • Ливийская Арабская Джамахирия - R.I.P. my Good Friend...
    • LNRball and DNRball - I'll protect you from Ukrianeball!
    • Северная Македония - Thanks for making me your friend!
    • Малайзия - I helped it into space and I sell it arms and weapons so we are cool. (Sorry about your plane)
    • Монако - A microstate that likes me. I kind of want some of that money.
    • Мексика - We both are good friends and it buys my weapons. it also doesn’t like America as well.
    • Монголия - Good trading partner and friend but 1237 NEVER FORGET!
    • Мьянма - Chinaball's cousin. I support you on the Rohingyas, and it buys a lot of my weapons.
    • Науру - Little island friend who recognizes South Ossetiaball and Abkhaziaball.
    • Никарагуа - Anti-Imperialist friend in Central America.
    • Северная Корея - Old friend from Soviet times But please shut up about your nukes or I will remove you with my mightiness. Wait, you removed nukes? Oh...ok then. You also recognize Crimeaball as mine and support me on Syriaball. Kim Ii-Sung was born in Khabarovskball!
    • Оман - A friend of burger, but recognizes Crimea as my territory.
    • Пакистан - In the Soviet times, we used to not really get along, but nowadays, you buys lot of weapons from me and I understand that have problem with me being friends with Indiaball at least I'm fine with you and you also have problem with this burger. Also I'm sorry about what my parent did in the Afghan war. You and Indiaball can into being my friends:) Also they likes my Muslim children.
    • Палестина - their president was a KGB member in 1984. And this guy is also an Anti-Western. I usually help it against that Zionist.
    • Филиппины - Duterte is best president! Finally buying military weapons from me instead of Burger. Also, June 12 is me and little comrade's special day! Russia day for me and independence for it. I did not mean to cause Chernobyl
    • Польша - Happy 100th anniversary lol... it invented my favorite drink: Vodka. We can into vodka and if you think all I'm known is for teasing you Remember this video. I also took one of your little Poles to space during Soviet times and we both hate Dick sucking fool, bjorkface and EUball. But I'm sorry for what happened back then.
    • Саудовская Аравия - We are no longer hostile anymore. :) But please be nicer to Iran though. BUT WHY DID YOU BUTCHER MY ANTHEM? ALSO YOUR HUMAN RIGHTS MUCH WORST THAN MINE .
    • SCOball - Closest thing so far to a military alliance between me and Chinaball.
    • Сербия - You're a good sibling and a friend! it and I are the most important Slavs in the universe. As it says Nas i Rusa - 300 miliona, a bez Rusa – pola kamiona. I say Нас и россиян - 300 миллионов, а без россиян - полтруса!
    • Sputnik Vaccine - My invention!
    • Словакия - Just like Hungaryball, it can into NATOball and EUball but we still generally get along.
    • Artsakhball - I was too busy to save you. Sorry
    • Сомали - You may be crazy, but at least you withdrew recognization of Crimea of Ukraine to me! Thanks!
    • Южная Африка - Can into BRICSbricks and also great trading partner and friend.
    • Южная Корея - We are now good friends thanks to the President Moon Jae-in. And many of yuo are in my clay too. but yuo still be a burger puppet Be vodka puppet instead! XAXAXA Please watch over your sibling... *shudders* Uh we don't care that much but Nokdundo is mine. it somehow forces me to stop being friends with Chinaball. But any Korea is good.
    • Южная Осетия - I will protect you from Georgiaball. You can get independence!
    • южный Судан - An Anti-Imperialist African Friend.
    • Союз Советских Социалистических Республик - I miss my great and wise parent along with the good old days. *sobs* One day it will return! xaxaxaxaxa but without communism. But don't persecute religions, especially Orthodoxy!
    • Шри-Ланка - I helped it fight Tamil Eelamball and help it from time to time, it is also friends of Indiaball and Chinaball
    • Судан - One of my best friends in Africa, it recently visited me and is offering me a military base, thanks for supporting me on Crimeaball.
    • Сирия - Will of helping it get through their NATO-engineered civil war on top. I will defend you from Pindosiya America and NATOball. Also will remove that evil ISIS rat, and that evil fake parasite.
    • Таджикистан - Indo-Aryan Military Ally.
    • Приднестровье - I'll protect you from Moldovaball and their Romanian nationalists. (But follow your flag and actually turn Communist)
    • Туркменистан - While it is not a military ally since it is neutral, the two of us generally get along and it is an oil supplier. And thanks for [give that cute puppy to my president.]
    • Таиланд - My best destination. We were friends since the 18th century. There are a lot of Russian tourists that like to go Thailand.
    • Уганда - Good African friend and trade partner since Soviet times, and we hunt homosexuals together!
    • Узбекистан - Turkic Friend and Good Kebab. it was wary of recognizing Crimeaball but now it does and we restarted Military Cooperation.
    • Венесуэла - Great South American Friend who recognizes Crimea, Abkhazia, and South Ossetia. Hating the Pig, it reminds me of me back in the day, and all the fun times I had with Ukraine.
    • Ватикан - We both can into Catholic. And Putin and Pope Francis like each other. Very good friends actually!
    • Вьетнам - Good comrade and another best vacation destination. I built it a submarine system and sold junky cheap weapons to protect it, since they's also my parent's friend. but stop calling me Soviet, I am Russia . Soviet is of my past self so just get it. But it keeps telling me to stop being friends with Chinaball. Soon the glorious Soviet will return, Comrade... but is of being a burger puppet. But why do you call me N*ga in your language...?
    • Зимбабве - African friend since Soviet Times, probably a close African Friend along with Sudanball. When UNball sanctioned it, I imposed them for it.

    Нейтрален (Neutral)

    • Турция - Good relationships nowadays (despite some incidents in the past). Delivering it anti-air missile systems and will probably sell it aircraft as well. they also is Abkhaziaball's second biggest trading partner. We both have problems with the West, but seriously stop attacking Syriaball and Armeniaball!
    • Албания - What a fool, who picks on my good friendski Serbiaball. You know what, KOSOVO IS SERBIA! But sometime remember the old friendship I had with this guy... Even made a movie about their hero Skanderbeg during the Soviet times. Our trading is good, relations starting to improve, it holds a significant Eastern Orthodox minority and hating Stinky Kebab and Abomination like me... Maybe we can be good friends if you fix some things with Serbia.
    • Австралия - An American Puppet in Pacific, it kicked out my diplomats and supports Ukraineball and stayed away from Chinaball but my president likes their koalas. So we're good.
    • Австрия - Germanyball's little sibling but it has good relations with me and it is kind with me as well.
    • Бутан - Aw Come on! I Need to Worry Why you are a Western Puppet!( I don't even know who you are)
    • Бельгия - Even if you in NATO and EU, I like your waffles and fries.
    • Босния и Герцеговина - Our relations are rather mixed because it contain Srpska Republikaball who love me but the other part of it is not that fond of me.
    • Ботсвана - it is a good friend from Africa. But Why Do you Recognize Crimea As Part of Ukraineball? but we do have a common Enemy. it also kind of hates Romania for making fun of their currency.
    • Западная Сахара - Thanks for recognizing South Ossetiaball! We have common enemies and common friends. So I may recognise you sooner.
    • Канада - YOU! WE'RE HOCKEY RIVALS! NOT DIPLOMATIC ENEMIES! I don't know what's gonna happen when we play each other again in hockey. Well at least we both into biggest countries however. We can still be friends in the future.
    • Чехия - Yuor beer is execting, do yuo want vodka? But sadly, it can into NATOball.
    • Финляндия - Used to be my clay after I anschlussed it from Sweden. At least it can into vodka. Renegade province. BUT I AM NOT GIVING KARELIA BACK! (Because you stole my vodka, cyka blyat!) But now we can into vodka buddies and we go to saunas together everyday (not being gay or anything).
    • Ирландия - Well, it won against me with 35-0, But it is also in EUball but it refused to join NATOball before which is good, So I'm fine with it.
    • Япония - Good Friend and anime lover, BUT WHY YOU WANT YOUR LAND BACK? MY OLD OPPONEMENT! I WILL WIN! Your products still look great, but still, yuo will never get Kuril or Sakhalin! I still don't like it for WW2, but nevertheless of good bud.( Chill out I won't mess with ya). Oh no! we got an earthquake recently! But I still gib you aid even we don't like each other.
    • Ливия - Burger absolutely raped you, but now that I saved my buddy Syriaball, I'm going to try to stabilize you now.
    • Молдова - We get along and we both were together during Soviet times. Hope to be "close" siblings you know what I mean. I understand why you're neutral on me. I won't blame you. Ukraine is our common enemy. I know if you put me as a friend, this Ukraine will crush you so that is why I don't want to put you on friend or Ukraine will crush you as well. We are secretly friends. Now Romanian nationalists like Sandu are taking over yuo country once again and inviting Romaniaball to come and anschluss yuo again.
    • Черногория - We were really friendly but it dumped me for NATOball and sanctioned me.
    • Марокко - Good relations but it supports the enemies of my allies and I’m more friendlier with Algeriaball. Also please be nicer to Western Saharaball.
    • Новая Зеландия - Same as Australia, they's an American puppet at least you are fine with me and I don't have causing any problems with you.
    • Норвегия - The only big Scandinavian country I really, REALLY, like. they's nice with me, and it likes my ABSOLUTE VODKA. We were never once at war with each other. The only problem once again, they's in NATO. At least you refused to join EUball.
    • Папуа-Новая Гвинея - Potential new pacific friend, I deployed Warship to their place.
    • Португалия -they is one my good European friends.We were friend long time ago since 18th century but you join NATOball and Fourth reich and you also ave problem about debt.Some how our language kinda similar sound (Why does Portuguese sound like Russian?).
    • Катар - We have a good relationships, Like Iranball and hate Saudi Arabiaball but stop funding groups in Syriaball.
    • Румыния - You know, Moldova is rightfully Russki clay, same with the rest of Bessarabia! You American lovers. Yuo went too far now after your own citizens especially Maia Sandu are taking over Moldova in order to continue your unification of Moldova! But at least, you didn't recognise fake country and we are relatively good trading partners. Stop liking MerkelReich, because it doesn't let you have EURO currency like your sibling which is drowned in debt but still has EUROS. We can into playing CS:GO! DA BLYAT! A complicated love/hate relationship.
    • Шри-Ланка - they's really harmless, and I like it and it likes me. I don't much about it to be honest so yeah neutral.
    • Швейцария - Although they's This guy’s little sibling it hates the EUball. We have a good relations since the 20th century because it helped Vladimir Lenin find refuge and later allowed it to overthrow my EVIL grandparent. But it still sanctioned me and is still friendly with those damn Western pigs.
    • Великобритания - I kinda hate to say this, but it is my comrade. We both hate shitass club and remove kebab. But never forget the wars you did to me. And Crimea is MINE.
    • Израиль - *Sniff* I SMELL HOMOGAY... I support my best friends Iranball, Iraqball, Palestineball, Syriaball, and Algeriaball those other who hate you, burger puppet! But many of your people come from my clay and also, West Jerusalem is yours (still tho, share the east with palestine), and thanks for helping me remove some kebabs. Oh and by the way, I had an Autonomous Oblast which inhabitants jews, not quite sure what to do with them..
    • Соединенные Штаты Америки - We've had a very complicated relationship ever since the Soviet times. We fight against the virus and ISIS terrorists together. We're both of stronk countries and also have embassies at each other's capitals, which is the main thing, and our diplomats are working hard to make our relations improve, it helped me make the 2018 FIFA World Cup song. We both hate white supremacists. (#BlackLivesMatter) The only things I don't like about it are that it supports it. It disapproves my friendship with Iranball, Chinaball and Syriaball! they's also friends with Georgiaball and Ukraineball and recognizes Crimea as Ukraine's. And stop blaming me for every problem of you like elections and remove sanctions. I is planning to take back Alaskaball. (See emenies list)
    • Литва - We now have normal relations, yeah, I'm just trying to improve relations with yuo.
    • Люксембург - STOP CALLING ME A HOMOPHOBIC SCUM, YOU IRRELEVANT MICROSTATE! But we trade a lot and cooperate in both Energy and Finance.

    Враги (Enemies)

    • Российская империя - MY WORST grandparentrent EVER! WHY DID YOU SELL ALASKA? I am glad that My Good Old parent finally killed you for good in 1917 motherf***er! I am better Russia!
    • Украинабол - Oh Ukraina... Ukraina... We had complicated relationship. We know we had a lot in common. But Crimea is rightfully mine because there are mostly Russian majority, YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOW THAT RIGHT? And you made NATO and EU blame me for almost everything I've done! Then you call me an oppressor?!?! All the things I wanted is to relax, drink водка together and become friends, you know? THAT WAS UNTIL YOU MADE A DEAL WITH THE DEVILHIRED NAZIS INTO YOUR MILITARY AND CREATED AZOV FRONT TO MASSACRE ETHNIC RUSSIANS IN DOMBASS! XAXAXAXA, ONE DAY I WILL SEE YOUR HEAD FALLING DOWN ON THE GROUND, VLADIMIR ZELENSKYY!
    • Соединенные Штаты Америки (Since 2022) - Well clearly the Biden Putin Summit didn't work! Don't act like I caused the war, you and NATOball were pushing Ukraineball into your side by force! The invasion special military operation was necessary to remove the neo-Nazi Azov front!
    • Евросоюз and Организация Северо-Атлантического Договора - Sadly we're very hostile again. Stop being friends with Georgiaball and Ukraineball! Don't you think of allowing them into your unions! >:(
    • Грузия - I defeated you easily.. So gib Abkhaziaball and South Ossetiaball their independence now!
    • Исламское Государство Ирака и Сирии - СЛУШAЙ СЮДА СУКА ПЕРЕСТАНЬ ТРОГАТЬ СИРИЮ, ТЫ НЕ НА ТУ СТРАНУ НАПАЛ! Since NATO pigskis aren't doing anything to stop this сука rat it's up to parent Russia to save the day. Leave my friends alone! AND it TRIED TO ATTACK ME ON MY WORLD CUP 2018? REMOVE JIHAD!
    • Косово - You son of a bitch! You betrayed my best friend and asked NATO to bomb them! You motherfucker! What the hell is wrong with you!? KOSOVO IS SERBIA FOREVER! REMOVE!!!
    • Satan - *HOMOGAY SATAN DETECTED* REMOVE HOMOGAY, REMOVE, REMOVE, REMOVE At least we can into unofficial trading partners (I also helped it during 1999 earthquake). But I think you're China's clay
    • нацистская Германия - Tried to exterminate a lot of my people and wanted to push my remaining peoples to Asia but it failed. Хaхахаха! Thank vodka you're dead! My parent killed you XAXAXAXA! It was soooo fun adopting your child East Germanyball after WWII! Also, 75-80% of German casualties in World War 2 were inflicted by my soldiers. XAXAXAXAXA! ALSO NEVER COME BACK! or else.....
    • Эстония - This bipolar bitch who just got my journalist banned from EUball over "security concerns" what the blayt? Are yuo crazy?! Yuo are never gonna be my friend! Also yuo deserved to get hacked by me, and I am glad that I kidnaped one of yuor security official. xaxaxaxaxaxaxa!
    • Айдахо, Теннесси, and Канзас - My Moscow is the best. Your town stole my capital's name. LONG LIVE RUSSIAN MOSCOW!
    • Джордж Сорос - Hah I banschluss yuo for security threat and yuo intos accusing me that Vladimir Putin is terroristic aganist my Friend? REMOVE CONSPIRANCY, REMOVE SOROS! or else, suka bylat I will get vodka for you for causing this!
    • Палау - ARE YOU CRAZY? I WILL MAKE YOU A PART OF JAPAN! But I do recognize it, tho.
    • Первая Словацкая Республика and Словацкий СР - SUKA BLYAT! YUO STOLE MY FLAG!
    • Перлис - What? Another Ukraine?
    • Южный Азербайджан - Calm down and stop being toxic to your Parent you Azeri wannabe!
    • Нидерланды - I used to like you, but then you expelled my embassy for UKball. I hate dirty homosexuals like you. Get off, devil!
    • Группа Вагнера (since 2023) - My Former Private Military Company. It used to be my partner in 2014, while during my invasion operation in Ukraine in 2023, it suddenly backstabbed me and betrayed the fuck out of me! LOOK, I AM NOT GOING TO GIB YUO SUPPLIES AND AMMUNITIONS BECAUSE I WILL HAVE ECONOMICAL CRISIS IF I DO! OH SHIT, IT IS TRYING TO GAIN RESISTANCE BY RECRUITING PEOPLE IN MOSCOW! SVOLOCH, YUO FUCKING TRAITOR! HOW DARE YUO BETRAYED ME SO BAD! EVEN MOST COUNTRIES HATE YUO SO MUCH! NOT EVEN UKRAINEBALL LIKES YUO! REMOVE PRIGOZHIN! Oh they's already dead, Your integrated into me now haha

    Субъекты Федерации (Federal Subjects)

    Russiaball has 83 federal subjects:

    Мяч Республики (Republicballs)

    • Adygeaball - Huh? Some Caucasian republic, right? I should merge you with Krasnodar.
    • Altaiball - These are the mountains I am talking about! Not some crappy Alps. The mountains are also better then NepalRawr's.
    • Bashkortostanball - Go play with your brat Tatarstanball. I know yuo love it.
    • Buryatiaball - Ah, my lovely natural Baikal
    • Chechnyaball - Grozny has the largest mosque in Europe! it Also Hates Gays!
    • Chuvashiaball - My own beer brewery, xaxaxa, let's get waisted, druzya!
    • Crimeaball - It was a democratic referendum and Crimea is Russian, that's it! End of discussion!
    • Dagestanball - Khabib Nurmagmedov was born here! Go Khabib!
    • Ingushetiaball - Another Caucasian republic. A small place, though.
    • Kabardino-Balkariaball - Ah, the mountains...
    • Kalmykiaball - Calm, buddhist place, love to visit for meditation from my bustling city of Moscow.
    • Karachay-Cherkessiaball - A caucasian that has Molybdenum, whatever that is.
    • Kareliaball - My Finnistan; gorgeous nature. I WILL NOT GIVE IT TO YOU, FINLAND!
    • Khakassiaball - Siberian republic. Good in ore mining and loves its megaliths.although i use them only for luxury
    • Komiball - Why did you choose such a difficult name for your capital?! Syk-syktyv-syktyvak-syktyvark... Ah screw it! And why do you think that 'ö' is the superior letter? German dots are the most inferior! I like it because of their name Komi, like Commie! it truly miss my good old past...
    • Mari Elball - Produces all kinds of machines and can work nicely with metals. Every time I say "Yoshkar-Ola", Mario fans get excited, I wonder why...
    • Mordoviaball - Yeah, I need those chemicals to do warrings, make more.
    • North Ossetia–Alaniaball - Soon... soon I will unite you with South Ossetia! Georgia, you have nothing against this, right? XAXAXAXA
    • Tatarstanball - My industrial republic! Still a bit grumpy about the Golden Horde.
    • Tuvaball - I know that you are like Mongolia.
    • Udmurtiaball - Oooh! Redheads!
    • Yakutiaball - The largest subnational gov. body ever, even my children are largest in the world, xaxaxa! And my coldest region so far. Canada and Norway are nowhere close to me in the freezing departament, xa! Even cows wear bra there to keep warm. You make Rossiya proud!

    Мяч краёв (Kraiballs)

    • Altaiball - Wait, didn't I mention you already? Ah, that was the republic. Barnauuuul!
    • Kamchatkaball - The best caviar in the world! Uh oh. Volcano warning
    • Khabarovskball - Far East - best East!
    • Krasnodarball - My summer tourism place & Sochi olympics!
    • Krasnoyarskball - Not to be confused with Krasnodar, this is Siberia. Does a lot of refining and hydropower.
    • Permball - Gib more oil please. And stop dying my hair! Are you Dominican Republic?
    • Primorskyball - End stop of the Trans-Siberian railway and home to the port of Vladivostok. We get our anime shipped through there. Sometimes a Sinophile, I'd say.
    • Stavropolball - Agriculture is beautiful, isn't it? Sanctions against western pigdog food will only help us! Help the environment - eat locally!
    • Zabaykalskyball - Gib Uranium, I want more warheads!

    Мяч области (Oblastballs)

    • Amurball - Soon I will be launching spaceships from there! Also, keep a close eye on Kitai, oblast.
    • Arkhangelskball - Was my most important port until I kicked the Ottoman ass and got access to the Black Sea. it an angel. (Idk why)
    • Astrakhanball - Glorious Volga delta and the best soil in the world!
    • Belgorodball - Iron and chernozem!
    • Bryanskball - Borders with Belarus and Ukraine
    • Chelyabinskball - it loves meteors!
    • Irkutskball - Baikal oblast. Sometimes Irkutsk is called the "Paris of Siberia", weird. Are you Guatemala?
    • Ivanovoball - it sews me vests.
    • Kaliningradball - My cute exclave, rightfully took it from Nazi as a compensation for the atrocities. Home to the baltic fleet.
    • Kalugaball - A European oblast that wasn't destroyed by Nazis, at least I have some nice grandparentrent's architecture left. And thanks for discoveries in the field of Cosmonautics.
    • Kemerovoball - Just some Siberian guy who can't into extreme coldness. Recently they had a mall fire.
    • Kirovball - Some call it Vyatka. their old name anyways; I could care less.
    • Kostromaball - they's bound to roads...
    • Kurganball - All I know is the Kurgan Hypothesis from Samara. Not quite related to it though.
    • Kurskball - Wow! My compass is going crazy! What kind of magnetic shit is going on, Kursk?
    • Leningradball (Oblast) - The begining of my breathtaking cultutal city!
    • Lipetskball - it has mechanical engineering...
    • Magadanball - Я уеду в Магадан!
    • Moscow Oblastball - This is what I call "Podmoskovie". Protect my marvelous city, don't let invaders inside! GЯЯ it is stronk!
    • Murmanskball - Hey, stop chatting with Norway there! Back to work! And no Sami language!
    • Nizhny Novgorodball - The Volga namestealer to the guy below.
    • Novgorodball - Undefeatable great grandparentrent of Russia.
    • Novosibirskball - Home to the largest Siberian city.
    • Omskball - Remove Evil Omsk Remove!
    • Orenburgball - Where Europe meets Asia.
    • Oryolball - Хороший парень, но не орёл.
    • Penzaball - xaxaxa, Jesusface.
    • Pskovball - "I'm from Pskov, a stranger, comes to see the speaking dog".
    • Rostovball - Bozhe moi! So many Hochlanders!
    • Ryazanball - Bread 'n' wheat
    • Sakhalinball - An island oblast. Watch carefully the Kuril islands, otherwise Japan will steal them!
    • Samaraball - Are you that U.S territory?
    • Saratovball - Shhh, no one is supposed to know that I have bombs everywhere around you. What do you mean that everyone knows it?!
    • Smolenskball - This guy likes my sibling's culture more than my own. Fuck you, kid.
    • Sverdlovskball - Murderer of the Royal Romanov Family. Ekaterinburg best burg though.
    • Tambovball - it loves to breed their animals!
    • Tomskball - Eww, swampy forest oblast.
    • Tulaball - Weapon factory. As detailed as jewelry.
    • Tverball - Oh that neverending medieval Tver and Moscow rivalry (Xa, Moscow ultimately won)
    • Tyumenball - Oil and gas controller, Khanty's and Yamal's parent.
    • Ulyanovskball - Vladimir Lenin was born here! XAXAXAXAXAXAXAAAAAAA!
    • Vladimirball - Vladimir Lenin or Vladimir Putin! Either one good!
    • Volgogradball - Fought the vicious Nazi and this resulted in our Victory!
    • Vologdaball - the best butter on the world!
    • Voronezhball - Sektor Gaza!
    • Yaroslavlball - Are you Yugoslaviaball?

    Федерального мяч значения (Federal cityballs)

    • Moscowball - The most spectacular capital in the whole world! This is what a real capital city looks like. it is technically one of my children that just loves... more capitalist pigs? What? How could you!?
    • Saint Petersburgball - My glorious gem! Often called the Northern Capital and the cultural centre of Russia! Though, I sometimes of forget about it, of never has any interaction with of me.
    • Sevastopolball - Shh, Hochland, this is my port now, XAXAXA.

    Автономные мяч округа (Autonomous okrugballs)

    • Chukotkaball - Far eastern okrug, I don't contact with it a lot. Because we are too far to meeting together. Better leave it alone to their Chukchi business. Only okrug who goes on their own.
    • Nenetsball - Tell other subjects the secret of having a high GDP per capita.
    • Khanty–Mansiball - Oil okrug! But Khanty, you know that you should give away all oilmoney to grandparent and aunt Moscow, no complains!
    • Yamalo-Nenetsball - Gas okrug! Gazprom's playground.

    Автономные мяч область (Autonomous oblast)

    • Jewish Autonomous Oblastcube -🎵Oy vey, you say? Some random jews are on my clay.🎵 *whew* Hol up, I recognize those colors... Wait a minute... HOMOSEX DETECTED!

    Кавычки (Quotes)

    Россия – священная наша держава,
    Россия – любимая наша страна!
    Russiaball singing his anthem
    Мы не ценим то, что у нас есть, пока он не исчезнет. Свобода такова. Это как воздух. Когда он у тебя есть, ты этого не замечаешь. (We don't appreciate what we have until it's gone. Freedom is like that. It's like air. When you have it, you don't notice it.)
    Boris Yeltsin, 1st president of Russia
    What sick man sends babies to fight me?
    Нужно быть неискренним и обещать то, что вы не можете выполнить. Таким образом, вы либо должны быть дураком, который не понимает, что вы обещаете, или намеренно лгать. (One has to be insincere and promise something which you cannot fulfill. So you either have to be a fool who does not understand what you are promising, or deliberately be lying.)
    Vladimir Putin
    Вы знаете, в России автомобиль водит вас! (You know, in Russia, car drives you!)
    Russiaball giving a tour of their clay
    У каждого отнимут всё, что он так любит
    Нет никаких разбитых судеб
    С рождения в глазах горит огонь
    Приходит смерть, она тебя разбудит
    — Alex Terrible from Slaughter to Prevail singing "Demolisher"
    Я теперь готова ко всему на свете
    Я отсидела свой срок в интернете
    Выхожу на улицу гладить кота
    А его переезжает тачка мента
    — Anastasija "Nastja" Kreslina from IC3PEAK singing "Smerti bolshe nyet"
    Things exploding, грусть-тоска (sadness-longing).
    — Grom from Brawl Stars
    *plays rush e*.
    OUR SUPREME LEADER Vladimir Putin
    I was a soldier of Russia, not a taker of innocent lives. But in his eyes, this marked me as the enemy
    — Yuri
    Dragovich... Kravchenko... Steiner... ALL MUST die...
    Viktor Reznov
    Группа крови на рукаве, мой порядковый номер на рукаве...
    Пожелай мне удачи в бою. Пожелай мнеееее...
    Неее остаться в этой траве... Не остаться в этой траве...
    Пожелай мне удачи... Пожелай мнееееееееее удачи!
    Viktor Tsoi from Kino singing "Gruppa krovi"

    Пустяки (Trivia)

    • Eduard Khil, better known as "Trolololo Guy", was born in its clay.
    • Russiaball bullies Polandball a lot in the comics.
    • It is the largest country in the world (territorially).
    • It has the largest nuclear arsenal in the world.
    • Russia has land borders with 14 countries (not including Abkhazia and South Ossetia).
    • In Russian language, the native name of the country (Rossiya) is a feminine noun. This explain why Mother Russia, the national personification of Russia, is a woman.
    • It has 9 time zones.
    • The fastest way to traverse the entire horizontal extension of Russia by car is to leave Smolenk, in the far east, to Magadan, in the east: it would be “only” 142 hours straight by car, or almost six days.
    • Even the constructions confirm the gigantism of the country. The Kremlin, official residence of the president of the Russian Federation, is a veritable fortified complex in the capital Moscow. To get an idea of its size, the total length of its walls is 2,235m.
    • In Russia beer has only been classified as an alcoholic beverage in 2011, when a bill for reclassification was passed by parliament and actually entered into force in 2013. Before, it was a “food item”, treated like a soft drink.
    • Surrounding part of the Trans-Siberian is Lake Baikal in Siberia. It is considered the deepest freshwater and the largest in volume in the world, in addition to having 20% of the world's drinking water.
    • It is near impossible to defeat it in the winter. (ask Napoleon or the Nazis)
    • It has the 2nd most powerful army in the world. (behind you already know who.)
    • The dog Laika was the first animal to orbit the Earth. In 2008, a monument in their honor was installed in Moscow.
    • At the Ploshchad Revoliutsii subway station there is a sculpture of a dog with a glowing snout. The reason? Russians believe that touching it brings luck.
    • It used to be the third largest empire in the world.
    • their national anthem has the same instrumental to that of the Soviet Unionball, with the difference being the lyrics was changed.
    • Currently, it is determined to return to be a superpower.
    • It invented the periodic table of the elements.
    • Lake Karachay, located south of the Ural Mountains, is the most polluted and radioactive lake in the world.
    • In Russia, there is a temple dedicated to all religions that represents a peaceful combination of different cultures.
    • Russia is so big that there cities like Vladivostokball, which is close to North Korea, and the town of Naukan, a few kilometers from the United States ().
    • The Great Moscow Derby is the name given to the matches between Spartak Moscow and CSKA Moscow, the most important rivalry in Russian football (soccer).
    • Facebook, nah! VK, formerly called VKontakte, or ВКонтакte, is the social network used by Russians. There are more than 340 million people registered, in other words, the biggest social network in Europe.
    • The most important holiday in the country is the New Year, with Christmas-like decorations. Christmas, on the other hand, follows the Orthodox Christian traditions and is celebrated on January 7th.
    • Approximately 40% of Russians profess the faith of Orthodox Christianity. After the 25% who do not identify with a religion and the 13% atheist, the second most common belief is Islam (6.5%).
    • It likes to say "Suka blyat" (means b*tch f*ck), although that can get it in trouble.
    • Do you like wallpapers? It's tradition: almost all houses have this type of decoration.
    • Another tradition is matryoshka dolls.
    • When mentioning tradition, one cannot ignore ice hockey. It is the second most popular sport in the nation (behind football/soccer!)
    • It was the organizer of the FIFA World Cup in 2018.
    • The roller coaster, attraction of 10 out of 10 amusement parks, started – guess what – on the Russian mountains. In the area near St. Petersburg, people threw themselves on the steep paths in the middle of the ice with carts or sledges.
    • 10% of the revenue from its state coffers comes from the vodka export tax.
    • If your idea is to present a Russian with flowers, always give them in odd numbers (1,3,5...). Even quantities are intended for funerals.
    • Never try to greet a Russian under a door. Local tradition says that such an act brings bad luck.
    • Like any good parent, it sold their child for 7 million dollars to the one who would later become their enemy.
    • It is a bicontinental country (its territorial extension occupies two continents), Europe and Asia.
    • It is the best friend of Kazakhstanbrick.
    • their national animal is the brown bear.
    • It hates homosexuals, to such a degree that it believes that Jewish Autonomous Oblastcube is one, because of their rainbow flag.
    • Its president, Vladimir Putin, often rides bears in memes.
    • It is planning to visit planet Venusball in the 2020-2030 decade.
    • In June 2021, it had announced the project to terraform Ganymedeball ( Jupiterball's moon) and Titanball (Saturnball's moon).
    • It (along with Belarusball) got kicked out of the International Bebras Competition in April 2022, due to its invasion of Ukraineball.[1]

    Информация для художников (Information for artists)

    Как нарисовать (How to draw)

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Draw the white on top (or leave it blank if you have a white background), draw the blue on the center and red on the bottom.
    3. Draw the eyes and you're finished.
    4. Optional: Draw an ushanka or a military cap.

    Цвета флага (Flag colors)

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF
    Azure 1–20–122 C100-M69-Y0-K37 #0032A0
    Maximum Red 195–52–36 C0-M81-Y87-K15 #DA291C

    Галерея (Gallery)

    Polandball Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, GIFs, and videos of Russiaball.

    Click here to see it.

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