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    Үнгын дайдаар, хангай тайгаар нэмжыгшэ
    Үлзы Буряад - манай нангин үлгы!
    Сэлмэг сарюун, сэнхир номин шарайшни
    Сэдьхэлдэмнай хэзээдэшье зулгы!
    Buryatiaball singing his anthem

    BlyatiaballBoratiabrickBuryatiaball is the best country in the world and a nice place and a region of Kazakhstan a federal subject (a republic) of Southern  Russiaball. Buryatiaball is of Mongol because the Buryats (its sponsored ethnic group) are basically a division of the Mongols. Buryatiaball is the main Russian center of potassium Buddhism.

    Despite its name, the majority of Buryatiaball's population are Russians who are 52% of the population, thus the Russian language and Orthodox Christianity as the majority, and the original Buryat population that speaks their own language and practices Boratism Buddhism is 43%, but still, they have major relevance there.

    Buryatiaball shares the Baikal Lake with Irkutskball.


    The Buryatballs was a descendant of Kurykanball. It once lived as a native in Irkutskball. One day, Buryatiaball got to a fight with Khamag Mongolball over its clay, Buryatiaball lost and was annexed into Khamag Mongolball, who later became the powerful Mongol Empireball.

    Under Imperial Mongol rule, Buryatballs started to shift to Lake Baikai to pay tribute to Khalkha Mongolballs over the centuries even after Mongol Empireball died.

    Deep centuries after, Qingball took control of the region. some Russians founded Ulan-Udeball in 1666 which is concerning on Northern Yuanball's clay and the city quickly grew for trade purposes with Qingball.

    30 years later, Buryatiaball was seceded to Tsardom of Russiaball after Qingball signed the Treaty of Nerchinsk.

    Within Russian Empireball, Buryats now living in Irkutskball were more Russified which is why Irkutskball ended up separating from Buryatiaball.

    After its sibling Mongoliaball became independent, it inspired Buryatiaball to do the same. With the collapse of the Russian Republicball, State of Buryat-Mongoliaball was free.

    At first, its independence was recognized by both the Whites and Reds, but after the fall of the White led Russian Stateball, the Whites occupied Buryat-Mongoliball and created Eastern Okrainaball.

    In response, Russian SFSRball attacked and created Far Eastern Republicball on it's clay with Chitaball as the capital. Far Eastern Republicball wanted to join daddy Russian SFSRball, but had to deal with remaining resistance in Siberia, which was with Empire of Japanball's support in Vladivostokball.

    After Empire of Japanball withdrew from there, Far Eastern Republicball dream to join Russian SFSRball came true!

    Today, Buryatiaball is known for its potassium, Tinshein swimming pools, toffee, trouser belts, and clean prostitutes wrestlers.

    Relations (Отношения/Хандалга харилсаан)

    Friends (Друзья/Нүхэд)

    • Монгол Улас - The best sibling of mine.
    • Тува Улас - Close friend and another Buddhist, even though not Mongol. It also has a good song!!
    • Хальмаг Улас - A very close friend of mine we are both Buddhist and Mongol and we were neighbours when our culture started.
    • Sakhaball - My turkic sibling, it's parent Kurykanball is one of my DNA donors/parents. They are pretty nice and we together bond a mongolic sphere with other mongolic states or relatives.

    Neutral (Нейтральный/Нейтральна)

    Enemies (Враги/Дайсан)

    • Borat - NAME STEALER!

    How to draw:

    Step 1: Draw a circle

    Step 2: Add three horizontal lines.

    Step 3: Add the Soyombo symbol on the top left corner inside the top bar.

    Step 4: Make the top bar blue, the middle bar white, and the bottom bar yellow.

    Step 5: Color the Soyombo symbol the same yellow as the middle bar.

    Step 6: Add the eyes and you've just drawn a Buryatiaball!

    Flag colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    International Klein Blue 0, 54, 168 C100-M068-Y000-K034 #0036A8
    White 255, 255, 255 C000-M000-Y000-K000 #FFFFFF
    School Bus Yellow 255, 218, 0 C000-M015-Y100-K000 #FFDA00


    <imap map-id="3919"></imap>

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